Tuesday Updates on King of Hearts: Episodes 379- 381

On the other hand, Simran asks Raj to sign on the divorce papers and that Siddharth and Kritika will stay with her after divorce. Raj asks where will he live? He asks can she stay without him for sure. He says he is fed up of acting to be in love with Shaku. Simran laughs and says she know. She knew that he can’t love anyone else except her, but just want him to accept it. Raj closes the door and hugs her. He asks her not to talk about divorce in their life. Simran says never and asks what is the matter? Raj asks her to sit that he got Siddharth’s call and tells her everything. Simran says they both are same, and he would have gained information if Raj have involved her and that she is the head of the plan now. Simran then tells Raj they have a new mission, Sajjan ki saheli.
Roshni sees a statue wearing a dress in the house and thinks her might have brought it. She calls her mother but Kunal comes there that he has brought it for her, as she has taken care of him when he was injured. He says it is a small gift from his side. Siddharth thinks Kunal is doing acting. Bansi says her grand son takes care of her daughter in-law and asks him to make Roshni wear the chunari. Roshni refuses to accept the dress. Kunal asks Roshni…if he can make her wear this chunari for their friendship’s sake. Siddharth looks on. Durgardevi looks helpless.

Kunal tells Roshni he haven’t asked her anything till now and asks her not to refuse, just for the sake of their friendship. Roshni nods hesitantly. Kunal smiles and looks at Siddharth. He is about to make Roshni wear the chunari, just then Ayesha comes and calls Roshni. Siddharth tells Roshni that Ayesha have come. Roshni runs to meet Ayesha. Kunal fumes as he couldn’t place chunari on her head. Siddharth tells Bansi that Ayesha is his daughter. He laughs at Kunal that Roshni have stepped on his chunari and left. He asks if he have an age to play with the doll/statue, he can try all his life, but Roshni will not get Kunal, and this statue will be helpful to Kunal in that situation.

Siddharth covers the statue with chunari. He brings Ayesha and introduces her to Kunal. He asks her to say hi to Rowdy Rathore uncle and aunty (statue). He says his Ayesha is back home and goes to the his room. Kunal gets angry and says this will cost you so much Siddharth.

Roshni and Ayesha are playing with a soft toy. While Roshni is playing with Ayesha, she slips over the railing and hangs from it. She screams for help. Siddharth and Kunal reach but Kunal does not come forward to help her. Siddharth asks Roshni not to worry, he hangs from the rail and holds Roshni’s hand and manage to gets Roshni back safe. Roshni hugs Siddharth and cries in shock. An infuriated Siddharth then asks Kunal what have he done? Bansi tries to interfere but Siddharth asks her not to interfere between two man and slaps Kunal for not helping Roshni. Siddharth asks what have he done to harm Roshni and gets angry. He tells Kunal he will not get Roshni even after 2000 years. He warns him and asks Bansi to make him understand.

Siddharth gets a phone call and reply that he will get his car in the evening. Kunal hears it and this insult cause by Siddharth makes Kunal angry that Siddharth have done a big mistake and have snatched the chance for him to save Roshni. He starts plotting against Siddharth that he will rescue Roshni and Siddharth will trap her and that it would be fun. On the other hand, Raj asks Simran to give him his breakfast. Shaku comes there. Simran asks her to come that she have thought enough, and cancelled the divorce. She tells Shaku that she is her younger sister now. Shaku gets elated and says she is glad to get her. Just then, A designer comes. Simran says she called him to get her clothes stitched on the occasion of Lohri and she has decided to get her rounds done. Raj gets tensed and thinks if he did wrong to tell Simran everything. Just then, flower decorator also comes. Simran says she called him to decorate the room for their suhaagraat. Shaku gets happy.

Raj asks Kritika what Simran is doing? Kritika asks Shaku, if she can call her mother. Shaku instantly agrees and hugs her. Kritika asks if she needs anything. Shaku says no. Meanwhile, Siddharth asks Roshni to get Ayesha ready. Roshni asks him to get Ayesha ready that she is going to Raj’s house and both he and Ayesha should be ready when she come home. Kunal talks to himself that the drama begin now. Kunal compromises with Roshni’s car and says how will Siddharth save her. He will save her and she will come to know that he is her real love and husband and not Siddharth. He sits on his bike and tries to start it, but the bike doesn’t start.

Kunal checks his bike. Roshni thinks to buy something for Raj and Simran, just then she finds the car’s brake not working and gets shocked. She shouts at the kids on the road to move away, and drives panicking. She takes out her phone from her purse, but it falls down. On the other hand, Ayesha tells Siddharth she wants a doll. Siddharth calls Roshni and tells Ayesha that she isn’t picking the call. He will ask her to bring the doll when she calls back. Just then, Roshni calls Siddharth and asks him to come as her car’s brakes have failed. Siddharth replies he is coming? Durgardevi asks what happened? Siddharth informs her that Roshni’s car brake have failed. Bansi and Premal smile looking at each other. Durgardevi wonders what is happening? Roshni’s car turned down and Roshni gets trapped inside. She shouts for help.

The passerby’s stops there and calls fire brigade as the car will catch the fire. Durgardevi calls Siddharth and asks where is he? Siddharth tells his mom in-law that he is trying to locate Roshni’s location and asks her to cut the call. Bansi and Premal tell that it is Siddharth’s work and he is behind the accident. Bansi says he has stoop so low to win. Durgardevi hears them. Premal tells Bansi that Kunal will save Roshni and Siddharth’s game will end. Bansi acts and prays for Roshni’s life. Siddharth reaches the place where Roshni meet with an accident. There he also finds Kunal, who also come to save Roshni. They see the car blasting in fire. The people around hold Siddharth to stop him from risking his life. Siddharth sees a woman rescuing Roshni. He is shocked to see Shabnam saving her.

Shabnam also reaches the place along with the police. Shabnam save Roshni and seeing her Roshni get angry and blames her for failing her breaks. Shabnam cries. Kunal says Baa told him about Shabnam and she might have failed Roshni’s car brakes. Siddharth says she might be innocent and Kunal’s words makes Siddharth suspicious. He asks what is he doing here? How did he know about the accident happening here. Kunal is loss of words. Roshni gets angry and leaves after asking the inspector to arrest Shabnam and the inspector asks her to come. Siddharth says she has saved his wife’s life and asks him to leave her.

Later, Shabnam tells Siddharth that she was freed from the hospital as she got well and she went to the house to apologize and saw Kunal tempering with the brakes of Roshni’s car. She asks him to trust her and cries. Siddharth gets angry at Kunal that he already warns him not to harm his wife again. Durgardevi worries for Roshni. Bansi pray to god to please bring her daughter in-law safely. Roshni comes home with Kunal. Durgardevi asks Kesar to bring water. Roshni says she is fine. She tells her mother that the car’s brakes have failedand it catched fire. Kunal signal Premal. Bansi signal him. Durgardevi asks where is Siddharth? Roshni asks her not to take Siddharth’s name and is angry. Premal says may be Siddharth has failed the car brakes. Roshni asks if he is mad and asks if he is trying to instigate her against Siddharth.

Kunal says Roshni is angry as Siddharth haven’t supported her and he felt bad as a friend. She is hurt today because Siddharth came in that woman’s words. Durgardevi asks whom Siddharth is busy with? Roshni says Shabnam…he is with Shabnam. Naani says oh God, she returned to their life again. Bansi says she is the same girl who tried to kill Siddharth. She saw it on TV channels. Kunal says if anything had happened to Roshni then….Siddharth comes and says Kunal would have been in jail and beaten. They see Siddharth bringing Shabnam home. Roshni asks how dare he to bring her here. Siddharth goes near Kunal and beats him up, reminding him of the promise. He drowns him in pool and beats him. Everyone is shocked. He is about to break chair on his head, but Roshni shouts asking him to stop. Siddharth tells her he is the one who tried to kill her and temper with her car’s brakes.

Roshni tells Siddharth he is believing Shabnam who have backstabbed them. Siddharth says she has backstabbed them, and she is saying truth and have saved her by jumping in the fire and she is alive because of her. She did all that because of multiple personality disorder. Bansi slaps Shabnam. Roshni tells that Kunal’s condition is bad and asks to call the doctor. Siddharth says if he tries to harm Roshni again, then he will beat him again. Shabnam apologizes and she is leaving, but Durgardevi stops her and asks her to go tomorrow as she is hurt too. Roshni declare Shabnam haven’t saved her, but she is the one who have planned to kill her.

Naani asks Siddharth, how can Shabnam arrive at the accident spot? Siddharth says he called the hospital and came to know that Shabnam was saying the truth and Roshni is alive today because of her. Siddharth asks Durgardevi to try and understand. Durgardevi says she don’t know what to do to Bansi and Kunal, and they would have lost Roshni because of them. Siddharth tells her he is standing between Roshni and them and time has come to end this game. He is determined to bring Kunal’s real face in front of Roshni, and asks her to have patience for some more time. Siddharth gets Simran’s call inviting them for Lohri. Durgardevi says Roshni is angry and fears if she will go. Siddharth says she is his wife and will come. Bansi hears them and decides to stop Roshni.

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