Making the most of my life before I’m ’30’

30 for some people is the age to get laid, to get a new job, to get married, to acquire some degree, and other wishes in our bucket list. Many times, we dream of things we wish to achieve before the big’’30’’ and by the time we know it, we wake up to realize we have not done major parts of all we dreamt of. Your twenties are for becoming, molding, discovering and achieving all that is needed.

But the reality is that life is happening now and fast, and if you are in your twenties you need to take advantage of this prime time period in your life to explore new hobbies, explore, get skilled and exit that comfort zone. After all, the whole essence of life is having experiences and making memories count.

Find true love-

Be emotionally stable, find someone who loves, respects and treat you like a priority. Love is sweet and awesome if you find the real one. In your twenties, search for true love, try out various relationships, give time for love, courtship, dating, pain and other things that is attached to love. Be crazy, kiss passionately, love with all your heart, open up to new people. Find true love before 30, ensure you are stable, reason is that once you are in your thirties and searching for love, you become pressured, desperate, confused and probably settle for less. 

Before you hit the big 30, you should have discovered yourself. Discover who you are, what you want, your strengths, weaknesses, you should have also dealt with most of your greatest fear if not all. Discovering yourself also involves knowing what makes you happy, what keeps you off balance. It is important to know all these early, considering the fact that all the hustles, stress, relationship, works wouldn’t really permit us to go deep in self-discovery. So in your twenties, spend this time building yourself.

Find Stability-

It is important to become stable before you turn 30. Get stable emotionally, mentally and career wise. Once you are 30 and still in search of stability, you become confused of the choices you make, you become so desperate to make choices based on pressures or fears. Stability gives you balance and edge when you are confronted with situations beyond you later in life. Stability especially when you are in a relationship makes your mind made up.

Appreciate your parents-

Give your parents the love, attention and time you have at your disposal, take them out, buy them things, spend on them and make them feel loved. It is important to make your parents feel important. They may have done some crazy, unbelievable, annoying and unreasonable things but understand it’s all for your well-being. Appreciate your parents in your twenties, don’t get too busy on them, create time for your parents when they are still around you. When you clock 30, you hardly find time for loving and showing attention to your parents due to marriage or career pursuit, so it’s better to do it before you clock.

Love yourself-

Treat yourself like you are the most important person in the world. Love yourself and tell yourself you matter. Visit places, go shopping, spoil yourself with new fashion items, new clothing lines, create time to go on vacation alone, with friends, family or someone special. Acquire skills, visit the spa, attend events, make your life memorable. Love yourself first, accept your flaws and be ready for new experiences.

Truth is for some, they have all these checked before age 30, while most people are still in the process of becoming and discovery. Make good use of your life before you reach 30, get all the things you need to get, learn new skills, love people around you. Even if you haven’t done all of these and you are 30 or close to 30, you still can make things right. 



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