Forever, We Will Not!!!

There is no dignity in begging, for food, money, clothes or whatever it maybe. But help people if you can or show them a way out or build on their potential.

Remember God will use each and everyone of us to bless each other and by giving(yourself, time, money, knowledge, guidance) you build bonds and great relationships. It’s funny but people become indebted to you and find a way of repaying your kindness

But most of all, you are a steward of your own life and you will give an account of it one day. And all you have right now as earthly belongings would be no more for you once you are 6 feet in the grave.

Remember your purpose in life helps you build a better world, a legacy, empires that generations after
you would follow ( I mean how did everything come to be after creation) it was what someone left behind.

Build your life/purpose/dream on a solid foundation. Be kind, be generous, invest in people than things and you will find fulfilment along with the gifts God has given you.

Most of all be Genuine, being genuine has no agenda. And just the way people see the truth in your character is the same way they find the truth in your being genuine


By: Labake Amoo



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