King of Hearts: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 402- 403)

Jyoti Tai/ Sid promises Roshni in his heart that he will make her remember everything. He asks Roshni to take rest. Roshni thinks about Sid in the night and recalls his words. Just then Kunal comes to her room and asks if she doesn’t like him.

He says I am your husband and asks her to come closer. Roshni says no and cries. He pushes her on the bed and says you like Sid’s touch and not mine. Our relation is of husband and wife and we should fulfill our relation. Roshni cries. Kunal asks her to keep quiet. Suddenly wind blows.

Jyoti/Sid is seen sleeping. Roshni cries. Kunal compares himself with Sid. Jyoti wakes up. Kunal slaps Roshni and pushes her on floor. He tries to force himself on her, but Jyoti comes and holds him angrily. Some mantras is being played. Roshni is scared much. Jyoti slaps and kicks him. Bansi comes there and asks how dare to raise hand on my grand son. Jyoti says your grand son looks like a man, but he is not a man. He says man is the one who respects women, and not the one who forces himself on a woman or misbehaves with her. Bansi says Roshni is his wife and he can do anything. Jyoti says she is his wife and not his property. She says until I am here, everyone should respect women. She tells Bansi, that you are a woman herself and says if we don’t support a woman then there will be no existence of a woman in this world.

Premal says she said right. Kunal says I will correct you old lady. Jyoti Tai says I know how to cool down cheap men’s hotness very well. She says I will slap you with chappals and will call Police then. She asks did you understand what I said. Kunal says I will teach you a lesson. He is about to slap her, but Shabnam takes him with her. Kunal says I will not leave you. Jyoti sees Roshni crying and scared. She keeps her hand on her head.

Next morning, Jyoti wakes up Roshni and says it is morning…….Roshni looks at the flower bouquets and asks who have done this? Jyoti says you are a princess and your life should be filled with colors. She asks what happened? If you are thinking about the night. Roshni says how can he do this with me, and says I am trying to remember. How can I stay with him. I am very much scared and don’t know what to do? Jyoti says Kunal should respect you, and I will make him understand. She asks what do you want to eat? Roshni says kheer. Jyoti says I will make it for you. Roshni asks why do you love me Tai?

Roshni says you are my life. Sid meets Raj and says Roshni is accepting his words, and subconsciously connecting with him. He says she said she wants to eat kheer. Simran comes and says she will regain her memory and gives kheer which she made for her. Sid thanks her.

Survi of Yeh Vaada hai rings the temple bell and says she is helpless to hide everything from her husband. She tells about the promise which she made to Karthik and says she is scared. She asks God to show the way. Shabnam sees Jyoti Tai comes to temple and asks what she is doing here.

Jyoti meets Survi and tells that he is doing this for his love, and says she has become his savior. Nani tells DD that Shabnam is doing black magic on Roshni. They get inside tantrik’s shop and wonder where Shabnam is gone. Shabnam is seen hiding there and smirks. DD asks tantrik about Shabnam, but he doesn’t respond to her. DD says it is a strange place and goes. Kunal beats himself with hunter. Bansi asks Roshni to stop Kunal and says she will hold her legs. Kunal says I can’t stop punishing myself. Shabnam tells Roshni that Kunal felt bad as she has forgotten him and his sacrifices. She says Kunal is doing penance, and says I want you to realize his love. She says we will help you recall everything.

She says DD, Nani, Jyoti Tai are not your relatives. She asks her to say if she trusts them. Roshni says I trust you very much. Kunal stops beating himself. Jyoti comes home and calls Roshni. Roshni puts ointment on Kunal’s wounds. Kunal says I can’t get hurt if you are with me. Shabnam says now we are looking like a happy family. Bansi says we will start afresh and says we will get your engagement done with Kunal now. Shabnam says now itself. DD asks Jyoti about Roshni. Bansi asks Kunal to make Roshni wear the ring. Kunal makes Roshni wear the ring. Shabnam smiles. Kunal looks at Roshni.

DD, Nani and Jyoti are coming towards that room. Shabnam gives the ring to Roshni. Bansi asks Roshni to place ring on Kunal’s finger. Roshni looks at the ring and gets a glimpse of Sid, DD and Nani in a black fb. Shabnam holds Roshni’s hand and makes her place ring in his finger forcibly. Kunal smirks. Bansi is happy.

Jyoti, DD and Nani come there. Bansi says look Roshni is very happy. Shabnam says you came late and says Roshni and Kunal get engaged again, and will marry soon. Jyoti/Sid and Nani are shocked. Bansi asks what is in her hand. Jyoti says kheer. Shabnam takes it from her hands. Bansi asks Kunal and Roshni to feed each other kheer. Jyoti looks helplessly. Shabnam asks Premal to take out mahurat and says marriage will happen with all the rituals, band and baaja.

Bansi keeps money in Jyoti’s hand for taking care of Roshni. Jyoti goes to her room and takes the wig, makeup and accessories. He cries and wonder what to do to bring Roshni’s memory back. He says you are mine. Roshni is in her room and thinks why she is feeling as if she has done wrong. She wonders why she misses Sid, although Kunal is her husband. She thinks am I doing wrong? She gets Sid’s voice call and is shocked. Sid says are you happy to get engaged to Kunal. Roshni asks how did you get my number. Sid says my doubt is clear now, and says you are not happy. He asks why you are doing all this? He says if you cut the call, then also this question will not go from your mind and heart. He says you are not comfortable with Kunal, then why did you get engaged to him. Roshni says she can’t hurt her family and will marry Kunal for them. She says she can get back her memory if she marries him. Sid asks do you love him? Kunal comes and knocks on the door asking who is inside.

He says I will break open the door. Premal also comes there and asks Kunal to control himself. Kunal says why he is not making any noise. Sid wonders what to do. The door is open. Kunal looks on shocked.

Shabnam comes to Roshni and asks if she get any phone call. Roshni says it was a wrong number. She says everyone is happy with her decision. Roshni says she is having headache and need to rest. Shabnam says okay and goes. She secretly keeps an eye on Roshni. Roshni looks at the phone.

Jyoti Tai comes out of washroom with face pack on his/her face. Premal says she is Jamuna. Kunal says Jyoti. Premal asks him to go. Sid talks to Raj and tells him that engagement ring on Roshni’s hand is bothering him and rues to get her back. DD tells Nani that there is no tantrik and black magic. She says they were fooling us and does this trick. She says I will prove that Roshni is my daughter and says Bansi has threatened us all these years. Bansi says you are thinking it right and takes jewellery out from her almari saying a mum should give to her daughter.

DD is angry. Shabnam gets Roshni ready and says Kunal has planned this dinner date for you. She says I will apply mascara and steals her phone. Bansi tells Kunal not to do any mistake and says once he marries her then they will keep Roshni at their feet.

Update Credit to Teleblasters

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