6 Tips To Make Your Partner Stay Committed.

Getting someone to stay committed to you is not an easy task. First, consider the population of people in the world or your country. Do you think it is easy for someone to stay committed to just one person out of billions of people out there?

Well it is not as difficult as it looks, you can actually make your partner stay omitted to you through these tips.



Get them to talk to you often. Be the kind of person that loves to listen well. It makes people more interested in you. When you maintain constant communication, your partner gets used to you, they always want to share thoughts and ideas with you. Communication is the most reliable way to keep someone committed. You become fond of the person you are committed to; you find it difficult going on all day without such person.



Humans are wired to stick to the person that shows great level of affection. To get your partner all up on you, find their love language and play by it. If they love soft touch, cuddling and other little affections, show it to them that you are an affectionate lover. Once your partner feel you are less affectionate or caring, they seek for it elsewhere, and this keeps them uninterested in the relationship.



Truth is people prefer to stay glued to someone that is attractive. Looking good alone does not keep someone committed. Be emotionally attractive, stay spontaneous when it comes with issues regarding your partner’s emotion. Be mentally attractive. Always have something to offer aside your physical look. Though your look makes him want to show you off, but beyond that, stay attractive in your thinking, your lifestyle, how you handle issues. This makes your partner more interested.



What you give is what you get. If you give dishonesty, you get it back in return. The moment your partner finds you worth keeping, that is when your relationship gets stronger. As much as possible, avoid lies. Stay truthful. If a person can trust you with issues concerning them, they can actually trust you with almost everything.



As much as possible, be spontaneous in your dealings. Love requires actions. You can’t claim to be in love when you don’t give when necessary. Know the right time to spoil with gifts, attention and time. A person stays committed to what they see, not just by mere words. When it comes to giving, do it cheerfully. Although this should not be the core part to a relationship, but to an extent, it is very important. It gives a sense of belonging.


Always make your partner feel appreciated when they do things. You never know what it took them to do whatever it is they do. Appreciation works together with commitment; it helps foster a relationship. When a person feels appreciated, they tend to do more. Compliment makes a person feel better than they thought. When you appreciate a person, it makes them develop genuine commitment towards you and this helps to create a bond with you.

There are several ways to get your partner committed. The above tips are easy and tested tips that has worked for others. Find the one that works for you and stick to it. Commitment is not an easy task. Ensure you are both on the same page, so you don’t waste time trying and assuming.

Culled from Palmchat.


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