Were you really born that way?

I see a lot of people claiming rights over an attitude, habit or character…most often the bad type and they say “I was born that way”. I see some with a distinct lack of drive and enthusiasm in those things that are more than enough in giving them an upper hand in life. And there are some others who strive to be more than the backgrounds and families they were born into- who seek to do more than where they come from.

Were they really born that way?

I read something today that said, “some people feel they deserve success on some notion that it’s their right”. But to succeed, you need to work hard. And working hard is not an inherent thing. Nobody was born good or bad but making the right decisions and choices in this journey called life is based on man’s freewill. The decisions you make make you good or bad. For you to succeed or fail is a result of what you do, how you do it and when you do it. Nobody else makes that choice for you but you.

I know it can be quite hard to stay motivated to do those things that make you standout positively but the futures of generations yet unborn lie in your hands. Whether you believe it or not, you weren’t born to occupy space without making a change in the world. So the fact is you weren’t born good or born bad, but the choices you make while still alive determine whether you would be seen as good or bad and do good or bad.

Your life, your time, your skills and gifts are too precious to be unused and wasted. There are a lot of people who are waiting for those ideas in your head to explode. People who are simply waiting for your manifestation. The color of your skin, your background, and stuff like that don’t matter in the end…how you live your life in spite of all this is what counts.

So no, you weren’t really born that way but you can live a life of glory and impact. You get to choose.



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