Twist of Fate: Friday Updates (Episodes 321- 323)

Tanu’s parents are flabbergasted when they learn about her pregnancy and that the reason behind it is Abhi. They do not believe in their daughter’s words and asks her to prove it. Tanu calls Abhi and Pragya out of the party and tells them that her parents want to meet them especially to Pragya. Abhi asks her to take them to the room and they are coming. Aaliya announces Sarla and Beeji’s performance. They perform on the song VIP.
Everyone applauds for their dance act. Abhi and Pragya go to Tanu’s room to talk to her parents. Tanu’s parents begin to question that whatever Tanu has said about her pregnancy is true or not and ask Abhi and Pragya to tell the truth. She asks Abhi to tell her parents that Abhi wants to marry her, and Pragya is helping her get place in Abhi’s life and home. She asks Pragya to tell that she will not come between them. Abhi and Pragya are silent. Tanu asks them to say the truth. Tanu’s mother asks Abhi to say it. Abhi tells her that Tanu is right. Tanu’s father asks how can he do this and should be shameful to make his daughter pregnant. Tanu’s mother tells Abhi that he have spoiled Tanu life and they will never forgive him. Tanu’s father tells Abhi they will inform his family. Pragya intervene that both Abhi and Tanu are equally guilty and Abhi is trying to give Tanu her rights. Tanu’s father asks what is the proof that Abhi will marry his daughter. He asks Abhi to get engaged to Tanu.
Nikhil, on the other hand, is waiting outside the room where Tanu’s parents are and eavesdrops on the conversation. He fumes and thinks what they are doing? Tanu’s father tells Abhi this is the only way to correct his mistake and that if Abhi wants to marry Tanu then what is the problem. Tanu agrees with her father they should get engaged and if they get engaged then her parents will be unburdened.
Tanu’s father tells Abhi they are just asking him to make Tanu wear the ring and they will be assured that he will marry her. Nikhil thinks what to do as his plan back fired. Abhi is silent. Tanu’s father asks Abhi if they should think his silence as his agreement. Just then, Daasi comes there and tells Abhi that Daadi is calling them and asks what he is doing here. Pragya replies that she came to get pregnancy tips from Tanu. Daasi tells her Tanu isn’t married, so why is she taking tips from her. Pragya then says she was getting tips from Tanu’s mother. Abhi adds that he told Pragya he will give her safety pin. Daasi asks them to come. Nikhil wonders what to do. Meanwhile, Aaliya invites Purabh and Bulbul on stage to perform. Purabh and Bulbul dance on the song Bol Halke Halke.

Abhi and Pragya look at their romantic dance and looks at each other with helplessness. Everyone claps for their performance. Nikhil asks Tanu, how can she do this? Tanu asks him to understand her helplessness. Nikhil express his feeling for her that he love her and she will marry Abhi, why? He further tells her that he called her parents here thinking they will give her a piece of mind, but they didn’t do that. He threatens her and asks her to inform everyone that the baby is his, else her dream to marry Abhi will remain as a dream only. On the other hand, Bulbul tells everyone that their dance was the best and tells that her mother ( Sarla ) dance was boring. Beeji praises Daadi and Daasi’s dance. Mitali starts coughing. Daadi asks her to stop coughing that she also danced well. Mitali thanks them. Tanu’s mother asks Tanu to come inside the room as they are waiting for her. Tanu nods. She thinks Nikhil is following her and wonders what to do? Nikhil comes there and holds her hand by stopping her.

Tanu asks him to leave her hand. Nikhil tells Tanu that her parents are forcing Abhi to do the engagement right now and he won’t let this happen. He have right on her and their family. He threatens to tell her secret to everyone as the DNA result is going to come soon and once he prove that the baby is his, it will not take time to have relation with him. Pragya comes there and hears their conversation. Nikhil and Tanu are shocked.
Tanu’s parents asks Abhi to get engaged to Tanu and give them an assurance that he will marry her. Abhi is about to dorn ring on Tanu’s finger, just then Pragya comes there and stops the engagement. Pragya tells them this marriage can’t happen as Tanu pregnant is someone else child and not with Abhi. Tanu says she is lying. Pragya tells them that she is saying the truth and this child is Nikhil and that she have the proof to prove her words. She calls Nikhil. Abhi looks on confused. Pragya says he is Nikhil, and he will tell them the truth. Nikhil confesses that he is the father of Tanu’s unborn baby. Abhi asks Tanu if she is pregnant with Nikhil’s child.
Tanu denies it. Abhi then says if she is saying the truth, then it means Pragya is lying. He asks Tanu to tell the truth. Tanu then confesses that Pragya is saying the truth and asks him to let her explain. Tanu’s parents are shocked. Abhi asks her to get out. Tanu tried to explain to him that she love him and to please forgive her. A furious Abhi slaps Tanu. It’s then revealed that Tanu daydreams about the consequences that would occur when Abhi finds out about her reality and Nikhil confessing the truth before Abhi and her parents. She gets scared but is then consoled when she finds out that it was just a dream. Tanu’s mother then calls Tanu to the room where her father is talking with Abhi. Tanu thank god it was just a dream and goes inside the room.
Tanu’s father asks Abhi to make her wear ring as an assurance that he would marry Tanu for sure. Tanu’s mother asks him to marry Tanu soon. Abhi rejects their decision and tells Tanu’s parents that today is his sister in-law’s mehendi, and asks them to have faith on him. He tells them that he requires some time to take such a big decision. Tanu’s parents get stubborn and asks how can they trust him and asks Abhi to be serious about the matter. Pragya comes there and hears them. A helpless Abhi then requests Tanu to convinced her parents. He asks them not to force them, else he don’t know what to do and adds that this function and his Daadi is important to him, and asks Tanu to decide, what is important for her, her parents stubborness or his happiness. Tanu thinks why Abhi is doing this. Did he change his mind? Tanu’s father says even Tanu don’t know what Abhi wants. Nikhil thinks it is good, now he will get some time to think about his move.
Abhi goes and join everyone for the sangeet function. Daadi, Jhanki, Beeji and Sarla dance on Punjabi song. Purabh and Abhi dance too. Pragya sees them dancing. Tanu tries to make her parents agree to wait until Abhi is ready. Tanu’s father gets angry and tells Tanu their decision is final and they will not change their decision like Abhi changes. Abhi and Pragya dance and do Bhangra. Everyone looks on happily.
Abhi and Pragya are in their room. Abhi asks if Pragya is tired and gives her tips to relax. He says whenever he is in tension, he do this and it works. He lies down on the floor, takes long breath in and out. He holds her hand and asks her to lie down. They both lie down. Saiyyara Re song plays in the background as they look at each other. Abhi asks if she likes it. Pragya says it is good and everything was good today. He says let positivity come, and negativity go. She recalls Tanu’s parents words and gets up. She says she doesn’t want to make him remember, but they don’t have solution for this problem. Abhi tells her he have to do something. Pragya asks him to assure Tanu’s parents to wait. Abhi agrees and asks her to sleep.
Pragya prays to God to end Abhi’s problems and thinks he is very nice. Abhi wakes up and asks Pragya why did she wake up early in the morning. Pragya asks him to take the aarti and pled to him. Abhi tells her he don’t believe in this. Pragya asks him to stand for 2 mins and gives him aarti. He refuses to get tilak on his head. Pragya makes him eat prasad. Abhi searches for something beneath the bed. Pragya brings him to the in-house temple. Abhi takes something and goes to the bathroom.
Abhi and Pragya are questioned by Abhi’s Daadi, who starts scolding them for hiding from her the truth and the reason why Tanu’s parents are here to search a guy for Tanu. Pragya gets scared as she thinks Abhi’s Daadi has learned about Tanu’s pregnancy. She starts shedding tears and seeing her cry, Abhi’s Daadi laughs and tells Pragya that she was just joking and not angry. She tells Tanu’s parents that she will search a good groom for their daughter. A flashback is shown, Tanu blackmails her parents she will commit suicide, if her parents tell anything to Daadi about her pregnancy. She thinks she had to do a drama to agree to her parents and smiles.
On the other hand, Purabh and Bulbul are sitting flirting with each other when they are caught by Bulbul’s family. Beeji asks what is happening here? Bulbul lie to her Daadi that something went in her eye, and Purabh was checking her eye. Purabh tells them he came to have food. Sarla tells Purabh that he would only be allowed to meet Bulbul but after their wedding and she will make him eat in this house after his marriage. They send him out.
Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room. Aaliya asks for her help in choosing the dress. Mitali selects the dress. Aaliya asks her to keep it and that she wants to look different in Purabh and Bulbul’s wedding, and want to look beautiful. Mitali checks her temperature, and is shocked about her changed behavior. Aaliya assures Mitali she has moved on and love is all about sacrifice. Mitali thinks Aaliya might do something as she never accept defeat and she have to find out.
Meanwhile, Daadi talks to Sarla on phone and asks her to invite her guests. Sarla tells her she gets worried if the guests increases, but Abhi will handle everything. Beeji takes the call and tells Abhi’s Daadi that Sarla didn’t know grand wedding. She asks Sarla and Jhanki to go, and talks to Daadi. Purabh decides to talk to Daadi and come to her. Daadi talks to Beeji that she did right, by not letting Purabh meet Bulbul. Purabh is upset. Daasi tells them Purabh will not come near Bulbul even after 2 days of marriage. Daadi asks Purabh, why did he come? Purabh replies he came to meet Abhi.
Abhi tells Tanu’s parents that he needs time. Tanu’s father agrees. Pragya thanks God. Tanu’s father tells Abhi that he have a condition and asks Tanu to come with them to Delhi but Tanu refuses. Tanu’s Parents tell her that they are selling their properties in Delhi and need her signature and that they are shifting to Mumbai after that. Tanu refuses to come with them. Abhi convinces her. Tanu’s father tells Abhi that they will come back and will get Tanu married to him after Bulbul’s marriage, else Daadi will decide about his marriage.

Sarla asks Bulbul where she is going silently? Bulbul tells her she is going to meet Purabh in the market. She then tells her that she refused to meet Purabh and scold him. Sarla refuses to let her go and asks Bulbul to give her phone. Bulbul gives her mother her phone and hugs her.

Daadi asks Abhi to take care of all the arrangements including the catering. Pragya and Abhi are tensed. Abhi thinks his life will be over if Daadi comes to know about the secret and once Purabh and Bulbul marries, everything will be finished. He thinks how to make Daadi explain that Tanu is indeed pregnant and not Pragya. He asks her to live her life and go and asks Pragya to go and prove him bad husband in the world and she should ruin his life. Pragya asks if he didn’t know that what he have done and that she is married to him and is equally tensed. Abhi tells Pragya he is afraid to lose her.

Pragya tells him she will not get respect when she leave this house, but then she is supporting him, as he gets his love Tanu. She adds that Daadi will hate her for this, and he is saying she should think about her happiness. She cries. Abhi comes to her and apologizes that he didn’t know what has happened to him and he didn’t run away from any problems and is afraid to lose her. Pragya looks on surprisingly and emotionally. Tu Meri Jaan Hain song plays in the background.

Update Credit to ZeeWorld International


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