Young Dreams: Thursday Updates (Episodes 296- 298)

Meanwhile, an unknown person comes and stomps and destroys Gunjan’s sandcastle. Gunjan and Mayank return and see it destroyed. They wonder who did it and Mayank tells her not to worry as someone may have stepped on it accidentally and they will fix it again. Shail pray and sing while the whole family join to pray with her. Dayal comes there, prays and later leaves.

Rachna is sad seeing Dayal still angry. Shail tells Rachna to help her with the things in her room. Rachna looks at the burnt things in the room and is sad. Dayal comes and asks Shail if all the things are there and she says yes. Dayal looks sadly at all the burnt things. Shail tells him it’s not Rachna’s fault and he replies that he has no time for all this as he has a lot of problems to deal with. Dayal gets a call from the lawyer and he is told that the insurance company will look at the case again. Dayal tells Shail and she is grateful to God. Shail looks at Rachna but Dayal just walks out.

Gunjan and Mayank are walking and enjoying each other’s company when Gunjan stops and tells Mayank she feels someone is following her. Mayank asks her who would follow her here unless it’s an admirer of hers. Gunjan sees the colourful stones and starts picking it up for Rachna and takes pictures with the colourful stones. Mayank hears the music and tells Gunjan for them to go to the shack. Gunjan is reluctant but Mayank carries her and takes her there. Gunjan says that its a beach party and they are not properly dressed. Gunjan also tells him to look at her but himself. He replies he will proof it to her. They go to the shack and Gunjan tells him to dance with her but he refuses and so she starts dancing. Later he also dances with some girls. Gunjan looks upset and a little jealous.

Mayank dances with other girls and Gunjan get mad seeing this. She tries to take him away, but Mayank pulls her and starts dancing with her. Mayank takes off his shirt which leaves Gunjan surprised. All the girls surround Mayank which angers Gunjan more and she leaves from there. Mayank runs after her. Gunjan tells him to wear his shirt and hide lipstick marks on it. Mayank reminds her that someone said he won’t look shirtless. Gunjan says, yes, but now she telling him to wear his shirt. Mayank finally cheers Gunjan up and they go out on the beach but someone seemed to be listening to their conversation.

Rachna checks the destroyed clothes in her room and cries. Shail comes there and tells her, there was no space in the house, so they kept this here and they have to throw them out in some time anyways. Rachana asks her how to help her father in this mess, but Shail tells her, she don’t need to think about that and to concentrate on her studies. Shail leaves.

Rachana again gets sad. Dholu comes there and tells her no one cares about him in this house. He got a project and no one is helping him out. Rachna replies that she will help him.

A waiter loosens a chair’s base on Mayank’s reserved table. Gunjan and Mayank come there. Gunjan sits on the chair and falls down. Mayank shouts at the manager. Gunjan calms him down and worried Mayank hugs her. He notices the same waiter looking at them again and again. The waiter notices Mayank looking at him and he runs away from there. Mayank chases him, but clashes with a lady and falls behind. Gunjan comes there and asks Mayank whom was he following. Mayank lies saying he felt it was his friend, but it wasn’t him. Gunjan asks him, doesn’t he find something fishy? There is someone or something going on here.

The waiter comes to a lady who asks him if he did the work. The waiter says, he did, but not like how they wanted. Gunjan fell down from the chair, but she didn’t get hurt that much. The waiter is concerned about his job. The lady gives him lots of money and asks him to leave.

The face of the lady is shown now, and it’s none other than Charu. She says, how can they have happy honeymoon when she is here. This is just a start, Gunjan will leave after getting lots of gifts from here.

Dholu gives some stuff to Rachna and tells her that his project is about recycling and he wants an A. He has to use all that stuff and make something that’s environment friendly. He asks her to think of a smart idea. Shail takes Dholu for lunch.

Rachana is thinking of something and Vihaan comes to her window. Rachana asks him to leave and closes the window. Vihaan pretends as if he got hurt and when Rachna gets worried, he winks to her. He gives her pakores that his mother made this. He will go after she eat them. Rachana eats and says, you liar.. He bought from the stall and saying his mother made it. Vihaan says, if she liked, then he will get more. There is a knock on the door. Rachana asks him to leave.

Dholu comes back and asks Rachna if she thought of any idea. Dholu sees pakores and eats them. Rachana notices a puppet in the newspaper in which pakores were wrapped and she gets an idea for the project.

Gunjan and Mayank are in their room. Gunjan is missing their family. She asks Mayank if she can call home. Mayank tells her to go ahead. Gunjan sees someone’s shadow and tells this to Mayank. Mayank asks her to continue talking and he goes to check. He opens the window and sees a statue and laughs. He tells Gunjan, they came for the honeymoon, not to some horror park and asks her to just chill. They decide to go out.

They are walking and Charu is hiding and looking at them. Gunjan feels as if someone is following them and she stops and checks.

While Gunjan and Mayank are walking, Gunjan feels that someone is watching them and stop to look around. She tells Mayank but he says no one is there and tells her to let whoever it is to look and say what a loving couple they are. Rachna help Dholu with his project work and she has made him a doll from recycled items. She then decides to use the burnt clothes in the room to make the dolls’s clothes. Mayank and Gunjan are lying on the bed when Mayank tells Gunjan he will be back in 5 minutes. When he leaves, suddenly the lights go off and Gunjan wonders why. She starts hearing noises and asks who’s there thinking there’s someone.

She takes a knife that is lying near a fruit bowl and approaches the noise. Mayank comes from behind and touches her, she turns with the knife and he screams and asks what is she doing. She explains that she heard some noises and got scared. Mayank tells her to relax and to follow him as they will go and relax hearing the sound of the ocean. Seema and Sangeeta asks Shail if Dayal manage to get the money. Sangeeta tells Shail that she and Gopal can’t contribute because he had invested money and lost it.

Seema adds that she and Prabhu can’t as they spent the money luxuriously on Gunjan and Mayank’s wedding. Shail tells them its alright and tells them not to worry that Dayal anyway has declined taking money from Prabhu and Gopal and that Dayal will never take from anyone. Dholu shows Shail the doll that Rachana made for him for his art project. Shail is amazed at what Rachna has done and tells her it’s lovely. Shail tells Rachna that they should also call Mayank and Gunjan as it’s been 2 days since they talked to them.

Mayank and Gunjan are standing at the balcony of their hotel room. Mayank asks if she is alright and she says yes. Mayank asks her how much does she love him and she says she loves him a lot and asks what about him and he says so much that is more even that it’s undescribable. He then looks at his watch and points to Gunjan to look at the sky. The fireworks start and Gunjan is awed by it. She kisses Mayank on the cheek and he kisses Gunjan back. Gunjan and Mayank then shout out with all their heart how much they love each other. They hear loud music from somewhere and decided to go there. While walking there, someone asks Mayank for directions. Gunjan sees Charu walking past and thinks to herself that it’s Charu. Mayank then asks if she is okay and asks her to come. They arrive at the shack where a singer is singing Sun Raha from Aashique. A reporter is interviewing some people about Goa and the shack.

Gunjan and Mayank sit at a table and Gunjan thanks Mayank for the fireworks that it was awesome. Mayank says that was nothing and to see what he has planned ahead. Gunjan asks what is he up to next. Mayank signals her to wait. He walks to the singer and tells her something. He then takes the mike and says he wants to dedicate a song to his beautiful wife and he takes the guitar and starts singing tum ho from Rock On. He then takes Gunjan’s hand and starts dancing. Gunjan and Mayank hug each other.

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