Twist of Fate: Friday Updates (Episodes 271-272)

Abhi wakes up and asks where is he. Tanu says he is in his flat and asks why did he drink so much. He says this world is ruthless and nobody can be believed. She asks if someone told him something. He reminisces Pragya telling him she does not love him. She asks him to rest. He continues shouting same.

Pragya on the other hand tells Aaliya that she did not know her words would affect Abhi so much. Aaliya asks what did she tell him that Abhi panicked so much. Pragya says she will tell her everything but she should take her to Abhi first. Aaliya takes Pragya along with her to Abhi’s flat and they see Abhi sleeping on Tanu’s lap. Pragya thinks she should not become emotional and hides. Aaliya informs Abhi that Pragya bhabhi has come to meet him. Abhi rises up and starts looking for Pragya, restlessly asks where is she but does not find her.

Aaliya goes to bring her, but Pragya signals to go back. Aaliya says she did not come. Abhi angrily says he does not want to hear Pragya’s name again. Pragya, who is hiding behind the door, hears Abhi telling Aaliya not to get Pragya before him as he does not want to see her face leaves sadly. Abhi tells Tanu to go from there. Aaliya takes her out.

Akash in his room tries to call Rachna, but she does not pick his call. He thinks she still does not understand his feelings and thinks he is lying. He will meet her one last time and if she does not accept him, he will marry the girl Abhi and Daadi like.

Pragya sadly reaches home to Bulbul’s room and starts crying. Abhi in his room panics and cries. Do pal ruka khawabon ka… plays in the background. Daadi sees Abhi sadly looking at the sky from balcony and asks if he trying to see Pragya in the moon. He says he is not. She says she knows he is missing her, but does not want to accept due to his ego. They both must have fought, so Pragya went to her mother’s house in lieu of meeting Bulbul. She says this house is incomplete without Pragya and requests him to bring Pragya back for her if not his sake. He asks her to stop crying and that he will bring her back tomorrow. She asks to promise her. He promises and asks her to go and rest. Daadi happily leaves. He looks at the moon and reminisces Daadi’s words.In the morning, Abhi gets ready to bring back Pragya. Daasi taunt him that prince is going to bring his princess and asks to bring her in palaquin. Daadi asks her not to taunt her grandson. Purabh comes and asks Daadi where is Abhi going. She says he is going to bring Pragya back. Purabh taunts Abhi that he forgot his friend in Pragya’s love, he came yesterday to meet them, but did not see them both. He asks what did Pragya tell when he proposed her. Abhi reminisces Pragya telling she does not love him and thinks he should not tell Purabh about it. He tells Purabh he will talk to him later as he has to go to Pragya’s house. He thinks he cannot face Pragya again and should think of something.

Pragya brings milk for Bulbul and asks her why is she not taking care of herself. Bulbul asks how is brother in-law and if she spoke to him. Pragya reminisces taking Bulbul for checkup and asks doctor how is her condition. Doctor says Bulbul’s condition is good and her fracture is healing well, but she cannot handle emotions well, so she should hide it from her. She comes out of flashback. Bulbul asks again where is Abhi. She say he has gone out. Just then Abhi enters the room. Bulbul tells Pragya she can directly meet Abhi. Abhi enters and says he came to meet her. Bulbul asks Pragya if she is not jealous. Abhi asks Bulbul to get up as they have to go out and play hockey with colony children. Bulbul jokes if he wants to play under table football with Pragya. Abhi and Pragya feel embarrassed.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she does not know what happened, Purabh was saying Abhi is going to propose Pragya. Tanu is shocked to hear this and asks why did she not inform her. Aaliya says she thought she will feel bad. Tanu says she is feeling more bad now and how will she show her face to people. Aaliya asks what does she mean. Tanu says she means she told her parents that Abhi loves her and will marry her soon. Aaliya says she will go and meet Pragya in lieu of meeting Bulbul and asks Tanu to relax until she comes back. Tanu thinks if Abhi does not love her and will not marry, she will become unmarried mother, so she should get her child aborted.

Pragya is shocked to see Abhi standing inches away from her lips. Abhi realizes that Pragya has been lying that she doesn’t love him. Pragya pretending to be determined tells Abhi that she doesn’t love him and that his seduction will not affect her feelings. Abhi gets upset tells Pragya that when he leaves her, he will seduce her and make sure that she misses him anywhere she goes. The moment Pragya feels she cannot bear to stay close to Abhi, she pushes him away and runs out of the room. Pragya holding back her tears that she is in more pain than him and she may not come out of this pain and comes into Daadi’s room. Abhi too comes out to see Pragya but she leaves by then.

Pragya comes to Daadi and finds her working. Pragya tells Daadi that she should have called her or Robin to do all this work. Daadi takes this opportunity to speak to Pragya and tells her that she really wants to be a grandmother soon. She wants a grandchild in the house who is as sweet as Pragya and as naughty as Abhi. Pragya gets emotional the moment she hears this. Daadi explains Pragya what a joy it is to be a mother. She says when she will become mother, Abhi will respect her even more as she will give him happiness of becoming a father and even motherhood is a great responsibility. Daadi gets emotional thinking she is getting old and might die anytime and asks Pragya if she will give her a grandchild soon? Pragya is shocked. Daadi apologizes for insisting to get a grandchild and further says it is her last wish. She holds Pragya’s hands and asks if she will fulfill her responsibility. Pragya tensed comes out of Daadi’s room and is worried as she and Abhi have not been close to each other, then how would she fulfill Daadi’s wish. Pragya realizes that Tanu is pregnant with Abhi’s child and is determined to get out of Abhi’s life soon so Tanu and Abhi can get married. Abhi sees her walking out and thinks it is good if she keeps away from him.

On the other hand, Tanu is two minds whether she should get her abortion done right away or wait to speak to Abhi. Tanu tensed picks up the phone and calls the doctor informing about her decision to abort the child in three days. Pragya overhears this and is shocked. Pragya tries to stop Tanu from going ahead with the abortion but Tanu blames Pragya for all her miseries and that society does not like unmarried pregnant woman, especially if she is a model. Tanu scolds Pragya for ruining her life and career and wants to know what happened between Abhi and Pragya because of which Abhi has been ignoring her as he is not picking her call and asks if she told Abhi that she is pregnant and asks why did he drink so much.

Pragya tells Tanu that she hurt Abhi and refused that she loves Abhi and she did it for this child as love and relationship are not more than life. Tanu cannot believe this. Pragya tells Tanu that her child’s future is at stake and she could not be selfish knowing she is pregnant. Pragya tells her that she loves Abhi but can never be a mother to Abhi’s child after knowing how much Abhi loves Tanu. She begs Tanu not to abort the child as Abhi’s Daadi is eager for a grandchild as it is their legal heir. Tanu is surprised to hear this and asks if her child will get Abhi’s name and furious as Pragya wants her to bear the child without being married to Abhi.
Pragya promises to come up with a solution when Abhi calls Tanu. Abhi overhears Pragya voice on the phone and gets suspicious. Tanu tells Abhi that she wants to meet him. Abhi promises to meet Tanu after three days. Tanu hangs up and gives Pragya three days to come up with a plan or she would go ahead with the abortion and she will not tell about her pregnant to Abhi or anyone as she cannot take risk her and her child’s future. Pragya thanks Tanu and leaves. Tanu is suspicious of Pragya’s behavior wondering if Pragya really wishes well or is playing games with her.

Pragya shattered leaves from Tanu’s house thinking of Daadi’s wishes and the conversation she had with Tanu. Pragya realizes that the only way she can sort this issue is if Tanu and Abhi get married and wonders how she would convince Abhi’s family to accept Tanu. Pragya also remembers how much Abhi hates her and loves Tanu.

At Abhi’s house, Pammi is tensed as Akash has not yet come home. Just then Mitali comes there and irritates Pammi even more. Daadi sees Pammi scolding Mitali and tells her to relax while Abhi checks on Akash. Abhi calls a few people but is unable to trace Akash. Pammi gets further tensed and as the family is speaking, Pragya comes there. As she is speaking to the rest of the family, Akash comes home drunk and barely able to walk. Pammi comes to Akash and the moment Akash opens his mouth to speak Pammi finds out that Akash has come home drunk. Pammi enraged slaps him and gets upset that Akash is still mourning over Rachna. Akash drunk tells Pammi that everything is over between him and Rachna and is ready to get married any time she wants as she doesn’t care about his happiness.

Akash’s father too is about to slap him but Abhi comes there and tells them that Akash is heartbroken and they should leave him alone. Akash in tears apologizes to Abhi and tells him how much he loves Rachna. Akash in tears tells everyone how he begged Rachna to marry him but she refused. Abhi consoles Akash and tells him that may be Rachna doesn’t really want to marry him. Daadi is hurt as everyone knows Rachna was pregnant with Akash’s baby.
Abhi then comes into his room and finds Aaliya waiting for him. Alia tells him that she has been feeling that Abhi recently has been avoiding speaking to any of them and wants to know what is bothering him. Just then, Pragya comes out of the room and finds Aaliya speaking to Abhi. Aaliya informs Abhi that he needs to clear Tanu’s confusion whether he wants her in his life and that Tanu has not eaten since two days after he asked her to get out. She tells Abhi that if he wants to spend his life with Pragya, it is fine but Tanu needs to know the truth. Aaliya promises that she will sort out things with Tanu but she really needs to know. Abhi tells Aaliya annoyed that he doesn’t believe in any relationships. Aaliya asks Abhi if Tanu or Pragya have broken his heart but Abhi tells her that he is upset with her and thinks it was a big mistake for him to get married. He tells Aaliya that he cannot kick Pragya out of his life because of Daadi and is very confused and wants to be left alone. Abhi leaves.

Pragya upset is walking in the corridor thinking of the ultimatum Tanu has given her and as she passes by the temple, she prays before the idol to help her save Tanu and Abhi’s child. Pragya realizes that the only way she can get herself kicked out of this house is by making the family hate them in the next three days. Pragya prays for forgiveness as she has no other choice.

Later, Daadi calls everyone for a family meeting and Daadi looks upset. Daadi calls Akash to come and stand before her. Akash apologizes for coming home drunk last night. Daadi says she knows he loves Rachna but she rejected his pleas many time and tells Akash that she will forgive him only if he agrees to get married by tomorrow. Everyone is shocked. Pammi is pleased. Akash agrees and sees Pragya who looks shocked.

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