King of Hearts: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 392- 394)

Bansi and Roshni are in the kitchen where the latter decides to teach Roshni as to how Dal is prepared. Bansi then tells Roshni that the Dal is Roshni’s favorite dish. Roshni asks why did she forget to make this Dal and says she wants to cook the tasty food. Bansi says she has forgotten after falling down. Jyoti Tai comes there and says Roshni will learn everything fast just because Bansi is teaching her, and she is also here to teach her. Bansi asks Roshni to put Dal in the cooker. Shabnam comes and shows her anger towards the Khurana. Bansi asks Roshni to put the gas stove off after one whistle and goes. She asks Shabnam what happened? Shabnam says nothing.

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Roshni switches off the gas stove and goes. When nobody is in the kitchen, Jyoti Tai turns up the stove which will results the cooker to burst. Durgardevi tells her that they have to take Roshni to see a doctor. Kunal tells Shabnam that she is right that they have to keep Siddharth away from Roshni. Shabnam says they have to be attentive. Jyoti aka Siddharth tells Durgardevi that they have to try to make Roshni get back her memory and he have an idea. Shaku comes to the kitchen and shouts as the cooker blasted in the cooker and Dal splashed on Shaku. She screams while Bansi and others come there. Roshni says she has switched off the burner.

This angers Bansi who twists Roshni hand and tries to beat her for her mistake. Jyoti Tai handles the situation that Roshni might have forgotten and says no one should shout or force Roshni in front of her and that Roshni requires medical and mental assistance. He tells about a pundit in her chawl and that if Roshni gets prasad from that pundit then she will be fine soon. Bansi refuses. Jyoti says as she wish. She adds that Roshni forgot to switches off the burner today and this has happened. Maybe she could forget to switches off gyser and Shagun’s face might burn. She might do short circuit and blast the house. Or she might forget that she is married to Kunal and might stab him and that Kunal can die. Kunal says he don’t want to die. Jyoti tells him no one can stop destiny. Roshni folds her hand and asks Bansi to take her to the temple as she can’t be a threat to others. Jyoti tells Roshni to visit the pundit and asks Bansi what she is thinking.

Roshni asks Bansi to take her and that she can’t stay like this as she can’t remember anything. Jyoti asks Bansi, if she don’t want her daughter in-law to regains her memory. Bansi says no, and they will go to the temple. Jyoti says just as she said, Kunal and Roshni should go and she will also accompany them. Meanwhile, Durgardevi searches for the proofs in the house. Shabnam comes there and asks what she was searching for in her room. She asks Durgardevi if she think she will easily get the proof and threaten to expose Durgardevi and tell everyone that Roshni is not her daughter. Durgardevi replies to her that Roshni is her daughter and she have proof. Shabnam says not bad and threaten to harm Roshni. Durgardevi tells her that Roshni will be fine and her son in-law will make her fine. Shabnam looks angrily.

Bansi, and her family meet a pundit baba. He asks them to make a pig eat the grass. Kunal says it doesn’t drink grass. Bunty comes in disguise of a woman and complains to his husband (Raj) that the man (Kunal is teasing her. Kunal deny teasing his wife. Roshni asks him to leave her husband. Raj tells Roshni that Kunal don’t deserve to be her husband and asks the public to beat him. Jyoti Tai takes Roshni with her and asks her to sit in the car. Siddharth gets in Roshni’s car. Roshni asks who he is. Siddharth says that black yellow taxi man have stolen his stuff and he need to follow that taxi. Roshni says she will call the police. Siddharth drives the car and says she have helped him a lot and that stuff have many things and later tells her he is joking.

Roshni asks him to take her back. Siddharth stops the car near the candy floss stall. He says very soon he will drop her to her family and his mother used to say if they have sweetness in heart then bad thought do not come in their mind. Roshni gets thinking. Siddharth gets a call and tells Roshni he will take her back to her family. He drops Roshni back to the temple. Kunal asks where did she go, and asks if anyone came here? Bansi asks where Jyoti is. Kunal asks if that man came again. Jyoti Tai comes and says someone had hit him on her head. Kunal asks if Siddharth came? Roshni tells Kunal nobody came. Jyoti asks if they are Police to enquire with her. Jyoti takes Roshni with her. Bansi wonders if Roshni is lying?

Siddharth who is disguised as a woman, speaks to Roshni and asks if Siddharth came to meet her. Roshni is silent. Jyoti tells her he can’t see her sad, but want to see happiness on her face. When Jyoti is about to leave, Roshni stops her that she is scared of the drama which happens in the house after knowing about Siddharth and that Siddharth have taken her somewhere and made her eat buddi ke baal/candy floss and also dropped her back to the temple. Jyoti asks if there is anything else. Roshni replies to him that she don’t remember anything more and adds that her heart got sweeten after eating it. Siddharth gets emotional as Roshni couldn’t recollect anything about him.

As he weeps in the corner, Durgardevi approaches him and consoles him to let his tears flow and unburden the heart. Siddharth tells her he is looking at the clouds and thinks when it will move from their way. He ask why his love is so weak and Roshni couldn’t see his love. Durgardevi says clouds are moving and Roshni (morning)is seen now. She says there is a good man in their life who says that everything happens good if they eat sweets. She goes on to bless Siddharth and offers him sweets that she trusts him. Getting Durgardevi’s blessing, Siddharth is now confident of winning over Roshni and tells her they can fight with any troubles when they are together and that her mum’s blessings are with him, now no cloud can bring troubles in his life.

Next morning, Shabnam is seen doing something with Roshni. Naani comes there and questions her what she is doing but Shabnam makes an excuse and leaves. Naani finds a chit and gets a black thing in it. She realizes that Shabnam has been using black magic on Roshni. But she decides to reveal this to Siddharth and Durgardevi only after she catches Shabnam red-handed. Kunal asks Roshni if she is fine? Jyoti tells Kunal he is talking like Bansi and that she might die at anytime, but he is young and can give love to his wife. Just then someone throws a newspaper cutting in the room. Roshni picks it up and reads it.

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Jyoti tells Roshni she looks good in modern dress. Roshni asks about NGO. Roshni learns of the NGO that she work in before she loss her memory through Kunal. Jyoti suggests he should take Roshni there and she will feel good. Kunal is forced to keep to take her to the NGO when Roshni asks Kunal to take her there. Kunal agree and Jyoti blesses him. Shabnam is going somewhere secretly. Naani decides to catch her red handed and follows her.

Roshni comes to the NGO and looks at the kids. The kids talk among themselves, about Roshni’s attire and behavior. Kunal warns the peon not to let the kids speak with Roshni and asks the kids to come. Siddharth is seen hiding in the room where he is ready to help Roshni gain back her lost memory. One of the kid intentionally throws something on Kunal but he doesn’t mind and goes to the washroom to clean the stain. Just then the electricity goes off. Roshni looks at the hand print impression on the wall and matches it with her hand. Just then she sees Siddharth matching his hand on it too. She asks why is he following him? Siddharth replies to her that he used to come here and the kids used to love him very much. The kids says Siddharth Bhaiyya ( brother ) have come and they should play. Kunal shouts calling Roshni as the door is locked from outside. The kids take them outside and start dancing on the song Chak Dhoom Dhoom while it is raining. Siddharth sings Chak Dhoom Dhoom and dances with Roshni ( he recreates the past incident ). Kunal wonders who have closed the door. Roshni looks at Siddharth. On the other hand, Shabnam sees Naani following her and decides to teach her a lesson. She goes to a tantrik’s store. Naani decides to inform Siddharth and Durgardevi and thinks her doubt came true.

Siddharth and Roshni are romantically looking at each other. Siddharth thinks Roshni should gain her memory back. Kunal thinks the kids have locked him up and calls Muniya and Roshni. Roshni somehow gets his glimpse in a flashback. Kunal comes out calling on Roshni. Siddharth looks at him.

Kunal comes out of the washroom. Siddharth gets tensed while the kids throw water on Kunal through a water pipe and run. Kunal asks Roshni if Siddharth came here. He scolds the kids for throwing water on him and locking him in the washroom. Roshni asks him not to scolds them that they are kids. Kunal again asks if Siddharth came here and that he is her husband and not Siddharth. Roshni lie that she no was playing with kids. Kunal gets angry and takes her from there. He comes home and tells Bansi that he will kill Siddharth and will fire 6 bullets in his heart. Shabnam asks if he have gone mad? She asks him not to think like a villager and reminds him this is a city. She adds that the police will arrest him then he can love Roshni from there. Kunal and Bansi are angry as they realize that Siddharth is somehow interfering in their plans. Bansi then agree with Shabnam that they will return to their village.

Shabnam asks what she will do there? She tells Bansi she don’t have land in their village and also have to give money to many people there and that Kunal should first get money from Durgardevi. Shabnam then plans to hurt Siddharth’s family to hurt Siddharth. She instructs Kunal and Bansi not to lose their cool, instead, she asks the mother and son to focus on Siddharth’s family. Jyoti Tai collides with Premal and something spills on his kurta. He asks Jyoti to clean it. Jyoti asks about the gajra….Premal says it can be for her. Jyoti asks if he is coming from watching mujra. Premal says his heart strings are on….Jyoti asks him to keep tap on his heart. She gets a phone call and answer the phone in Siddharth’s voice. Premal says he had a man’s voice. Jyoti immediately acts and goes from there. Premal sings a song while Kunal asks what he is doing here? Premal says Jamuna Bai. Kunal asks who? Premal sings another song and laughs. Kunal thinks his father might have gone mad.

Later, Siddharth reaches home and learns from his mother that Bunty has been beaten up by some thugs and their office has be breached. She adds that Kritika and Raj are both threatened by those thugs. This angers Siddharth, who vows to teach Kunal and Bansi a lesson. Simran tells him to protect Roshni and asks him not to take any step in a hurry. Siddharth replies to his mother that they are also his family. Raj asks him to make Bansi and family belief that he don’t care about Roshni anymore and asks what is going on in his mind. Simran signal him something and she smiles.

Naani comes to the pundit and tells him that she wants to save Roshni from black magic. The priest tells Naani she have to lose something to get something. Naani agrees that she can also give her life. The pundit Baba accept and asks her to keep some paper in Roshni’s room, and if it turns black then it means Roshni is under black magic influence. Naani agrees and leaves.

Roshni try to tie her blouse’s lace. Someone comes there and ties the lace. Roshni thinks it is Kunal and asks him to leave her, but he is Siddharth. Siddharth tells Roshni he can give his life for her. She moves back and asks him not to come near her. Mere Rubaru song plays in the background. She tells Siddharth that Kunal is her husband. Siddharth asks her not to get scared of him that will never hurt her. Just then a vase falls down and a scared Roshni hugs him. Siddharth asks if she is fine? Kunal comes there hearing the sound and beat Siddharth up. He asks how dare he to enter his house and beats him up. Roshni looks on shocked. Siddharth gets injured.

Kunal asks his men to throw Siddharth out of the house. He then asks his men to make Siddharth stand and asks what Siddharth is staring at? He again beats him badly. Roshni looks clueless. Simran comes there and asks them to stop. She asks Kunal to leave her son and warns him not to raise his hand on her son. She slaps Siddharth repeatedly. Everyone is shocked. She warns Siddharth not to come near Roshni again and that he is putting his family in danger.

Bansi says it is good. Simran assures Bansi that her son will not have any relation with Roshni or this house again. She adds that this is her promise and if anyone tries to harm her family again she then promise to burn this house. She takes Siddharth along with her. Durgardevi and Naani are shocked. Siddharth tells Simran that she has done over acting and asks why did she slap him repeatedly. Simran asks him to shut up that her over acting will be beneficial to them. Roshni looks on.

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