Young Dreams: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 254- 256)

Mayank holds Gunjan’s hand and walks towards the baraat, Shail sees this and is upset. Mayank gives Gunjan’s hand in Shail’s hand and leaves. Gunjan turns back to see him and he waves. Everyone is excited that the baraat has come, Dholu is told to inform Shail who is admiring Gunjan’s mehendi. Rachna is tensed. The baraat is dancing while Shail and Dayal welcome them. Rachna says it’s now or never and decides to uncover the truth of Mayank and Gunjan’s relationship to Aditya, after the baraat arrives at the Garg house but Aditya’s mother interferes. Mayank comes and Rachna asks him. He says this is such a big day for Gunjan and how could he not show up. Rachna wants to talk just once and goes to him taking a tray with sharbat. She tells him she needs to talk to him alone and tries to tell him that Gunjan should be happy. Aditya says he knows that Gunjan has told him that Rachna worries about him. Aditya is called and Akash introduces him around as his son in-law. Rachna asks around for Aditya but people assume she wants to hide his shoes. Shail notices Rachna behavior and realises Rachna’s attempt to reveal the truth to Aditya. She hence, tries to stop Rachna. Rachna however, informs Shail about Charu’s deal with Gunjan. Shail convinces Rachna to keep Mayank and Gunjan’s past a secret from Aditya as they both have decided to move on so respect that decision. Rachna says they should stop the wedding. Shail says to leave it to destiny. Gunjan comes down and everyone admires her even Aditya and Mayank. Heer song plays in the background.

Gunjan and Aditya exchange garlands.Tum hi ho song plays in the background. Gunjan sits in the Mandap and Mayank looks at her. The wedding proceedings take place smoothly. Everyone is happy and Akash sits for kayadaan, Mayank closes his eyes when Gunjan’s hand is given in Aditya’s hand which is done by Aditya’s mother. Aditya removes it and stops the proceedings after watching Mayank in a disturbed state, and everyone is shocked. Aditya’s mother is surprised and he tells her to tie the knot later asks Gunjan to go with him. Akash asks him if there is a problem Aditya says he needs to talk to Gunjan, hence, leaving the environment stunned. Eveyone is shocked he takes her to a room. Gunjan asks him why they left the mandap and if she made a mistake Aditya says it’s a paap. Gunjan asks what paap? Aditya says the best thing about childhood friends is there are no inhibition but you betrayed my friendship. He tells her you were about to make a big mistake.’ Finding a good lifepartner is a very difficult thing and the relation is from the heart, not pheras and ring. Aditya says your’s is already done, so I can’t marry you.

Aditya stops the wedding proceedings and asks Gunjan to have a word with her. Gunjan tells Aditya to stop and go down as everyone is waiting for the rituals. He tells her that he can’t get married. Gunjan begs him but he does not relent. Shail asks Rachna what she did. Rachna swears on her mother that she didn’t say anything. Aditya says it’s all destiny and to go to Mayank. Aditya informs Gunjan about him, witnessing Shail and Rachna’s conversation. Bua says it might be because of some len den then Shail says they are progressive people and don’t believe in dowry. Aditya says he understands Gunjan wants to move but she has not been able to forget Mayank. He says he will go down and announce that he is backing off from the wedding as he decides to stop the wedding.Aditya brings Gunjan down and touches Akash’s feet and tells him he can’t marry Gunjan and has told her the reason. Gunjan’s father gets furious on Aditya. Dayal says if there has been a mistake and tells him to forgive them. Gunjan feels bad for Aditya and says the marriage is breaking because of her. Akash looks at Mayank and becomes angry, he accuses him that it’s all a plan and he threw Charu out and fooled Gunjan. Seema says you can’t accuse my son like this. Akash says Mayank forced him to speak like this and it’s all Mayank’s plan. Rachna and Aditya suppport Mayank, Rachna says it’s just a mansha that both of them want to be together. Rachna says Charu made a deal that Gunjan should marry and only then Seema and Prabhu were released as Gunjan accepted. Gunjan says she has no other option but she was ready to move on. Aditya says he does not need an explaination but the truth is she loves Mayank and Gunjan agrees that slowly she might learn to love Aditya.

Aditya says this can’t be learnt and Love should be there. Aditya asks for forgiveness that he can’t come in between two lovers and gives his pagadi to Mayank saying it’s his right. Akash throws it on the floor and says Gunjan can’t take this decision and look at Mayank and says he could not save his marriage and his jobless, he insults Mayank and then informs Dayal about, taking back Gunjan along-with him but Shail stops him. She defends Gunjan and Mayank, Akash says no one can take a mother’s place. Shail says that he is her father so he should know what she wants and the only relation she can be happy is he is not ready. Shayl says not trusting Gunjan was Mayank s fault but it was not his fault alone. She praises Mayank and also that a bad marriage is like dying. She says he is married but the marriage is on the verge of ending and asks now what is the problem between Mayank and Gunjan marriage. Shail further informs about Gunjan and Mayank’s relationship to the family and asks Gunjan’s father Aakash to take a wise decision for his daughter.

Shail tells Aakash that their children would not have to suffer more and ask if there isstill problem for Mayank union. Aakash orders Gunjan to leave along with him for Australia and says that he is not interested in their love story and suggests not to waste her love and time for Mayank. Mayank tells Gunjan that her father is right and thinks about her well beings. Mayank requests Aakash for one chance to give him so that he can do his level best to give best life to Gunjan. He further tries to convince Aakash, by assuring him of being financially good enough by working hard, in order to marry Gunjan in future and will not marry Gunjan until he gets success and Akash himself will not give her hand to him. Aakash runs from there without giving him answer. Aditya leaves with his family the next day after, apologising to Aakash cheering everyone up including Gunjan and Aakash and Shail apologized to them. Mayank tells Gunjan again that god is favoring him giving her back to him and that he has decided that they will not marry until he gets success. Aakash on the other hand, stay angry, sees them and rush from them, holding Gunjan’s hand and asks Gunjan to join him and scolding Mayank. Gunjan however, refuses to join him.

Source: Zee World International



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