Mondays, Egos, and Unseen Bosses

On a bright Monday, John, late for work as usual, boards a bus. Minutes later, an elderly man, accompanied by a young lad, boards the same bus. The older man sits beside John and in a matter of minutes, strikes up a conversation with him. Minutes into the conversation, the old man looks at his watch and asks John, “Aren’t you late for work?”

John scoffs, rolls his eyes and replies offhandedly, “Yeah, I am. But who cares anyways? I work for a big firm and I’m their best tech guy. They can’t do without me so I resume when I want. What’s more? The boss never shows up! Senile, old man!”Shocked, the old man goes on to recount memories of his youthful days and his diligent service. Eventually, the bus stops and all three men disembark. Surprisingly, the other two men begin to walk towards the same direction as John. They enter the company together and as they pass through the lobby, John notices the serious looks on the faces of his co-workers.

Suddenly, the old man stops in the middle of the lobby. In a loud and clear voice, he says, “Good morning, folks”, eliciting an equally loud, “Good morning, boss.” John feels his heart drop into his stomach as fear grips his guts. The old man points to the young guy and continues, “I want y’all to meet our new tech guy. He’s the best in the country and I had to personally convince FBI Director Manny, to release him. Please welcome him.”

All around, the lobby erupts with applause and warm greetings as the other members of staff welcome the new tech guy. Two hours later, John is back home; jobless, with a shattered ego.

  1. Are you flippant, especially around strangers? Proverbs. 18:7. I love Bible verses, they have got so much wisdom in them.
  2. What kind of reward will your work get you? Or will you be sacked and replaced?

Watch it! Nobody is irreplaceable. Don’t get complacent.


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