Thursday Updates on Twist of Fate: Episodes 318- 320

Bulbul asks Pragya why she is looking so tensed. Bulbul concludes that Pragya must be upset as she cannot dance at her wedding because of her pregnancy. Pragya tells Bulbul that she is fine and she knows that in her condition she should not be dancing in her condition and asks her not to worry. Bulbul is not convinced but Pragya tells Bulbul that she is very happy and will take care of all the planning at Bulbul’s wedding and be happy with her happiness. Bulbul hugs her and Tanu overhears this.

Tanu brings Pragya to her room and tells her to dance at Bulbul’s Sangeet so Daadi would get upset and Pragya can walk out of the house. Pragya agrees that this is a good opportunity for her to fulfill her promise.

That night, Abhi comes into his room and finds Pragya angrily packing her things. Pragya doesn’t realize Abhi is in the room and asks Pragya what is she upto? Pragya doesn’t realize clearly. Abhi tells her this is his house and he won’t let the house look dirty. He tries everything so Pragya would argue and fight with him but realizes that Pragya is upset and wants to know what the matter is. Pragya tells Abhi that she is tired of acting and lying all the time about her feelings, her pregnancy. She tells him that she is upset as she cannot be a part of Bulbul’s wedding celebrations either and moves away trying to be busy with work.

Abhi comes to Pragya and holding her hand tells her that he understands how she feels and tells her that even he feels guilty about the entire lie that they have come up with. Abhi tells Pragya that he cannot face himself after all that he has put Pragya, Tanu and his family through and he couldn’t do anything because of Daadi. He tells her that he feels completely useless but Pragya places her hand on Abhi’s mouth so he would stop criticizing himself, Saiyyara song plays in the background. Abhi realizes that the kumkum on Pragya forehead has faded and he offers to apply it to her. She tells him that she will do it later as after a few days she will no longer have the right to apply it. Abhi tells Pragya that he doesn’t care what will happen in a few days. Today she is his wife and till she is his wife, no one else will have her rights. Abhi applies the kumkum to Pragya while she closes her eyes and he leaves. Pragya is shattered.

The next morning, the servants are handling the decorations themselves. Pragya is surprised and wants to ask Daadi why anyone isn’t looking after the decorations. Pragya meets Daasi who informs Pragya that Daadi is sleeping and asks her to relax as the servants will take care of everything. Pragya is surprised at the change in Daasi’s behavior. Once Pragya leaves, Daadi and Daasi start rehearsing in their room in Punjabi song.

On the other hand, Pragya gets annoyed and decides to sleep. Pragya then passes by Aaliya’s room and hears the music from Aaliya’s room. Aaliya opens the door and tells Pragya that she is exercising and excuses herself. Once Pragya leaves, Bulbul and Purabh come out from hiding behind the curtain and Aaliya tells them that they have very little time and so they need to work hard on their performance. Prayga again comes into the main hall. Tanu asks Pragya where everyone is. Pragya tells her that she doesn’t know where they are. Just then Mitali comes there and they ask Mitali if she knows where Abhi is. Mitali whispers something to Pragya. Tanu and Pragya then head to Abhi’s music room where he is seen rehearsing for Bulbul’s sangeet ceremony and tries his best to ignore Pragya as he is rehearsing with some girls. Tanu doubts Abhi’s intentions and asks the girls to leave. Abhi informs them that he was practicing for Sangeet ceremony. Pragya and Tanu realize their mistake and turns to leave but Abhi asks them to stop.

Abhi asks Pragya if he is doubting him and call her by her nickname fuggi. Pragya deny doubting on him and claims no one cares for Bulbul’s sangeet. Abhi tells her they are not coming out of the room as they are all busy doing rehearsals. Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi got angry with her because of Pragya. Nikhil thinks Tanu gave her a cheque and thinks she is taking his advantage. He decides to wait for Tanu’s parents and she have to come back to him, leaving Abhi once her parents come. Bulbul knocks on the door and asks Purabh to come out of the washroom else he has to attend sangeet alone. Purabh tells her he will attend the sangeet without getting ready. Bulbul replies that groom shouldn’t look good to keep the girls away from him. Purabh argues with her.

Aaliya comes there and asks them to go to separate rooms to get ready. Tanu meets Aaliya and asks her why she has not got ready up for the Sangeet. Aaliya says yes. Tanu tells her she isn’t interested in sangeet. Tanu finds the dress that Aaliya is selecting and speculates that she would be wearing it for the event. Aaliya tells Tanu that it is not her dress instead it is Bulbul’s. Hearing this, Tanu crafts a cheap plan asks Aaliya to damage the dress saying to cut it. Aaliya takes the dress from her, scolds Tanu and asks her to change for good. She also adds that, she has moved on and is very happy with Bulbul and Purabh’s wedding. She asks Tanu not to create any drama else she will throw her out of the house. Tanu looks angrily. Daasi tells Sarla that she is coming like a guest. Sarla asks her to complain with Beeji, as she came late.

Pragya asks Abhi not to ignore her. Abhi smiles. He sees Nikhil coming and tells him that someone might think him wrong if sees him with a girl. Nikhil tells him not to worry, he will be with the right girl. Pragya apologizes to Abhi that she has already say sorry. Abhi asks when did she say it? Pragya says at least she felt it. Abhi tells her he is in a different mood and will not forgive her easily. Abhi asks Pragya to promise to compete with him. Pragya knowing how Abhi get worried and refuses to compete with him. Abhi taunts her of being a spoilsport and assures her that whatever he asks her to do, he will do it first. At this condition, Pragya ends up agreeing to do whatever challenge he has for her after Abhi assures her that he will do the thing first. Pragya asks if he is ready to forgive her and asks what she have to do in the competition. Abhi stares at her and asks her to eat rasgulla fast.

Aaliya welcomes the guests and says it’s Purabh and Bulbul’s sangeet function today. She adds that Daadi will give her first performance with Indu Daasi. Later, at the event, Tanu’s parents show up. Tanu’s mother says whenever they come, they see party going on here. Nikhil looks at them and thinks soon he will marry Tanu. Daadi and indu Daasi perform on the left right chain churade song. Everyone applause for their superb performance. Abhi makes Daadi sit. Tanu’s mother greets Pragya. Abhi and Pragya are shocked.

Tanu comes and shock to sees her parents. Daadi asks Tanu parents, who are they? Tanu’s mother asks Daadi to ask Abhi. Pragya tells Daadi they are the producers. Tanu says they are her parents. Daadi replies she didn’t know. Tanu’s mother says she came as her daughter is in trouble. Tanu tells Daadi that they are referring about the fire accident in her flat. Daadi asks them to attend the sangeet function. Tanu’s parents agree. Tanu’s father tells Daadi he has to talk to Abhi. Daadi asks them to judge the dance function. Abhi tells Tanu that she might have called them here. Tanu deny calling them here and asks him to do something. Pragya asks them to calm down and asks to distract Tanu’s parents from talking to Daadi and others. Abhi asks Tanu to learn problem solving skills from Pragya.

Aaliya announces that her Daadi is the best and pressure will be for Mitali to perform well. She invites Mitali on stage to give her performance. Mitali dances on the song Nach Karenge Bachle Ve. Tanu’s mother tries talking to Daadi about Abhi and Tanu. Abhi tries to distract her and tells that Tanu and Mannu was a good film. Daadi didn’t hear because of the loud music. Tanu decides to do something to hide her pregnancy secret from her parents, else she will lose Abhi.

Nikhil once again encounters Tanu in her room and asks her to change her decision of marrying Abhi and start a healthy life with him. Tanu insults him him and asks him to get lost. Nikhil asks her to introduce him to her parents. Tanu refuses and warns him. Nikhil threatens to tell the secret to her parents. Tanu says he will see him. Nikhil tells her he want her to see him only. Meanwhile, Tanu’s parents are here to get them cleared of the information that they had previously received about Abhi and Pragya. Pragya and Abhi realize as to why Tanu’s parents are at home. Tanu’s mother tries to talk to Daadi. Pragya tries to divert her and asks her to eat snacks. Tanu’s father tries to speak, Abhi tries to make him eat snacks to divert his attention and they are able to manage them and do not allow them to questions Beeji. Tanu’s father then says they had enough in the flight. Daadi asks pragya to have something. Pragya tells Daadi she will eat later. Tanu’s mother asks if she has any problem. Daadi tells them that Pragya is pregnant. Tanu’s mother asks is she really pregnant? Daasi asks if anyone acts to get pregnant? Tanu’s mother asks she is pregnant with whose child. Daadi and Daasi think that Tanu’s parents are mad. Abhi says since she got married to him and she is pregnant with his child. He asks everyone to come and dance. Tanu’s parents feel bad. Nikhil thinks his plan is getting successful and no one can stop him now. Aaliya announces her performance. Purabh is happy. Bulbul teases him. Purabh tells Bulbul he is encouraging his friend else she will feel bad. Aaliya performs on the song Jhalla…..Mera Aashiq song and Purabh dances as well.

Bulbul tells Purabh that Aaliya danced well. Purabh replies he taught her salsa. Pragya tells Abhi that she will do something and she will tell the truth to them. Abhi tells her Tanu’s parents will talk to Daadi. Pragya says they will explain to them and asks to wait. Abhi tells Pragya they have to convince Tanu to take her parents from here and then they will decide what to do. He asks her to learn from him, how to solve problem. Pragya says she will learn later. Bulbul comes there that Aaliya has called Abhi’s name as he has to performance.

Abhi replies that he will perform last. Pragya says they can’t go now. She tries to stop her from taking Abhi. Abhi asks them to stop and asks to decide where he have to go. Bulbul takes Abhi with her. Abhi tells the guests that he has to right to shout and asks to start the music. He dances on the song Aadat Se Majbur song. Everyone enjoys his performance. Tanu’s mother tells Tanu that they came to know about her relation. Tanu thinks they might know about Nikhil. Tanu’s mother asks Tanu that she told them that Abhi has no relation with his wife. Tanu assures her mother they don’t stay as husband and wife. Tanu’s mother then tell her that they came to know that Abhi’s wife is pregnant.

Tanu’s father asks if Abhi is not having any relation with his wife, then how did she got pregnant. While Abhi is performing on the stage, Tanu tells her parents that there is a misunderstanding. Tanu’s father asks why she is so obsessed with Abhi and to just forget him. He adds that Abhi is fooling her and have relation with his wife and they will search for a good alliance for her. Tanu then blunt out that Pragya is not pregnant, but is just acting. Tanu’s mother asks why will Pragya pretend? She asks her to pack her bags as she is coming with them. Tanu’s father says she is replying to them and her mother add that her life is getting spoiled. Tanu assures them her life is not spoiled. Tanu’s father reminds her she will become a second woman in Abhi’s life after Abhi’s baby is born. Tanu tells them she is not a second woman in his life and that Pragya is not pregnant, but she is pregnant instead. Nikhil hears them. Tanu’s parents are shocked.

Tanu’s mother asks who is the father of this baby. Tanu replies he is Abhi. Nikhil angrily looks on. Tanu’s father get furious and tries to slap her but Tanu’s mother stops him. Tanu apologizes to them and asks them to keep it a secret for the time being. She adds that Pragya also knows about her pregnancy and that’s why she brought her here. Tanu’s mother asks why she is doing this? Tanu tells them about Pragya’s decision. A flashback is shown. Tanu’s father refuses to accept until he talks to pragya. Tanu tells her father she will bring Pragya. Tanu’s refuses to believe her daughter while Tanu takes her parents to meets Pragya. Nikhil looks on.

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