Tuesday Updates on Sands of Time

Gyan is appalled to realize that it was Kshom’s gun that had killed Nishna and Shekhar had interchanged the gun for the purpose of his own redemption. Here Shekhar comes to hospital to see Jia. But Rukmani insults Shekahr telling that he is a blotch on the Pandey family. Later Nethra and Samar barge in at their residence. Rukmani considers Samar as an ideal son making him feel guilty.

He insists to Nethra that their escapade at Banglore should be kept secret. Shekhar feels that his repentance shall make Jia well so he started giving himself physical pain. Gyan is horrified to see Shekhar bleeding where he makes an assertive statement that he shall not take the help of the doctor until Jia is well back to her feet..

Shekhar tells Gyan that if he ever wants to see him alive he has to come back with the news of Jia’s recovery. Here Jia is sinking petrifying everyone from Kshom to Rukmani. Kshom out of resentment blurts that he is not leaving Shekhar. Rukmin also supports him. Gyan is suffering internally realizing the trauma Shekhar is going. He tells Samar that Shekhar has done lot of mistakes but he is not so bad to be bequeathed.

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Shekar out of fatigue falls down and Jia recovers miraculously. Doctors start calling it a phenomenon recovery. Shekhar breaks his traumatic fast after knowing that Jia has recovered to good health. When Gyan offers him glass of water he falls down unconscious.

Shekhar is taken to the same hospital where he is given glucose. Jia is being told to relax. Rukmini is very annoyed with Gyan for supporting Shekhar. Rukmini is too stubborn to forgive him. Shekhar insists Gyan to make him see jia. Gyan asks Jia to forgive Shekhar. But Jia despises the man intensely.

Gyan consoles Shekhar adding that time shall eradicate her anger. Jia asks Gyan a favor to her by not calling Shekhar to her marriage. On the contrast Shekhar has relinquished his share of property to Jia and Kshom and has asked permission from Gyan to attend the marriage of Kshom and Jia.     

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