King of Hearts: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 404- 407)

The pundit begins grah shanti puja. He recites some mantras. Durgardevi and Jyoti signal at each other. Shabnam starts itching her back as ants gets on her saree. Bansi asks her what happened? Durgardevi says ants have got on her saree. Shabnam goes to her room.

Later Kunal tells Roshni that she will do garba with him. The dhol people come there. Durgardevi asks if she can remember something. Roshni says no. Siddharth comes as a drummer. Everyone dance on the song Dhol Baaje Dhol. Suddenly Roshni’s blouse lace opens up. She goes to her room.

He comes to her and ties the lace. He tells Roshni that he will kiss her, if she doesn’t stop. He is about to kiss her, but just then Shabnam comes and asks Siddharth d to come closer to her. Siddharth holds her closely and says Roshni is just an excuse and nobody can stand in front of her beauty. Shabnam smiles. Roshni gets upset. He steals the keys from her and then pushes her saying he is not in a mood. Shabnam calls Kunal and asks him to catch Siddharth. Siddharth manages to take the lift and leave. Kunal asks his men to take the stairs and get down. Siddharth runs on the road. Durgardevi comes to Shabnam’s room and tries to get the medicine which is in Shabnam’s cupboard. Shabnam looks for her keys and rushes to her room. Shabnam sees her cupboard open and is shocked.

Meanwhile, Durgardevi sneaks up in Shabnam’s room and starts searching for any valuable clue to decipher Shabnam’s plan. She is able to find a canister and takes it along with her but hide the moment she hear foot step. Shabnam comes to her room and sees her keys on the bed. She hurriedly picks it up and opens the cupboard. She looks out for the medicines and finds it there. She thanks God everything is fine and keeps the bottle back. She locks the cupboard and leaves from the room. Durgardevi comes out of the washroom and looks at the injection bottle.

Kunal holds Jyoti Tai’s hand from behind. Jyoti Tai says someone is teasing her. Kunal says it is him, Kunal. Jyoti turns and says she should have understood that this cheap thing can’t be done by anybody else than him. She asks what is he doing here? Kunal asks her to say what she is doing here. Jyoti says she went to temple to pray for him and his family. She asks if he is teasing the girls here. Kunal tells her he came here following Siddharth, and asks if she see him. Jyoti asks if it was Siddharth who collided with her. if she would have known him then she would hold him and gives his hand in his hand. Kunal asks where did he go? Jyoti says that way. Kunal’s thugs go to that way. Jyoti tells Kunal that he can’t do anything, at one side he couldn’t find Siddharth and couldn’t get Roshni. Kunal gets angry. Jyoti says it seems she have bet on a wrong horse and asks him not to stare at her face and go and catch Siddharth. Kunal swears to bury Siddharth under the earth if he get him. Jyoti/Siddharth thinks Kunal is stupid.

Shabnam greets Anita and gives her champagne bottle. She says when this champagne opens up then everywhere will be sorrows. Anita laughs and thanks her. Shabnam smiles. The bottle was about to fall from her hands. Shabnam asks her to be careful as it will blast. Siddharth hears them.

Siddharth thinks Poornima is nearer and he has to make Roshni remember the past. Roshni comes to her and asks why she has teary eyes. Jyoti lie to Roshni that she was cutting onion and that’s why tear is there in her eye. Roshni tells Jyoti that she met Siddharth and want answers from him. She wants to remember her past and asks for her support. Shabnam hears them and thinks this is what is going on between them. Shabnam leaves and tries to instigate Kunal against Jyoti Tai. Kunal refuses to believe her and tells that Jyoti Tai is helping him to get close to Roshni and even he got closer to her on Jyoti Tai’s idea.

Shabnam asks if he is a man or pajama. She tells Kunal that it was Jyoti’s plan to separate Roshni from him and tried to get her closer to Siddharth and that’s why Roshni have gone far from him. She asks him to go and see, as Jyoti is helping Roshni to meet Siddharth. Siddharth calls Twinkle and tells her that he saw Anita and Shabnam together. Twinkle gives him strength and asks him to win Roshni. Jyoti Tai helps Roshni get ready. Roshni tells her that she have feeling for Siddharth and not for Kunal. Siddharth hopes Roshni will get her memory back. Later Siddharth talks to Pinto and asks him to make the arrangements ready. Durgardevi tells Siddharth that he is doing so much for his love and will succeed. Premal hears her and thinks Durgardevi is supporting Jyoti and his love.

Jyoti brings carpet and asks Roshni to take care. Bansi asks Shabnam to check the carpet and asks Jyoti who asked her to clean the carpet. Premal comes there that he asked Jyoti to get the carpet clean and asks her to come to his room. Jyoti says okay. Jyoti Tai keeps the carpet down, and takes Roshni out. Shabnam and Kunal see the carpet and tell that they are together. They see Jyoti Tai and Roshni leaving. Kunal says he will take the bike and follow them. Durgardevi looks for Kunal and Shabnam. Kesar tells her that they went out. Durgardevi thinks they might be following Jyoti and Roshni, she have to inform Siddharth. She calls her but the phone is unreachable

Jyoti Tai bring Roshni somewhere and tells that Siddharth called her here. She will go and see where he is? Siddharth thinks how to bring Roshni memory back, and calls Kunj. Kunj tells him everything is sorted out. Siddharth says Roshni called him to meet her today. Kunj asks him to keep trying and assures him that Roshni will remember everything soon. Siddharth says it is a big chance for him and doesn’t know how to make her remember everything. Kunj reminds Siddharth that it is valentine day today and asks him to think what he had done last year. Siddharth gets an idea and swears that he will make Roshni get her memory back. Kunal and Shabnam come on the bike to that place. They see Jyoti Tai going somewhere and wonder what she is doing here. They follow Jyoti Tai. She goes inside the room.

Kunal tells Shabnam that Jyoti is talking to someone and they have to peep inside the room. Shabnam asks him to bend down, and stands on his back. She hears Bunty and Pinto talking about Siddharth and Jyoti. Kunal tells Shabnam that he is in pain and stands up. He scolds Shabnam for standing on his back with heels sandals. Roshni thinks why did Tai left her alone, and wonder where Sid is? Kunal hears Roshni’s voice, and informs Shabnam.

Siddharth comes to Roshni and sings Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua……………song. They spend some romantic moments together. Roshni looks at Siddharth. Siddharth asks her to look at the stars and says one year back there was same moment. He tries to make her remember her memory and asks her to try. Roshni tells him she couldn’t remember anything even after seeing the decorations. Siddharth asks her to see through her heart, and tells her that she is his love. Roshni asks if she is his love, then why is Kunal her husband. Siddharth asks her to close her eyes and see. Roshni sees Siddharth and tells him. Siddharth says good, excellent and asks her to try again. Roshni closes her eyes. Siddharth asks her to try again. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu song plays in the background.

Roshni closes her eyes and recalls the moments spent with Siddharth. She sees her marriage with Siddharth, and opens her eyes calling out to Siddharth. She holds him. A song plays in the background. Shabnam and Kunal comes there. Kunal hits Siddharth on his head and he falls down. Shabnam administers injection to Roshni while she says she remembered Siddharth. Siddharth comes and slaps Shabnam and Kunal. He then takes Roshni to the hospital. He asks Roshni to open her eyes. Durgardevi tells Siddharth that they have to kick her out. Shabnam asks Siddharth to see what she will do with Roshni. Kunal come along with the police and tells him that Siddharth and Durgardevi have done bad with his wife. Shabnam tells that these people gave wrong medicine to Roshni. The doctor says a drug was given to her and Siddharth them Roshni is his wife.

Shabnam tells the inspector that this man tortures her sister. The inspector then tells Shabnam that everything will be clear once the patient gets consciousness. Roshni gains consciousness and the inspector asks her to tells him who is her real family. Roshni replies to the inspector that Kunal, Bansi and Shabnam. Durgardevi tells the inspector to try to understand as Roshni is under the drug influence. Kunal tells the inspector to kick everyone out from here as he can’t see them troubling his wife. The inspector warns Siddharth and Durgardevi and asks them to come out. Shabnam asks Siddharth to leave.

Siddharth recalls the moments spent with Roshni. A song plays while he reminiscences the past. He get emotional thinking what Roshni is under going now. Siddharth calls Abhi up and shares his problem with him. Abhi gives Siddharth a valuable advice not to accept defeat and have strength in dealing with the problems. He asks him to stay strong that everything will be fine and asks him not to lose hope. Siddharth thanks Abhi for his concern and disconnects the call. Later, Jyoti Tai comes home and calling out to Roshni. She tries entering Roshni’s room when Kunal comes across her and warns her not to get inside Roshni’s room.

He scolds Jyoti Tai saying that all her games have come to an end. Shabnam too joins Kunal and drags Jyoti Tai out of the house. When Roshni learns about this, she comes to Jyoti Tai’s aid and saves her from being put out of the house and asks them to leave Tai and cries. Kunal takes Roshni inside. Shabnam warns Jyoti that if she comes near the house then she will get her buried in the house. Jyoti Tai tells Shabnam she is their family and she did what Roshni asked her to do. Premal melts and supports Jyoti. Their neighbors come there and scolds them for ruining their sleep. Bansi lets Jyoti inside, but warns her not to talk to Siddharth. Jyoti Tai nods her head. Shabnam goes angrily. Premal asks Jyoti not to take tension that he is here with her. Siddharth thinks he has to do something in the night itself.

Shabnam comes to Roshni’s room and thinks Roshni is missing her lover, so she will give her double dose so that she forgets Siddharth. Something gets pierced on her foot and she goes to wash the blood coming out of it. A disguise Siddharth as Jyoti comes to the room and takes the syringe bottle. He decides to defeat Shabnam. While shabnam is busy cleaning the blood from her foot, Siddharth comes to her room and changes the medicine bottles. Shabnam comes to her room and sees the cupboard open. He checks for the medicine bottles, and goes to give the injection to Roshni. She comes to Roshni’s room and gives her injection. Later Jyoti comes to the room and thinks the injection is having glucose content.

In the morning, Roshni calls Jyoti Tai and tells her that her body is itching. Jyoti Tai blames Shabnam that she did something to Roshni. Shabnam accuses Jyoti. Bansi asks Jyoti to massage turmeric on Roshni’s body after bath. Kunal takes Shabnam to her room and scolds her for giving injections to Roshni. He tells Shabnam that Roshni is his life and if anything happens to her then he will not leave her. He reminds her that they have 2 days left for their marriage and asks her not to play with Roshni. Shabnam argues. Kunal says Jyoti can go against them, but she can’t do anything bad to Roshni. Jyoti thinks of keeping the itching medicine in Shabnam’s cupboard, and thinks Shabnam will do something, but she have to get ready.

Bansi gives the haldi to Shabnam and asks her to apply it on Roshni. Shabnam thinks she has given many injections to Roshni, and her memory will never be back. Jyoti thinks Roshni’s memory will be back. Premal comes and puts haldi on Jyoti face. Jyoti tells him it doesn’t look good in this age.

Roshni thinks something is not right as her heart is saying. Siddharth thinks he will make everything fine and will apply the haldi of his name. Shabnam comes to her that she will apply the haldi first, and her rashes will be fine. Jyoti makes Premal falls and the haldi falls on Roshni’s clothes. Jyoti asks Roshni to go to the washroom and clean the clothes. Siddharth comes there and applies the haldi on her face while rubbing it with his face. Mere Rubaru song plays in the background. Siddharth tells Roshni she was missing him and that’s why he came. Roshni feels his love. Fittor Tera song plays in the background. while they get romantic. Just then they hear Bansi calling Roshni. Roshni looks at him and goes. Kunal sees Roshni smiling and going. He wonders what is happening? Siddharth thinks this is love of colors and he have to clear the troubles.


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