King of Hearts: Friday Updates (Episodes 387- 388)

Roshni fails to recognize Siddharth and her mother. She asks why they are lying that they are her relatives. Shabnam comes there and shows her true face. Siddharth finds Shabnam in the house and understands that she is up to another of her cunning ploys. He finds Roshni’s photographs all over the house with Kunal and other members of his family. Roshni herself seem to be wearing the attire that the women of Kunal’s family wear. Siddharth requests to talk to his daughter first.
Bansi tells him not to try to be smart. Durgardevi asks what Bansi have done to her daughter? Bansi tells Durgardevi that Roshni is her daughter in-law. Shabnam smirks. Kesar, Naani and Mona comes out. Siddharth asks what is the matter? Naani tells him they have locked them in the room. Siddharth tries to convince Roshni that he is her husband and Durgardevi is her mother. He asks her to look in his eyes and try to recognize him but Roshni starts to fear them and asks Siddharth to leave her hand and calls Kunal. Kunal intervenes and asks Siddharth to leave his wife’s hands, and asks him not to roam around her. Siddharth is shocked. Roshni stands behind Kunal and asks why is this man is claiming to be her husband. Kunal hugs her and asks her not to worry.
Siddharth is shocked and angry. Kunal asks Bansi to take his wife inside and that he will deal with them, may be they have lost their way and came here mistakenly. Shabnam tells Siddharth and Durgardevi that they have a misunderstanding, and what proof did he have that he is her sister’s husband and that Durgardevi is Roshni’s mother. Sid asks her to stop playing game and that it was my mistake to feed snake like her.
Kunal tries to drive Siddharth away to leave but Siddharth does not give up and tells him it is his house and threatens to break Kunal bones and make him sit for begging. He tries to beat Kunal. Just then, Shaku comes there and asks Siddharth to talk to his mother. Shaku calls then and talks to Simran and tells Simran her son is not listening and he might lose his father in this war. She adds that she have locked him in the cupboard long time. Simran, Kritika and Bunty open the cupboard and see Raj unconscious and tied.
Durgardevi tells Siddharth that they can get proofs in the house. They try searching for proofs. Kunal looks evilly. Shabnam asks how will they get proof now? Durgardevi tells her she doesn’t need any proof to make her understand that she is Roshni’s mother, and everyone know about them. She goes to Roshni’s room. Roshni acts to be scared and asks her not to touch her. Siddharth asks Roshni how can she forget him and tries to make her remember their first meeting, candy floss, and marriage and that he used to stay in her house as a son in-law. Shabnam tells Kunal to let them do their drama. Durgardevi tells Roshni she is her mum, and used to hate Siddharth, but started loving him. She asks Kesar to make her explain. Roshni tells Durgardevi that Kunal is her family. Durgardevi asks how can she forget Siddharth and asks Kunal what did they do with her daughter. Shabnam smirks.

Simran asks Raj if he is fine? She asks Bunty to call a doctor. Raj refuses that he have to go to Siddharth as his life is in danger. Simran agrees on the condition that they will come with him. Roshni tells Siddharth that Kunal is her family. Siddharth tells her he is her husband and asks her to remember him. Roshni faints. Kunal tells Siddharth that Roshni is his wife and asks asks them to stay away from his wife.

Siddharth asks Shabnam what did she do with his wife? Shabnam asks him to praise her intelligence and get happy and she question him that what she can do with him? She asks them to pack their bag and get out. She tells him Roshni has just lost her memory and can lose her life too. Durgardevi tells Bansi that she can’t leave Roshni and go and adds that the house is hers. She requests Bansi Maasi to calm down and discuss the matter practically. Bansi replies Durgardevi she can sit in this house, but she have a condition. Durgardevi accepts all her conditions. Siddharth asks what is she doing? They are very dangerous. It is risky to accept their condition.

Durgardevi tells him that she can’t leave Roshni with them. She asks Bansi to say? Bansi tells Durgardevi that she would when she agrees to give half of her business share with Kunal. Durgardevi accepts this and Siddharth, who was listening to this is startled and asks what is she doing? He don’t need her money and she can give it to charity but not to them. Kunal confronts Siddharth not to use his brain and asks Durgardevi to listen to Bansi. The duo engage in an argument when Kunal states he has a small condition and that Siddharth shouldn’t stay in this house. Durgardevi asks Kunal to let Siddharth stay with her.

Kunal tells Durgardevi that he was touched as she called him son, but then also he can’t stay here. Durgardevi agrees. Kunal smiles and says this house’s real son in-law has come, and Siddharth is not needed. He is their guest and will be welcomed. Kunal and his men beat Siddharth up with sticks. Siddharth falls down. He folds his hand in front of Kunal that he had come here to take his wife, and not to fight with anyone. He fights with the thugs. Durgardevi, Naani, and Kesar are shocked. One of the thugs hits Siddharth on his head and he gets injured. Durgardevi asks Kunal to leave him. Kunal beats him up that today is his day. He beats Siddharth while his men hold Siddharth.

Kunal’s men also beat Siddharth. Simran and Raj come and see Siddharth beaten by Kunal’s men. The thugs hold Raj and Simran. Kunal hits Siddharth on a wall and throws him out of Durgardevi’s house. Raj, Bunty, Kritika and Simran are shocked. Bansi asks Durgardevi, if she will choose Siddharth or Roshni and asks her to get inside. Shabnam, Kunal and Bansi smirk after closing the door.

Siddharth is heavily injured and writes something with his blood. He faints. Shabnam says Siddharth is very stubborn and can go to any extent to get Roshni back. Kunal tells Shabnam that Roshni is sure that he is her husband now. Shabnam asks him not to be a fool that he is not yet married to Roshni. Kunal replies that he is already married to her in their childhood and will marry her again. Shabnam tells Kunal that he don’t know Siddharth and he can do anything. Kunal tells Shabnam she don’t need him and they have to be careful. Bansi asks Durgardevi and Naani to wipe the message which Siddharth has written with his blood. Bansi then asks if she want to meet her daughter or not? Asks her to wipe the floor. Durgardevi who is so helpless wipes the message with a cloth. Roshni calls Siddharth’s name in her sleep and asks him not to leave her. She says Siddharth is her husband and asks him to return. Bansi, Kunal and Shabnam smile. Roshni asks Siddharth to come to her. Durgardevi wipes the floor and goes inside.

Raj, Kritika, Simran and Bunty are sitting at Siddharth’s bed side. Just then, Siddharth gains consciousness and insists to go to Roshni and make her remember everything, Durgardevi can’t do everything alone. Simran tells Siddharth that he needs rest and asks him to sleep. Durgardevi is at Roshni’s side and thinks Siddharth is fine. She calls Simran, but hears Shabnam coming. She hides her phone beneath the bed. Simran hears her. Shabnam asks Durgardevi to take rest that she is with her to take care of her. She adds that she called the agency and she will hire someone to take care of Roshni and that she will be far away from Roshni. Simran hears her and tells Raj and everyone that Shabnam told Durgar that she has hired a caretaker for Roshni. She wonders what they have done to Roshni. Durgardevi prays to God and asks him to do something. Naani also prays to God and asks him to send someone to end the evil.

Naani plays the shank. Just then door bell rings. Kunal opens the door. A lady puts hand on his face. Kunal looks on. The lady turns and it is revealed that Siddharth walks into Durgardevi house disguised as a woman and claims that he is here to take care of Roshni. Kunal looks at the lady. He asks who is she? The lady tells Kunal that her name is Jyoti.

The lady asks why are they staring her. Shabnam is not happy to have an elderly woman in the house to take care of Roshni and asks if the agency people sent her, as she asked them to send young lady. The lady asks if she is that old? Premal says it’s okay. The lady begins to act offended and tells Shabnam not to think she is weak and that she don’t work in the house where she have to give her age as proof and that she is leaving. When the lady pretends to leave the house, she is asked to stop by Premal who asks Kunal to stop her. He asks Shabnam to hire her and the lady is permitted to work in the house.

The old lady tells them she only in big houses on her conditions. She claims AC is not here and rotates her hand fan and that she had problem coming here. Premal asks about her conditions? The old lady starts to put forward various demands that she wants AC room, she wakes up early in the morning and tells them all her routine which are accepted by Kunal and Shabnam. She asks Shabnam to write it down and asks Kunal to get her stuff. She calls him jodhka pakar and asks him to value time. She adds that she made Chi Chi. Premal asks Ji ji ( Ma ) but the lady says Govinda, and that she worked in his house for 2 years. She asks about Roshni. Premal asks her to freshen up. The old lady tells Premal she will have food after meeting Roshni. She asks them about her dinner food. Premal insists to take her to Roshni’s room. The lady says no need and is about to go to Roshni room. Premal asks how did she know? The lady says he just told him now. Bansi nods no. The lady keeps her hand on his chest. Premal accept that he told her. He takes her to Roshni’s room. Naani thinks who is this new added trouble.

Update Credit to Zee World International

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