Young Dreams: Friday Updates (Episodes 299- 301)

Gunjan and Mayank sit at a table and Gunjan thanks Mayank for the fireworks that it was awesome. Mayank says that was nothing and to see what he has planned ahead. Gunjan asks what is he up to next. Mayank signals her to wait. He walks to the singer and tells her something. He then takes the mike and says he wants to dedicate a song to his beautiful wife and he takes the guitar and starts singing tum ho from Rock On. He then takes Gunjan’s hand and starts dancing. Gunjan and Mayank hug each other.

Gunjan and Mayank are dancing while Dholu is watching tv and suddenly the Goa segment is aired. The family is having dinner and everyone is shocked to see Gunjan dancing on the table. Seema is upset and a call comes and Sangeeta lifts it that a neighbour has seen the segment and taunts Mayank and Gunjan. Seema is furious and is expressing are feeling that everything is over.

Mayank calls Rachna but before she can tell her brother about what happened Shail stops her and talks to both Gunjan and Mayank. She explains Rachna that there is time for everything and they have gone on a holiday. It’s raining in Goa, while Mayank and Gunjan are romancing on the streets and even in the room.

Mayank ties a red cloth around Gunjan and both of them change on either sides some lingering eye locks and sensual caresses. They kiss and hug. On the other hand, Rachna is making the puppets then decorates a jooti with lace and pom poms. She works the whole night using all the waste stuff and decides to take them to a tailor who can stitch it but she does not have money so she breaks her piggy bank which Dayal had instructed to only use when in need. She gets 3000 from it. At the same time, Shail knocks on her door and Rachna says she will come soon. Meanwhile, Gunjan is admiring a sleeping Mayank and when he wakes up, she blushes and turns away and they are both wrapped in a bed sheet. Mayank asks her why is she feeling shy and they both share some more stemy moments in the morning.

The door is about to open and both of them change quickly and leave. Shail overhears Sangeeta and Gopal arguing as he wants to sell the jewellery which Dayal gave her. When Gopal gives it to Dayal, he refuses. Dayal announces that he will mortgage the house and everyone is shocked. Shail does not want to and tries to convince him but Dayal is adamant that if he does not do that everything will have to be auctioned in two months. Rachna says she is leaving for college and goes to the tailor. She explains to the tailor the designs she wants and draws a few jholas. The tailor Khan Chacha praises her and she leaves.

Gunjan is sleeing and Mayank is already dressed. She gets up and asks him where he is going and he replies that he has some official work and needs to send mails. Gunjan thinks he can’t relax and he is still working. Just then, Gunjan sees Charu in the opposite window.

Gunjan rushes down to meet Mayank who is enquiring about a cruise. She tells him she saw Charu and drags him to the room. The door opens and a strange couple is living in that room. Gunjan is shocked while Mayank apologizes and drags Gunjan away. Mayank tells her to forget about Charu as she is just a figment of her imagination and their past.

The lady calls Charu who was hiding. Charu is upset with the couple that were sitting on her bed and tells them she is paying them money for their work. Mayank sweet talks Gunjan and tells her he is organizing a surprise for her in the evening.

Rachna is checking for mojris when Vihaan comes in to help her and the shopkeeper is quoting high prices but Vihaan tricks him and pays less for lot of jootis. Rachna asks Vihaan what did he do? He replies that he was quoting high prices and next time she can ask him and he will take her to a different bazaar.

Mayank is asking the manager to help him with a cruise and Charu overhears this and resolves that there are 6 hours more and it will be Mayank who will be surprised. Rachna is tensed, Dholu comes there and tell her he got an A and his teacher praised his sister. Hearing this, Rachna’s confidence level is boosted and she reaches the tailors shop and is very pleased seeing the work almost about to end.

Update Credit to ZeeWorld International


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