17 Easy Ways To Stay Poor (For As Long As You Want)

So you might be thinking, “what kind of blog post is this?” Well, the kind of blog post that is meant to show exactly how people set themselves up for poverty and for failure in life. I was wrote in an earlier blog post that “there is no rest for the successful” but in this case I think I’d say that “there is a lot of rest for the poor”. I’d be teaching you exactly how to remain poor for as long as you want. Someone once said that one of the best ways to learn something is to study the opposite. While I may agree with this, some people still will take this literally and try to remain poor for the rest of their lives.

So if you want to remain poor, these are 17 easy ways.

  1. Spend more than you make

The truth is if you do this, you won’t have to worry about the other 10 ways to remain poor. This is the easiest principle in becoming and remaining poor- whether you make millions or cents per month, if you spend more than you make, you will remain poor.

  1. Get greedy for what you don’t have

It is not a bad thing to want more than what you have now but when you get greedy for those things that are beyond your reach, it becomes a problem. Buying things you can’t afford especially when you don’t have the money- because you don’t want to wait- is also an easy way to remain poor.

  1. Please don’t give to anyone

One thing some people don’t realize is that keeping everything you have to yourself only causes you to have less instead of more. “The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered”- Proverbs 11:25.

  1. Let your money fly as it wills

Please don’t pay attention to where your money goes or what you use money for. Keep spending and spending and spending. Just watch your money fly as it will-like the wind. If you feel there’s no need for a budget to detail your expenses because you know where your money is going, please don’t create one. It definitely doesn’t matter that you don’t have any savings whatsoever.

  1. Get a loan for everything!

Yes. Please get a loan for everything-for your car, a vacation, a new bedroom change, or for any other thing that tickles your fancy. Please please please get a loan for every single thing and watch yourself remain poor. Don’t wait and save up so that you can buy what you need.

  1. Keep watching and waiting for the perfect time to start saving

You can always wait for the perfect time to start saving because it is “better late than never”. Since you feel there is no positive benefit to saving early, then don’t. But know you are just setting yourself up for absolute poverty.

  1. Follow the crowd

The easiest way to be unsuccessful in life is to follow the crowd. Most often crowds are mediocre with hive thinking and patterns. You could follow the crowd in getting loans to drive brand new (still paying off) cars because you don’t want to drive a Beetle car that you did not get on loan. Or that tantalizing duplex right there on Broad Street that is so appealing to you…try and impress your neighbors without having the money saved up.

  1. Definitely try not to worry about the little things. They don’t matter

Remember the saying, “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”? It’s true but in your case you don’t need to bother about what you make every month and even how you spend it on the little things.  Because they just don’t matter, right?

  1. Keep on investing your money in businesses you know nothing about

It is extremely easy to rely on people’s advice when it comes to investing in a business. You don’t know anything about it but because that dearly beloved person told you about it, you go ahead and dump all your eggs in one shitty basket that may end up spoiling everything. So if you really want to remain poor, keep investing in businesses and business ideas you know nothing about even who the investors are.

  1. Waste everything as much as you can

First of all, know that someone who is wasteful is not really thankful. When you waste stuff and all the resources at your disposal then you’re setting yourself up for a really long life of penury. It is your choice to learn to minimize your wastefulness but if you don’t want to…no one’s going to hold you responsible. It is your life and your choices after all. 

  1. Don’t ever wake up early

Let everyday be your lazy day. Just keep stretching and turning in that big cushy bed of yours until you get too hungry to keep napping. What’s the rush or hurry? It’s not like anyone is going to kick your butt if you remain poor.

  1. Complain about everything and anything except yourself

Please blame the system, the government, your boss, your family and every other worth and not worth complaining about. But forget to complain about your attitude towards life. It’s everyone else’s fault but yours that you are unsuccessful and poor.

  1. Don’t try to do stuff reserved for the uneducated

You’re a graduate, in fact a Master’s degree holder. How can you engage in petty trade? It’s reserved solely for the uneducated- people who never went to school or paid school fees like you did. So, please stay at home and don’t even think about it!

  1. Enter a dressing competition with your friends and co-workers

Make sure you have the latest trends in phones, mobile devices, clothes, jewelry, and shoes all stocked in your closet. Don’t forget to make sure that everyone envies you. It doesn’t matter if you spend more than you make. It doesn’t matter that you bought those nice stuff on credit. Just strut your stuff and rock em well.

  1. Give your kids everything they ask for

Your children should have the best in life right? So give them everything they want since you’re such a loving and caring parent. It doesn’t matter what they want the money for as long as you’re raining it on them. They must NOT work hard but must depend on what you make at work. By doing this, you’re ensuring that they grow up lazy, poor, and unsuccessful and that they can’t help you when you’re old and gray.

  1. Get an expensive hobby

Just try all you can to ensure you stay poor. Get an expensive hobby that you can use to impress others- the stories and the money as well as becoming a collector of rare stuff. Even though you have the money, please spend it on all those things that have no future or worthwhile investments in them.

  1. Start a business and finance everything you can

Be very careful when starting a business. Don’t make the mistake of picking one that might actually make you rich. Pick something you don’t know anything about. Don’t do research, don’t get the needed experience and jump in with both feet.

Here’s a bonus point for you- Get divorced. Nothing sucks up money like a divorce. Let’s just say you accidentally acquired some wealth and you don’t like it…just get a divorce. You get to split everything in half and anything else you have left will be split up among the very expensive lawyers you got. If you’re in a happy relationship, and she’s telling you to go on and be successful, please end it.

These are easy ways to remain poor (for as long as you want). But know this, no one wants to keep company with a poor man…talk more a lazy one. If the people you’re with are encouraging you to be lazy, then you’re not in the right company. However, if you’re assured you’re in the right company just follow these 17 easy ways to remain poor for as long as you want and you will be right where you want to be.


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