Sands of Time Friday Updates

Savitri is later seen threatening Nethra to stay away from Samar. Shekhar strategically takes Jia to show her kshom’s house where marriage preparation is taking place convinces that kshom has forgotten her past. He tactically puts Daadi forward in front of Jia where she comes to know that Shekhar got married to Nethra because her life was in danger

Daadi tells Jia that for her safety Shekhar got married to Nethra. Jia is full of remorse and sympathy towards Shekahr realizing that it was a sacrifice. Kadam tell Nisna that it is not easy to con Shekhar. It might prove fatal towards them. Nethra is trying to emotionally blackmail Samar while Shekhar is trying Jia to muse over her past where he almost convinces her to get married to him. Nisna and Kadam show their true color to Shekhar telling him they want to stay in the Pandey family perpetually. But Shekhar turns them down telling them they will lose everything.

Kadam immediately apologizes to Shekhar that they will never play any foul game with him. Shekhar tells Nisna to go and correct her mistakes. Nisna tells him it was an impulsive decision because of the sympathetic attitude towards Shekhar but she realizes that she cannot backtrack from the marriage with Kshom. Jia and Shekhar muses over their past where Shekhar takes a chance and convinces Jia to get married to him. Jia does not say no but later she falls in an ambivalence deciding she cannot get married to Kshom.


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