Twist of Fate: Thursday Updates (Episodes 292- 294)

Episode 292

The episode starts with Daadi and daasi shouting in fear seeing Pragya’s kaajal smeared chudail face. They ask why did she spoil her face. She blames Abhi and they start their verbal argument. Daadi scolds Abhi and asks him to take Pragya and wash her face and warns not to spoil her skin. He says he will peel it and then says with face peel mask. He takes her to washroom. She sees her face and shouts. She washes her face and applies her lipstick and makeup back. She asks Abhi how dare he is to spoil her faceting an. They start fighting and blaming each other again. Tanu is shocked to see their cute fight.

Aaliya forces her friend to act as mishandling her. Friend says he cannot, but Aaliya convinces him. Purab reaches her room, breaks door open and slaps friend. Aaliya starts acting and hugs him. Purab consoles her, but she continues her acting and asks him to sleep with her as friend may come and harm her again. Purab says how can he sleep with her. She says until she sleeps he can, then he can go to his room. He agrees. She thinks Purab will be hers forever now.

Pragya looks at sleeping Abhi and gets emotional. She thinks how to leave him and get Tanu in his life instead….She also then sleeps on couch.
In the morning, Daadi sees Pragya with pooja thali and says even she will join her in some time. Pragya gives her pooja thali to tanu and asks her to go and pray with Daadi to impress her. Tanu descends stairs, drops oil on stairs by mistakes and runs back to her room. Mitali sees that. Daadi comes back, doe snot see Pragya in temple, so tries to ascend stairs towards Pragya’s room, but slips and falls.

She writhes in pain, sees oil and shouts for help. Whole family gathers. She asks who spilled oil on stairs. Mitali says Tanu spilled it. Pragya thinks she wants Tanu to get into daadi’s good books, but she is irking daadi instead. Daadi asks Tanu if she spilled oil. Pragya says she spilled oil and says daadi even she saw her thali. Taiji asks how can she make a mistake, what if Daadi would have broken her bones. Pragya says it is daadi’s mistake that she did not watch floor, she should have been careful instead. Daadi says she is right and apologizes her. Abhi gets angry and asks daadi not to apologize.

Aaliya wakes up in the morning, does not find Purab and thinks whatever Purab tries, he will be hers soon.

Pragya asks Tanu why she is trying to harm daadi instead of getting into her good books. She does not know what to do now. Tanu says he has an idea with which daadi will kick Pragya out and accept her. She says she will allege her that she stole Daasi’s money to buy house, Daadi will kick her out hearing this. Abhi hears that and says he does not want them to trouble Daadi. Tanu says with this idea, Daadi will definitely kick Pragya out. He says they can do whatever they like, but keep him out of this.

Precap: Pragya sees Daasi keeping her money suitcase and steals it from her cupboard.

Episode 293

The episode starts with Daasi and others helping Daadi get up and dropping her on bed. Rachna says she knows Tanu dropped oil as someone saw her doing this. Daadi asks who. She calls Mitali. Daadi asks Mitali why did not she speak before. Mitali says she saw how Pragya was taking Tanu’s side and she would have insulted even her. Daadi tells Daasi they have to find out what is Pragya up to.

Tanu hears Daadi’s conversation and thinks whatever she tries, she cannot get into daadi’s good books, so now she has to use her trump card and allege Pragya as a thief. She calls her associate and asks him to get fake property papers in Pragya’s name.

Aaliya enjoys coffee in hotel’s restaurant and reminisces getting intimate with Purab yesterday night. She thinks Purab will be hers forever after tonight. She gets Purab’s call that he left for Mumbai and apologizes her and asks her to enjoy with her friends. She thinks Purab did not do right and will pay for it.

Pragya sees Abhi’s album reporter coming home and giving 1 crore bag to Daadi. He says Abhi’s album was excellent and they will get money rain. Once he leaves, Daadi calls Pragya to give her money bag, but Pragya hides. She sends Daasi to give to Pragya. Daasi walks to Pragya and Abhi’s room, does not see her, so keeps money bag in Daadi’s room. Pragya steals that money.

Tanu calls servants and asks them to change Abhi’s room’s interiors. Daasi comes and asks what is she doing in Abhi and Pragya’s room. Servant says she wants to change interiors. Daasi says who is she to take decisions. Tanu says Pragya and Abhi permitted her. Daasi says Pragya herself will change interiors if she does not like it, so she should not interfere in their lives and asks her to get out of room. Tanu feels humiliated and walks out.

Pragya gives money bag to Tanu and tells she did her work. Tanu says she will allege her of stealing money and buying property from it. Pragya agrees and walks out of room. Tanu thinks she will make Pragya fall into Daadi’s and her own eyes for coming in between her and Abhi.
Akash brings pregnancy book and shows it to Rachna. Rachna says it is very good. Taiji interferes and scolds Rachna. Akash asks her to select one baby’s name. She yells. Tauji interferes and jokes on Taiji.

Daadi stops Pragya and says she saw her asking servant to serve her tea and says though she acts as misbehaving, she takes care of her well. Pragya says she prepare tea for everyone, so servant served her also and walks out. Daadi says whatever she says, she knows she cares for her.

Pragya says Tanu if she tells daadi that she stole, she will not believe it. She says she has an idea and SMSes Abhi to come and pick money bag. He gets irked thinking she is ordering him and SMSes back. She replies that she is indeed ordering him. Their usual daily dose of argument starts. Tanu gets jealous seeing their argument. He calls her, but she asks Tanu to pick call instead. Tanu switches on phone. Abhi asks Fuggi to pick phone. Their argument starts again and he asks how dare she is to order him. She says yes, but then says she was requesting him. Their argument continues.

Precap: Daadi asks Pragya to give half of bag’s money to Akash to deposit in bank. Pragya asks which money. Daadi says she sent money via Daasi. Pragya says she didn’t get any money.

Episode 294

The episode starts with Sarla walking on the road thinking why Pragya is insulting Daadi. She thinks why did Pragya hide the truth that she got Akash and Rachna married, she must be up to something.

Daadi calls Abhi and asks where is he. He says he is busy. Daadi says producer had come and gave her 1 crore suitcase, so she gave it to Pragya. He asks her to tell Akash to deposit half the money in bank. Daadi agrees. She calls Pragya and asks her to bring the money back which she gave. Pragya asks when did she give he money. Daadi says she sent suitcase via Daasi. Pragya asks her to call daasi. Daasi comes and Pragya asks if she gave her suitcase. Daasi says she did not find Pragya, so she kept it in daadi’s cupboard. Daadi asks her to bring suitcase. Daasi goes to bring suitcase but does not find it.

Abhi while driving thinks why did Pragya seek his help, which she usually does not. He reminisces Tanu telling Pragya that she should allege Daasi as thief, then she will enter and allege her instead and prove it. Pragya says if that is the only way to get Tanu into daadi’s good books, she is ready.

Pragya alleges Daasi that she stole money. Daasi asks if she is in her senses. Pragya says she has gone greedy and stole it. Tanu enters and says Pragya stole it and she has been stealing since she married Abhi. Daadi asks her to mind her tongue as Pragya is very sanskaari/cultured. Tanu continues that Pragya married Abhi for his wealth and she even respects daadi for money. She stole money in lakhs earlier and now in crore. Daadi asks her shut up, else she will cut her tongue. She says she did not see innocent like Pragya and she wakes up seeing her face. Pragya sacrifices her life for other and cannot be so cunning and selfish. She was deterred seeing Akash and Rachna’s marriage, but she later knew the reason behind it and felt ashamed of herself. 

Pragya says Daadi’s belief is undeterred. Daadi continues praising Pragya and says she took her blame on herself and saved her instead. Tanu says she does not know Pragya well at all and she has a proof. Daadi asks what proof she has. Tanu says she caught Pragya read-handed stealing some days ago. She is worried about Abhi as he is Aaliya’s brother. She asks Pragya to tell if she steal or not. Daasi asks Pragya to speak. Rachana also insists. Pragya gets tensed thinking what to tell. 

Daadi asks Pragya to speak. Pragya says Tanu is lying and asks if she has any proof. Tanu says she has. Pragya asks her to show it then. Tanu asks Daadi to come along with her. Pragya asks her not to believe her. Tanu insists Daadi to come with her. Pragya says she should not go. Tanu asks everyone to come along. Daasi says Pragya let her show what proof she has. Tanu insists daaadi and daadi walks along with her to Pragya’s room.

Precap: Pragya tells Tanu that she brought her in this house, but she is hell bent to kick her from this house. Tanu says she does not deserve to stay in this house and will be kicked out once proof comes. Pragya says she cannot prove anything.



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