RONKE ODUSANYA: Redefining Beauty, Marriage and Fame

Call her Flakky, call her Becky and then you’ll grab the attention of one of Africa’s finest actors.

It’s hard to find an act that translates brilliance on screen to the real world. The movie industry in Nigeria is filled with several talents but one has distinguished herself in her roles she barely needs introduction. Ronke Odusanya aka flaky ididowo is not your typical Nollywood actress.

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Ever since she stirred in the movie, Baba Ologba, Ronke has gone to establish herself as a force to reckon with in the Nigerian movie industry. Ronke may have gotten loads of accolades for her epic roles in movies but she isn’t satisfied. According to her, “…I’m working on growing the Ronke Odusanya brand into a multi-national worthy brand…” Ronke is keen on taking the entire Africa by storm. Her movies are watched in far-flung countries like Gambia, Cameroun, Sierra leone and even as far as Brazil.

In the movie, Flakky Ididowo, Ronke played the role of a typical runs girl. Only few people who watched the movie when it came out in 2001 didn’t confess to her superior acting skills. A movie so good Ronke herself wish she could act it over again. According to Ronke, “this was my first big screen movie which popularized my name and honestly I don’t regret acting it, because that has been my hall pass to the entertainment industry as even most people call me that till now… I would love to act that movie again because I amazed myself how I got into that character perfectly…”

Like any other person, Ronke has had her fair share of shortcomings in life. Her short-lived romantic relationship with fuju star, Pasuma, did set the media world on fire. According to her, “Pasuma is an amazing friend, who can go to any length for his friends and yes, we are still good friends… he even got featured in one of my recent production this year and played a lead role… who wouldn’t love a friend like that? Our friendship is amazing.” But days with Pasuma are over and Ronke has learnt her fair share of lessons. Ronke is not an advocate of celebrity marriage and thinks the media ruins it.

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Ronke is an epitome of beauty who has realised the enormous influence she wields amongst women. But Ronke doesn’t see herself as a feminist. She says there’s a natural order of things as placed by God… so why fight that. But she believes couples should share responsibility in the home. In her words, “… everyone wants to be pampered financially, so it baffles me when some women think it’s smart to talk about equal rights but when it comes to bills or other duties, you think it’s a man’s sole responsibility.”

When asked if she got favoured in the industry due to her sultriness, she was filled with laughter. “…this question killed me, because it’s like an anthem I get to hear daily… well, that answer is based on perspective. Same way people assume or believe fair skinned slim girls are majorly favored too or sometimes referred to as runs girls… that’s mass opinion, but sometimes people want to do something for you because they think they can get something back in exchange for that. But that’s not my gospel to preach..”

Ronke knows the road to success isn’t filled with roses but she has these words for her admirers, “avoid the nightmares and let your talent speak for you.”



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