Thursday Updates on Young Dreams: (Episodes 355- 357)

Dayal picks the bags stands in front of Rachna who apologizes that she wanted to help him but he throws the bags saying she got caught in a drug scandal. Gunjan supports Rachna but Seema scolds her. Dayal is blaming Rachna who runs to her room and Gunjan follows. Shayl is worried while Gunjan tries to console Rachna . Rachna cries her heart out and Shayl enters and says even though her intentions were right she lied to her mom and now questions will rise on her upbringing. She asks why did both of them hide things Gunjan supports Rachna , she even says that even she found out herself and asks her to be in Rachna s shoes. Rachna explains she just wanted to take the burden off Dayal and asks forgiveness. Shayl says she is not in a frame of mind to think anything and to sleep. She tells they wont hide anything from her.

Mr Agarwal and SD come to the policestation and get to know about Rachna selling bags in the party with Vihaan. Vihaan tries to defend Rachna and she listens calmly. Gunjan Rachna talk about Vihaan and Gunjan decides they should tell Shayl the truth. Dayal decides Rachna wont go to college anymore and Shayl tries to talk him out of it. Sd Arrives with a box and the whole family is shocked to see her including Rachna and Gunjan. She greets Dayal and says she is here on a friendly visit and says she got a gift and gives him the box and asks to open it. She opens it herself and the box is full of ashes. The gift is as Rachna has done such a great thing and wants them to rub it on their face themselves.

The family is shocked and when SD gives the box to Dayal he throws it down. SD blames Rachna for Vihaan being in jail. She taunts Dayal that he is using Rachna to recover his losses and he should make Rachna sit on the shop. They argue and SD taunts Shayl about her upbringing . She says Vihaan is innocent and he got carried away due to Rachna and was selling drugs in the party. Shayl says Rachna does not talk to Vihaan and SD asks Rachna to speak the truth. Shayl does not believe but SD says she does not know her daughter. The innocence is just a mask Rachna has no answer and Shayl asks why she is quiet . Rachna breaks down and tells the truth that Vihaan was helping her out. The whole family is shocked rachna says she was about to tell the truth and Shayl slaps her.

Gunjan tries to take Rachna s side but Shayl stops her. SD promises to make their lives hell once she gets Vihaan out. SD reminds Dayal of the words he had said in the temple and tells he trained his daughter well to get rich guys . Gunjan asks her to shut up but is stopped by Shayl. SD leaves and Dayal is heart broken Shayl admits he was right and scolds Rachna that she was not worth anything. Rachna and Gunjan leave the room. Vihaan is lost in Rachna s thoughts and rachna is crying that her intentions were never wrong.

Shayl and Dayal can’t sleep and are lost in SD’s taunts. Gunjan is also thinking about Shayl’s words Mayank tells her not to stress. Next morning Seema and Sangeeta are b*t*hing about Shayl and Prabhu says they will never change .

Shayl is in the kitchen and the milk is about to fall. Gunjan switches off the gas and tries to defend Rachna and Shayl scolds her for not speaking earlier and supporting Vihaan and Rachna. Gunjan says to be in Rachna’s place once as Rachna felt it was her duty to help her dad and Vihaan was ready to help. She asks what is wrong in it and asks her to see Rachna’s creativity. Shayl reminds her Vihaan had insulted Rachna and had got engaged to Gunjan. She tells that she has influenced Rachna but Rachna can never become Gunjan . Gunjan is hurt and Shayl says from today every decision of Rachna s life will be taken by Dayal or Shayl.

Rachna is blaming herself for everything Gunjan overhears and wants to console her but remembers Shayl’s words and hesitates. When she is about to go in Mayank takes her to their room and tells her she is equally responsible. Dayal is remembering SD’s taunts and Shayl says Rachna is hiding something she offer to talk to her once. Dayal says there is no need and Rachna wont go to college anymore. Rachna is looking at vihaan s pic and videos in her phone she says Gunjan and Vihaan were the only people who believed her and now both are not there. She hopes he is ok. Shayl overhear and scolds her she leaves snatching her phone. Gunjan comes to Rachna s room and consoles her . On Gunjan s questioning Rachna reveals she clicked pictures but the phone is not with her. Gunjan tells her not to worry.

Dholu is fiddling with remove Gunjan comes in and helps him as the battery s are not proper. They promote Do Dil Ek Jaan. Gunjan asks him to do something for her and whispers in his ear. He goes to Shayl’s room and Dayal is there he hides behind a chair when Dayal leaves to get water he searches the entire room. He gets the phone but Shayl enters.

Dholu tells Gunjan that he was not able to get it but its in the cupboard. She tells him a plan and signals Rachna.

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