Wednesday Updates on Sands of Time

  • When Shekhar tells Jia that he has divorced Nethra and still has soft corner for her. Jia becomes unconscious while playing and Shekhar takes her to the hospital where they put her in ICU. He gets baffled to know that the medicines given to her falsely had negative reactions on her. Jia has overheard his conversation with the doctor.

    It seemed that Jia in her semi conscious state heard the conversation between doctor and Shekhar. But he realizes that Jia has not heard anything. Nethra is trying to leave the Pandey house. Nisna is confident that Nethra is acting. Samar motivates Nethra by making her a partner in a new project surprising Nisna. Nisna goes to Kshom’s house to assess what is his real worth and she is convinced that Shekhar is richer than Kshom. Nisna and Kadam both decides that they are better off with Shekhar rather than Kshom. Thus Nishna decides to get married to Shekhar.

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    As Shekhar returns home he is thoroughly interrogated by Gyan and Rukmini about last night in the hospital. Nisna saves Shekhar telling that he had informed her but she forgot to tell them. Nisna tries to win the heart of Shekhar. But Shekhar makes it very clear that no one can replace Jia. Nethra tries to get close to Samar and convinces him to organize a promotional party. The basti people ostracizing them asking them their legality of the relationship and Shekhar slapping one of them telling that he is Jia’s husband.

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    When the bickering of the people reaches the zenith, Jia blabbers that Shekhar is not her husband. Comments were harsher leading Shekhar assaulting the man who had spoken blatantly. But Kadam is astonished to find that it was Shekhar who had paid the guy to speak.

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