Reach for the Stars: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 136- 137)

Kalpana studies Raghav’s expressions and understands that Raghav has not yet read her e-mail. She decides to delete the E-mail from Raghav’s laptop as soon as Raghav leaves his office. While Kalpana is hiding under Raghav’s desk and deleting the mail, Raghav sees her. Raghav enquires about what she is doing under the table. Kalpana gives a childish excuse and manages to get away. Kamla arrives at the prayer meet as asked by Rithu. Sammy manages to read Kalpana’s mail. Sammy shows the mail to Raghav and asks him if he is in love with Kalpana. Sammy warns him about the dire consequences he will have to face if he falls in love with Kalpana. Raghav decides to focus on Pakhi and his plan to take revenge on the Kapoors.

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Kalpana is still under the impression that Raghav has not read the mail yet. Raghav decides to take his first step towards destroying the Kapoors family. He invites Pakhi Kapoor for dinner. Pakhi, unaware of Raghav’s intentions is only happy to spend time with Raghav. While, Raghav and Pakhi are out for dinner, Kalpana is busy working in the office. Kalpana finds herself locked in the store room, when she goes there to get some files. She tries to call out to the workers but nobody responds to her. Pakhi gets a surprise when she learns that Raghav has booked an entire restaurant for their dinner. Raghav starts to see Kalpana in Pakhi’s place and begins to worry about Kalpana.

Raghav and Pakhi decide to dance together. Raghav starts to see Kalpana in Pakhi. Very soon Raghav stops dancing and goes back to the office. He hears Kalpana’s scream from the store room and rushes towards it. He breaks the door open. Kalpana immediately hugs Raghav. Pakhi sees the two of them hugging and is heart-broken.

Update Credit to Zee World International

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