Reach for the Stars: Thursday Updates (Episodes 100- 102)

On the other hand, everyone in the chawl is worried about the impending court case. After hearing Manda accusations, Kamla tells Manda to search her house. Manda while searching Kamla’s house takes out the money she planted in the house and shows it to everyone. Kamla breaks down due to everyone’s accusations. Meanwhile, finding Raghav finds Kalpi standing outside his office. Raghav calls someone and informs them that he is going to Mumbai and takes the file from Kalpi hands.
Kamla says in front of her God that her truth has been stolen from her. It’s just her belief that is left. Pakiya asks Vitthal why didn’t he let him go with her. He tells her not to worry that Kamla is with God. Nothing will happen to her but he have to be careful now. Paki tells him he is worried himself. Vitthal admit he is because her dream has been attacked and what Kamla want is just a palm full of sky. Just the right to dream. They all can’t understand that they have hurt their own dreams by attacking Kamla. She gave them courage to live but she lost in the end. Kamla enters the chawl and tells them she have lost the battle yet and she won’t leave the field until she don’t win this. Pakiya asks where she was? She replies that she went to gather her courage and one have to look inside when there is no support outside and one have to meet the God within them then he will shows them the way.

Meanwhile, Kalpi and Raghav are on their way to Mumbai. The lawyer Verma comes to the chawl and informs them they all have 2 hours to leave the chawl. Kamla tells the lawyer he have the power of money but they have God with them. She threaten him that Kamla hasn’t been defeated yet and she will keep fighting till the end. She will never leave this and he have to carry her dead body from here. The lawyer tells her he will convey her message but it won’t change any thing and she have to leave this place and will get another place if she have life. Manda tells the lawyer leave that their Kamla Tai is so good at drama.

Paki asks Kamla what will happen now and even the law is not with them and not even the people who were with them. They just have two hours left and there is no sign of Kalpi and what will happen to them Kamla maa. Kamla tells her what else could be worse than this but she swear to God that they still have the courage with them and she have her family with her. This house is her temple and she won’t let it be crashed else they have to demolish her too in this house. Vitthal assures kamla she is with her and wipes her tears away.

Everyone from the chawl come out with their stuff and start placing it in front of the chawl’s entrance. Kamla, Vitthal and everyone else participates in this. Kamla’s head hurts. Everyone looks determined. Nettu, Sahil and Prem come long with the cops. Nettu asks Paki to come out but she refuses that she is where she should be standing and near by her Kamla mother. Kalpi on the other hand is looking at the time over and over again. Meanwhile, the police announces the warning to leave the place and they won’t be responsible if anyone gets injured. This place has to be cleared. Kamla tells him to know one thing that they won’t leave their house. They should run the bulldozer over them, crush them along with their houses. They all join hands in hands with each other.

Manda try to convince them they have 15 minutes left and she is going. She gets out of the chawl and asks Kanta and Manges to leave the place. The bulldozer is about to crush the chawl she asks Kamla and Vitthal to leave as well. The cops inform them they are starting their work now and they have already ask them to leave. He starts the count down. Manda runs away. Vitthal starts the countdown with them as well. The police raids in the chawl. Kamla, Paki and Vitthal are trying to stop them. Kamla gets hurt by the attack. Manges says look Kanta Tai. Why will Kamla fight for them if she is a traitor and she is ready to fight with her. Kant tells Mandai that her heart says they should be with her, just then, they all jump on the police. The clash between the police and people starts.

On the other side, Kalpi asks Raghva if he have any proof that the chawl belongs to him? She apologizes to him that they need to find one. She asks how will he prove that its her chawl. Paki begs Prem to stop this clash. She cries that the police are hurting the people so badly. Vitthal gets badly injured. He remembers Kamla’s courage. Kamla is in the house and police starts the bulldozer. Vitthal and Paki beg the police to stop it. Kamla remembers all the good moments she has spent there.

Paki along with Pakiya and the others tries stopping the bull dozer from destroying the chowl. Meanwhile, Raghav arrives at the scene and informs the police officer that they can’t destroy the chowl as the papers shown to them are fake. The police officer tells Prem that the chowl can’t be destroyed as the papers been filed in the court. Pakiya and the others informs Kamla that they have won and that Raghav have helped them. On the other hand, Nettu plans on taking revenge on Kamla.


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