Twist of Fate: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 338- 340)

(Zee World Updates)
Daadi tells Pragya she wants her grandchild, but from Abhi’s wife, not from a second woman. Tanu’s mother asks Daadi to mind her language. Daasi taunt Tanu’s mother that she’s taking her daughter side as if she has done some great work. She kept relationship with a married man and they know what such relationship is called. Tanu’s father asks her to think twice before saying and that Daasi might have to regret later on and that what she is calling illegitimate is legitimate. Abhi and Tanu have always been loving each other and he married Pragya later.
Daadi asks Abhi if that is true. Abhi says yes, they used to love before his marriage but whatever he did, he didn’t do it purposely. He was intoxicated and situation was such that he doesn’t do such thing with any girl otherwise. It’s true that he used to love Tanu and he wanted to marry her. When Daadi chose Pragya, he went to her, but she chose her career over him. Tanu says this is getting worse that her truth will come out like this.Tanu’s mother asks her whether Abhi is right. She says yes but Abhi told her that he will divorce Pragya and marry her. Aaliya interrupts and says she also went to her, but Tanu tells her the same. Daadi tells Aaliya she can’t hide Abhi’s mistake.

He kept relationship with Tanu despite being married and that is his biggest mistake. He can hide his mistake but how will he hide this child. She tells Abhi whether intoxicated or not, he was her grandson even then and how did he forget the values that she gave him? He forgot that, so now he should forget her as well and think she’s dead like his parents. She further says, Pragya always supports him, her heart can be big, she can forgive him, but not her (Daadi). Abhi pleads with his Daadi but Daadi refuses to listen to anything. He did a mistake and now he will get punished. Aaliya smiles.

Daadi adds that he threw Aaliya out of the house and his mistake is even bigger, hence his punishment will be bigger too. She breaks all the relationship with her grandson and asks Abhi to not show his face ever again and asks him to leave the house. Everyone gets shocked. Abhi plead with his Daadi that he can’t live without her and tries to convince her by asking her not to do anything as such. Daadi tells she has made her decision and if he doesn’t want to leave the house as it’s his, then she will leave as they can’t live together. Aaliya, on the other hand, watches the scene and enjoys the moment. She says in her mind, well done Daadi and tells herself that her fight has not yet ended as she wants Abhi to be destroyed. Abhi tells her he made the house but she has made this family. They need her. He will leave the house. Aaliya smiles.

Pragya is shocked. He says sorry to Daadi. Daadi turns her face from him. When Abhi decides to leave the house, Pragya looks at him and asks him to stop. Abhi tells that he would have to do so and it his Daadi’s order. She tells him she came to that house being his wife and if he leaves, then she too would leave with him. Hearing this, Daadi gets angrier and asks Pragya if she will support wrong now? Pragya replies to her that she’s just supporting her husband. Her house is where her husband house is. If he leaves this house, then she will leave too.

Daadi does not want to hear anything and tells Pragya that she too can leave the house as well, if wishes so but for her, person who supports wrong is even more wrong and tells Pragya that if she does so, she would have to break all her relationship with this family. Everyone look on with shock. Mitali says Daadi has stunned everyone. Daadi tells Pragya, along with Abhi, she should not show her face to her as well and to forget that house and she will also forget that Pragya ever came to that house. Aaliya’s smile gets bigger. Daadi sadly leaves. Abhi also goes to his room.

Tanu tells her parents to go home as well. Aaliya says finally she is relieved. It can’t get better than this. If Abhi is not there, then she can do all she wants. Tanu takes Aaliya to her room and asks why didn’t she let her tell the truth. Had she told the truth, all would be thinking good for her. Now God knows what they would be thinking. Aaliya tells her to let them think what they want. Why she doesn’t think before speaking. If she tells everything to Daadi, then along with Abhi, she will throw them all out of the house. Had Daadi found out all, then she would feel bad for Pragya and love her even more. Tanu is brainwashed and says she didn’t think about it that way.

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Aaliya tells it’s the first rule, if something bad happens to her, then let it be, but never let your enemy benefit. Tanu thanks her that she’s really a good friend. She tells her to stop Daadi as well from throwing Abhi out of the house. Aaliya says let her do what she wants. For them it’s just a mistake, but for Daadi it’s a betrayal and she can’t see anyone playing with any relationship. Tanu says she will talk to Daadi. Aaliya tries to stop her, but Tanu doesn’t listen and leaves. Aaliya thinks Daadi won’t keep hating Abhi for life and Abhi can easily get another house with his money. This way her enemies won’t get punished. She wants to see him defeated. This will only happen when all his fame and money go away and that she can’t do this alone. She will need help from someone who is also Abhi’s enemy just like her. She thinks of someone and decides to meet him up tomorrow. She says Abhi took away her love from her, now she will take away every single thing of his.

Tanu comes to Daadi and says this is not done and how she can throw Abhi out. She knows she shouldn’t talk in this matter, but wrong is wrong and instead of celebrating for her grandchild, she is throwing Abhi out of the house? It’s still not late and happiness is in front of her. She begs Daadi to accept her, stop Abhi, and everything will be fine. Daasi asks what happiness will she give as she took all their happiness away. Daadi tells Tanu it’s because of her Abhi has to leave the house. Mistake is mistake whether intoxicated or not and she is punishing him for that mistake. Daasi tells Tanu they accepted Aaliya because she’s a daughter of this house, but no one has accepted Tanu or her child. She asks if she will pack her bags and leave on her own, or should she throw her out?

Tanu asks if they will throw her out? Daasi says yes. Tanu says fine, but that won’t change the truth that she’s going to become mother of Abhi’s child. It’s good that they are throwing Abhi out. Now she will prove him that no one loves him more than her, not even his family. She will support him and they shouldn’t come for their child when they get married. They may forget everything and forgive Abhi, but she will never forgive this day. She will take her revenge at that time. No matter how much they beg, she won’t give Abhi or his child. They should now forget that they had any grandson. Whatever Abhi has earned is his and Abhi should get his right. She will go to court and will take Abhi away from them. She leaves. Daadi is worried.

Abhi is packing his bag. Pragya comes and asks what he’s doing. Daadi loves him a lot. She is just angry. He should not take her seriously. He can say sorry but not leave her alone. Abhi tells her no one knows Daadi more than him. He hasn’t seen her hurt like this ever before and he doesn’t want to hurt her more. Pragya asks him where he will go? He tells her not to worry about that. He will manage. She says she will also go with him. Abhi says she won’t go anywhere. He knows he has no right on her, but he’s requesting as a friend to stay there with Daadi for few days.

He is worried who will take care of Daadi in his absence. It’s only her who can take care of her. If she is with Daadi, then he will think he’s with her. He requests her to stay with Daadi for few days. Pragya asks him why he doesn’t understand. She also needs him. Abhi looks at her. She says his family needs him. If he leaves, then everything will collapse. Abhi says he knows all will feel bad, but they will get used to living without him. He deserves the punishment for what he has done.

Pragya cry and blame herself as Daadi read the report. Abhi tells her she did a mistake, but it was for good. He will win Daadi’s trust and love, but he needs to serve his punishment for this. He asks her to stay back for him. Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays in the background. Abhi packs his bag while Pragya looks on tensed.

Sarla calls Bulbul asking her to come soon. Jhanki asks what to cook in the evening? Sarla looks on tensely. Beeji asks what happened? Sarla says nothing but she is feeling as if something bad has happened or something wrong will happen. She asks if all will be good now. Beeji tells her there is something wrong with Sarla’s mind. She will call Pragya and get her scolded by her. Sarla asks her not to call Pragya that she is smiling. Beeji asks her to inform Jhanki about the things to prepare for dinner.

Pragya asks Abhi to think again, as others will be hurt seeing him being punished. Abhi keeps his hand on her mouth and says he can’t do this. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. Pragya stops him and asks him to be calm as she would convince Daadi to stop his punishment. Abhi emotionally stares at her. Pragya looks at him with longing eyes.

Dadi cries and says happiness is going far from her home and it is her mistake, she didn’t take care of Abhi. Pragya comes there requesting Daadi not to throw Abhi out of the house. She asks her to stop Abhi from going out. She speaks for Abhi and reminds Daadi when Abhi was throwing Aaliya out, she said she is the daughter of this house and adds that Abhi is also the son of this house and plead with her to stop Abhi from leaving the house. Daadi does not want to anything and says to Pragya that her decision is final and asks Pragya to go as well if she wants to. Pragya asks how can she be so stone hearted as she forgave his mistakes all the way long, then why can’t today. Abhi too shows up there and tries to enter the room to take blessing from his Daadi but Daadi stops him that he don’t deserve this right and asks him to go away.

While leaving the house, Abhi keeps his bag down and meets each members of the family personally. He apologizes to Taya ji and Pammi. Taya ji hugs him that he is a good son. Akash hugs him too. Abhi tells him he was his idol, but Akash stop him that he is always his idol, irrespective of Daadi’s thinking. Abhi asks Mitali to give love to Bunty and Babli as he couldn’t become a good uncle. Mitali assures him that he is a good uncle. Abhi tells them he don’t deserve love from all of them and should get big punishment than this. He asks everyone to take care of Daadi and asks them to live a happy life. He adds that he will never forgive himself if Daadi doesn’t take care of herself. Taya ji assures Abhi that Daadi’s anger will go down in some days and then they will stay together. Abhi then tells them that he will leave and starts walking towards the door.

Abhi talks to Aaliya that he couldn’t become good at relations and he became a rockstar but failed in every relation. He has fallen in everyone eyes and don’t have any right to punish her. He know she will not forgive him and she shouldn’t. The moment he starts walking again, Pragya calls him to stop. She runs to him and hugs him from back. Abhi closes his eyes while Pragya cries badly. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai song plays in the background. Abhi turns and hugs her crying.

Daasi comes and looks at them. Abhi separates the hug and looks at her. Pragya tries to speak up but he puts his finger on his mouth. Pragya looks on emotionally and cries. Abhi picks his bag and leaves. Pragya sits down shockingly and devastated. Daadi comes, sees him leaving and goes to her room.

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While Abhi is walking on the road, he recalls his moments with Daadi. A flashback is shown, Abhi surprises Daadi and takes her to their home. Daadi asks if this is his studio? Abhi tells his Daadi that he has bought new big house for her. He asks if his Daadi is happy? He gives her the keys and says she is the owner of this house. Daadi replies to him that he is the owner. Abhi tells her she is his everything and gives her the keys asking her to throw him out if he does any mistake. Daadi says she will never let him go far from her. flashback ends. Abhi sits down tensely.

Tanu comes to Abhi and asks him to come with her. Abhi asks her to leave him alone. Tanu asks him not to worry about the family who have disowned him. She sits beside him. Some thugs come there. Abhi tries to fight with them but Tanu stops him and takes him in her car. On the other hand, after kicking Abhi out of the house, Pragya and Daadi are shattered, Pragya holds Abhi’s guitar and cries. Khushbo Se Yun Teri …..hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays in the background while Pragya recalls her days with Abhi and gets sad for his being kicked out of the house. Abhi’s Daadi is completely broken as he is not at home. She walks to Abhi room to see Pragya if she is alright while the latter goes to her room to check on Daadi’s health as Abhi asked her to take care of his Daadi. Dadi gets up and walks straight to Abhi’s room. Pragya sees daadi and thinks where she is going at this time? Daadi too reaches his room and get sad for Abhi’s incident. She cries watching Abhi’s picture hanging on the wall. Pragya follows Abhi’s Daadi to her room and looks at her emotional side.

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Pragya confronts Daadi and tells her that she already knew that this would happen as she clearly told her then that she will cry the most remembering Abhi. She asks Daadi if she loved Abhi so much why did she send him out and Abhi is not here to see her love. But Daadi replies to Pragya that she is seeing her anger but not her helplessness and she have to become a mother from a wife to understand her helplessness. Daadi adds that a mother gets happy seeing her child’s progress and if her son do anything wrong then his mother gets scared and that fear makes a mother punish her son, so that he don’t repeat his mistake. She questions Pragya back by asking her how can she forgive her husband who has extra marital affairs. She further asks Pragya to tell from her point of view, if it is right for Abhi to make relation with other woman. She tells Pragya she can’t see this if this happens to others but now keeping quiet as it has happened with her and that she didn’t do any mistake by punishing Abhi.

Abhi stays in Tanu’s flat as he was kicked out of the house by his Daadi. On the other hand, Tanu takes the advantage of the situation and tries to brainwash Abhi against his family and Daadi by telling Abhi that she will change the decorations else shift to other flat and they will work hard and build a big house. They should get married and stay away from his family. They will take care of their baby together. Abhi is silent. Tanu asks if he is not happy? She asks him to talk. Abhi asks her to shut up and that he don’t want to talk to her. Tanu says she was saying all this intentionally to change his mood and that his Daadi kicked him out of his house in one moment and asks him to forget his Daadi which makes Abhi angry with Tanu’s behaviour and asks her to stop it that he can’t hear anything against his Daadi. He came here because of Pragya as she wants him to take care of his responsibility and asks her to leave him alone as he want to sleep now. Tanu thinks Pragya has changed him so much, but she will change her Abhi with love.

The next day, it is revealed that Abhi’s Daadi is sick as Akash gets Daadi checked by doctor. Pragya asks Akash what has happened to Daadi. Akash replies to her that Daadi’s health get upset thinking about Abhi and she is punishing herself and asks Pragya to bring back life and happiness to Daadi and house, by bringing Abhi back home. He asks her to do something and goes to attend the meeting.

Aaliya meets Mitali husband, Raj in jail and feels sorry for his condition and then says whatever have happened with him is wrong. She tries to provoke him that he is paying for someone’s doings and that she has decided to free him from here. Raj asks her to talk straight and asks her the real intention behind her meeting. Aaliya replies that she wants to take revenge from her enemy Abhishek Mehra and that Abhi is his enemy too. Aaliya narrates the whole story of how Abhi, her brother became her enemy as he has snatched her happiness and taught her a lesson and that he has hurt her and needs to be hurt too. She asks if Raj will help her in her revenge.

Raj, who had already decided to change his fate by turning bad tells Aaliya that the timing is right and he has decided to change his statement. He tells Aaliya that he will take revenge from the person who were responsible for him to be jailed and that she came here to help him. He will agree to help her in taking revenge and that he will do all the bad things to get money and fame. He adds that he is disowning every relation and will only work for money. Finally, Aaliya joins hands with Raj to ruin Abhi and they both shake hands and strike a partnership for crime.

Abhi comes to office and asks to send Akash. His employee says he didn’t come till now. Abhi asks about Purabh? His employee says Purabh is out of station for some project. Akash comes there and greets Abhi. Abhi asks why did he came late? Akash tells that he brought medicines for Daadi and got her check up done and adds that Daadi’s health is deteriorating. Abhi gets concerned and runs back home after he gets to know about his Daadi’s health.

Pragya takes care of Daadi and make her have food. Mitali thinks Daadi takes their service. Abhi rushes there and scolds everyone at home for not been able to take care of Daadi. Dadi asks him to leave. Abhi later tells Daadi that he will not go away from her until she gets fine which makes Pragya happy. He asks robin to bring tray and adds that Daadi can beat him with scale, but he will not leave the house. Pragya is happy to see Abhi caring for Daadi as he tells Daadi that he won’t leave the house even if she kicks him out this time.

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