Reach for the Stars: Friday Updates (Episodes 116- 118)

It is first day of Kalpi at a hotel as a waitress, and she gets trained by the manager for the same. Meanwhile, Pakhi warns her mother that she should not insult Kamla Ma. Pakhi goes to meet Kamla Ma and invites her for lunch. Pakhi and Kamla go for lunch in the same hotel where Kalpi is working as a waitress.

Kalpi’s mother Kamla is shocked seeing her working as waitress in the hotel where Pakhi took her for lunch. Kamla Bai goes to meet Raghav in his office, Kamla Bai shares with Raghav that Kalpi is working as a waitress after completing her college. Raghav asks Kamla to send Kalpi to his office for work.

Kalpi is so grateful of her mother Kamla that she made her get work in Raghav’s office. But Kalpi is still thoughtful about why Raghav had offered a job on Kamla’s words, though he did not select her earlier. On the other hand, Pakhi is in love with Raghav. It is Kalpi’s first day at Raghav’s office and she is very happy to see herself in such a big office.

Update Credit to ZeeWorld International



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