Twist of Fate: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 326- 327)

Abhi asks Pragya to not leave the house. Pragya replies to Abhi that she needs to go, otherwise the complications in their lives would increase and what will people say if she stay here. Saiyyara Re song plays in the background. Pragya tries to walk away and falls in Abhi’s arms. They have an eye lock. On the other hand, Aaliya beats Bulbul unconscious and has dressed herself in the same dress as that of Bulbul. Pragya goes to Bulbul’s room and asks her to open the door. Aaliya gets tensed and drags unconscious Bulbul from the bed. She then hides her behind the sofa and she is all set to the Mandap as she is eager to get married with Purabh. Pragya keeps on knocking the door and gets tensed. Aaliya throws clothes from the wardrobe on Bulbul to hide her. Aaliya quickly covers her face with her dupatta and opens the door. Pragya tells her that it is time for her as everyone is waiting and Aaliya sets off for her wedding with Purabh.

Daasi tells that bride is taking time to get ready. Just then Pragya brings Aaliya thinking her to be Bulbul. Aaliya thinks no one shall know that she is under the veil else she can’t get married. She thinks to hide under the veil until she gets married. Purabh wants to see her face and he asks her why she is making him nervous. Soon, indu Daasi visits Bulbul’s room to bring ghatbandan dupatta. Aaliya gets worried thinking Daasi might see Bulbul and the see blood stains. Daysi sees clothes scatter on the floor and tries to pick it up. Meanwhile, Pragya drops coin by mistake and Aaliya gets tensed. Pragya picks it up and asks her not to worry. Daasi takes the chunari and didn’t see Bulbul. Aaliya thanks the God for saving her. She smiles and thinks Purabh will be hers in sometime. Sarla asks where is him? Jhanki says she tried to stop him, but…….Sarla asks Abhi to do the kanyadaan ( giving bride away ).

Daadi asks Abhi to do her kanyadaan. Abhi asks how can he do kanyadaan ( giving bride away ). Sarla replies to Abhi he took care of all the responsibilities, and so why not kanyadaan ( giving bride away ). Aaliya gets worried thinking Abhi might recognized her. Abhi agrees to do the kanyadaan. Abhi goes to do kanyadaan and have an eye lock with Pragya as they sit to do the kanyadaan together. Aaliya gets tensed. Daadi says Purabh and Bulbul are looking good together. Mitali wonder where Aaliya is and that she might be up to something and decides to check. She silently goes from her.

Abhi goes to have water. Pragya gives him water and tells him she is very happy as he does Bulbul’s kanyadaan. Abhi replies Pragya that she also have do something for his happiness and asks her to drink water first. Pragya drinks and asks him what is the matter. Abhi then tells her he is ready to marry Tanu but he have a condition that Pragya also have to marry someone else, when he get married to Tanu. Pragya tells him she is getting him married to Tanu because of the circumstances. It is not her wish to marry him off. Abhi says he can’t see her alone after his marriage and he has taken his decision and will marry Tanu when she agrees to marry someone else. Pragya says she will not marry anyone and it is her life and her decision. She adds that when Tanu’s parents come here, he can talk to them and Daadi. She will not get married even if her mother asks her to marry. Abhi looks on surprisingly.

The pundit asks Purabh and the bride (Aaliya) to stand for pheras and explains about the 7 wedding vows. Pragya and Abhi hear the wedding vows carefully. Pragya thinks Abhi has fulfilled all the vows. Aaliya gets frustated as the pundit talks about the vows. Abhi thinks Pragya has fulfilled all the wedding vows, although she is about to leave home. The pundit asks them to stand for the pheras.

Bulbul wakes up in the room. Mitali checks Aaliya in her room and when she couldn’t find her, goes to Abhi’s room to check. The pundit asks them to take the pheras. Aaliya thinks she did it. Mitali still thinks where Aaliya go? Bulbul stands with a heavy head. Everyone showers flower petals on Aaliya and Purabh as they take the pheras. Aaliya smirks under the dupatta/veil. The pundit then asks Purabh to walk in front of the bride for the remaining pheras. The rituals carry-on and Abhi happens to see Aaliya’s bracelet and thinks Aaliya wears this kind of bracelet too. Pragya asks Bulbul (Aaliya) to walk slowly, else Purabh will fall down. Meanwhile, Mitali decides to check Aaliya in the guest room and thinks it was given to Bulbul. Mitali sees the reflection and shouts as if she saw ghosts. The pundit tells the couple that the 6th round is complete, and tells them after the 7th round, they will become husband and wife. Abhi gets suspicious about the bride and asks them to stop.

Aaliya closes her eyes and gets scared. Aaliya’s treachery is finally caught by Abhi when he goes to her and lifts the dupatta off her. Everyone sees Aaliya in place of Bulbul and the entire family is in a state of shock to find as to how Aaliya can act. On being asked by Abhi what she is doing here? And where is Bulbul. Aaliya tells Purabh that they should take the last phera and everything will be fine. She asks him to understand her feelings that she love him. Once they get married, everything will be normal. She asks him to come for the last round. Purabh asks her to leave his hand. Aaliya tells him she won’t leave his hand all her life and shouts. Abhi shouts at her and asks her to leave Purabh’s hand. Aaliya tells him everything will be fine after her marriage.

Pragya asks Aaliya if she have gone mad? Aaliya asks her not to interfere in her family matters that she is getting married. Abhi slaps her hard and asks her to stop her madness and that he will forget that she is his sister and will do what she can’t think of. Aaliya exclaims before everybody that she loves Purabh and will marry him only. She acts madly that no one can love Purabh like her. She blames Abhi for ruining her happiness and that she don’t need this kind of brother. She adds that Abhi is the worst brother in this world and express her hatred for him as he have ruined her home. Abhi gets shattered and repeats her words.

Pragya says she has gone mad and don’t know what she is saying. Daadi asks Abhi not to listen to her that she has gone mad. Pragya tells Aaliya that Abhi is a good son and a good brother and he didn’t do anything wrong but she ( Aaliya ) did wrong. Pragya adds that she (Aaliya ) can’t love anyone as she might not have a heart and might have thought about Purabh’s happiness, but she have lied. They all thought that she is happy with their marriage and she don’t deserve to be Abhi’s sister. Aaliya asks her to stop lecturing her that it is her life and her decision. She asks Purabh to take the last round with her and begs in front of him asking him to marry her.

Purabh asks where Bulbul is at. Aaliya tells him she hate Bulbul and don’t want to see her face and that she told Bulbul clearly that Purabh is hers but she don’t listen to her. Abhi asks where Bulbul is at? Aaliya asks him to stay out of it. Abhi slaps her repeatedly and asks where is Bulbul. Aaliya tells him Bulbul is dead and Aaliya’s reply startles everybody as she says that Bulbul is dead. She tells them she has killed her. She tells Purabh that Bulbul can’t come in between them and announces that she has killed her and she will not come back. She tells them that Bulbul was trying to make her jealous, she lost her cool and hit her on her head. Purabh tries to go but Aaliya tells him that it was just Bulbul’s body. Purabh asks her to shut up and goes. Abhi is angry with Aaliya.

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Purabh and Pragya go to the guest room and see Bulbul unconscious. Bulbul tries to open her eyes. They take her downstairs. Daadi asks Aaliya, when did she do this? And that she have gone mad. Aaliya admit she have gone mad and can’t see anyone in between Purabh and her. Daasi asks Daadi to see Bulbul.

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Purabh and Pragya bring Bulbul downstairs to the marriage altar. Aaliya is startled to find Bulbul still alive and rushes up to her that she has to die so that she can get married to Purabh but Abhi holds her. Purabh tells her that he would have taken her life if she was not Abhi’s sister and tells Aaliya this marriage will happen at any cost and he will see how she will stop this marriage. The priest says one hour is left for the mahurat. Purabh tries to wake Bulbul up. Abhi tells Purabh to take her to see a doctor first and he can marry later. Daadi apologizes to the guests and declares that Purabh and Bulbul wedding would not be conducted at this house.

Pragya comes out to go with Sarla. Sarla asks her to take care of Abhi. Purabh also says the same asking her to take care of Abhi as he is alone. Purabh and Sarla take Bulbul along with them to get the necessary treatment for her. Meanwhile, Abhi questions Aaliya about her act but Aaliya replies that Abhi does not love her and does not care for her. She argues with Abhi that it is his brother’s duty to give happiness to his sister, but her brother snatched her happiness from her and It is all waste.

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This infuriated Abhi and replies to her that he took care of her every needs, he was hungry but made her eat. Aaliya then says she is missing her parents. She adds that their parents will be in pain to see their own son becoming their daughter’s big enemy. Daadi slaps her that she did her upbringing, but Abhi took care of their every wish and needs. She told Abhi not to over pamper Aaliya, and it will hurt him and Abhi would say that he will give his life if she asks for it. Daadi tells Aaliya she have hurt everyone.

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