6 Sure Signs You’re Definitely Crushing

At some points in our lives, we have crushed on one or two persons. We tend to deny this fact and claim it is just a random feeling. Crushing on someone is actually not a bad feeling. It becomes bad when you get in trouble as a result of the crush.

Are you having that tingling feeling, or someone has taken the best parts of your mind and soul? Then you need nobody to tell you it’s a crush.

Below are 6 signs to tell you have a crush on someone.

They Form Major Part of Your Life-

Many times, you find yourself telling that someone your daily activities in details, you involve them in all that has to do. Even if you try to hide under the pretense of ‘’just friends’’, this person keeps bumping into your schedules. You try to carry them along and make them feel comfortable around you. When your life revolves around them and every single thing you in a day is all about them, you have a crush already.

You Blush When You Are Around Them-

Is it not awkward how you act different when you are with this special someone? You become conscious of your hair, look, smile and everything. Little compliments you get from them makes you blush and smile to yourself. When they tease you about how they like you, it gets to you and you find yourself blushing like a little kid in love. Then this is crush.

You Always Wait On Them-

You become unnecessarily bothered when you don’t get the random texts and calls from that special someone. You are so eager when your phone beeps with the hope it is a call from them. You get pissed each day you don’t get response from them and start unnecessary arguments, especially when the person is not your significant other. 

You Talk About Them Often-

When you unconsciously talk about them to friends, family members, strangers and even their friends, it’s a sign you are crushing. You are not able to make a complete conversation without having to mention the name.

You Get Jealous-

Each time they talk about a new friend or their relationship status, you find yourself turning green or acting uninterested in the conversation. When you find yourself entitled to their time and attention or the person they are with, you just may be trapped in love.

You are always Caught Staring-

You maintain physical contacts with this person. Your eyes are gazed on all they do, on their social media pages. You stalk the new friends they add on their accounts. You get lost in their eyes while having any conversation and this person is not your significant other-you just might be smitten.

Having a crush on someone is actually cool, especially when the crush is mutual. You find it so cool teasing this person about almost everything without fear. Most people fail to admit they have a crush on someone, they just admirer from far. But if you have noticed of these signs, you definitely have a crush and should probably let the person know about it.

Culled from Palmchat


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