Thursday Updates on Reach for the Stars (Episodes 138- 140)

Kalpana studies Raghav’s looks and comprehends that Raghav has not yet perused her email. She chooses to delete the mail from Raghav’s PC when Raghav leaves his office. While Kalpana is stowing away under Raghav’s table and deleting the mail, Raghav sees her. Raghav asks what she is doing under the desk. Kalpana gives an immature accuse and manages to get away. Kamla touches base at the prayer meet as asked by Rithu. Sammy reads Kalpana’s mail. Sammy shows the mail to Raghav and inquires as to whether he is in love with Kalpana. Sammy cautions him about the critical outcomes he would face if he has feelings for Kalpana. Raghav chooses to concentrate on Pakhi and his arrangement to revenge on the Kapoors.

Kalpana is still under the impression that Raghav has not perused the mail yet. Raghav chooses to take his first step towards ruining the Kapoor family. He invites Pakhi Kapoor for dinner. Pakhi, ignorant of Raghav’s aims is just upbeat to be with Raghav. While, Raghav and Pakhi are out for dinner, Kalpana is occupied with work in the office. Kalpana sees herself locked in the store room, when she goes there to get a document. She tries to call to the workers yet no one answered. Pakhi gets a surprise when she discovers that Raghav has booked a whole restaurant for their dinner. Raghav begins to see Kalpana in Pakhi’s place and starts to worry over Kalpana.

Raghav and Pakhi choose to dance together. Raghav begins to see Kalpana in Pakhi’s place. Soon Raghav stops dancing and goes back to the office. He hears Kalpana’s voice from the store room and rushes towards there. He breaks the door open. Kalpana embraces Raghav. Pakhi sees both of them hugging and is heart-broken. Raghav is furious with Kalpana for ruining his plan. Afterward, Raghav sees Kalpana waiting for a car. Raghav helps her find a car, however follows the car with his car to ensure Kalpana’s safety. Raghav some way or another achieves Kalpana’s place just before Kalpana. Kalpana sees Raghav at her place.

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