Young Dreams: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 364- 366)

Gunjan is calling Mayank at home early than the normal time as Mayank is on fast for teej. Celebrations are going on in the Garg’s house. Some lady is complementing Rachna that she is looking pretty so they should marry her. Gunjan is on the swing and as soon as Rachna calls her Gunjan dramatize to fall from the swing.

Vihaan is asking for tea in the lockup and if a girl named Rachna came there or not? Rachna is searching for CD. Family is treating Gunjan’s feet. Gunjan got successful in diverting family’s mind. Rachna goes by hiding her face to police station. The family is completing their pooja. Mayank’s boss asking him if everything is all set as tomorrow is the hearing of court on the drugs case. Mayank assures that all is fine as the boss is also threatening him with his words related to his job.

Rachna is in the police station giving that CD to Inspector with a letter containing that there are some evidences through which Vihaan could be proved innocent. There was also present the same person who called the drug peddler to alert him about the proof.

Rachana gives the police officer the paper and pen and she leaves in an auto. At the Garg’s house prayers are going on. The ladies ask for bindis and bangles from Seema but she says she had told Sangeetha to bring them and Sangeetha says she only got them for herself. Pihu volunteers to get them from a nearby shop but Shail refuses as she says Pihu shouldn’t get up and go during the prayers. She suggests that Rachana should go instead. Gunjan is scared and says she will go get Rachana but Shail says she will go. Gunjan gets up and excuses herself. A policeman tells Vihaan that a girl came and gave evidence and that he was right and Vihaan happily thinks it must be Rachana.

Prayers are going on and Shail walks to Rachana’s room. Gunjan follows her behind. Rachana is still on the way home in an auto. Shail opens the door and is surprised to see Rachana not in her room. Shail calls out Rachana and she is standing near the door a little breathless. She calls out to Shail who turns and asks her what is she doing upstairs and she should be down as the prayers have started. Shail asks Rachana why is she sweating. Shail asks if she has a fever. Rachana tells Shail that its so hot and she didnt even on the fan that’s why. Shail tells Gunjan to come down. Gunjan says she will in a while. Gunjan closes the door and asks Rachana if she gave the CD. Rachana smiles and says yes and says she is relieved and finally Vihaan will be free. Gunjan asks where her dupatta. Rachana says her dupatta got stuck while she was climbing the window.

Mayank is at his boss’s room and the boss tells him to type a letter. Mayank asks what letter but the boss tells him to just do as he is told. The boss tells him to type that he Mayank would like to leave the job as he is incapable. Mayank questions as to why since he deals with the client well. The boss says that he said not to let the CD reach the police. Mayank is puzzled and the boss tells him that he has been deceived and Mayank sent his son to jail and a warrant has been issued. Mayank says there must be some issue. The boss tells him to submit the resignation letter and leave immediately. Mayank leaves sadly. At home the pooja is over and everyone are leaving. Pihu asks Gunjan how was her first Teej fast without water and says Mayank will come soon to break her fast. Mayank storms in angrily.

Mayank shouts for Rachana and throws his bag. Rachaan comes down and he asks Rachana if she went to the police station and did as she pleased. Shail asks why is he shouting at her and he says he lost his job because of Rachana’s foolishness. Seema asks how is this possible. Mayank says that Rachana handed over the CD to the police and his son’s boss got caught in that drug peddling case. He tells Shail because of Rachana his boss made him write his resignation letter. Seema laments at this. Mayank says his career was going smooth till Rachana ruined it. Shail says there must be some misunderstanding. Prabhu says to talk and clear it with his boss. Mayank denies any misunderstanding.

Shail says that someone else could have sent the evidence also. Mayank says after all that has happened how can Shail still side Rachana. Mayank says the whole family knew Rachana was stubborn in proving Vihaan innocent so it has to be her. Shail says not to take out his anger of losing his job on her. She says why doesn’t he believe her when she says Rachana didn’t leave the house. Pihu comes with the dupatta and tells Rachana this is the one she gave her and she found it drenched outside and asks if she went outside. All are shocked. Seema tells Shail to say now that Rachana is not wrong and that she didn’t go out. Seema says Mayank is right that she is believing Rachana blindly and that’s why Mayank lost his job today. Shail asks Rachana again.

Shail tells her to says its a lie. Rachana is quiet. Mayank says what will she say. Rachana tells him to understand her and admits she went to the police station and she didn’t want anyone to know that she gave the CD. She just wanted Vihaan to get justice. She says she doesn’t know how his office people knew she went to the station. She tells him he has always supported the truth whether it was her hockey and says what will he do in her place and wouln’t he stop if someone innocent was punished. She says she felt sad he lost his job and that if she didn’t then Vihaan’s life would be ruined and all because he wanted to help Rachana. Gunjan comes and tells everyone that they thought Rachana was blinded by love but to try and understand her. Mayank says now she has started and why not because she supported Rachana. Seema scolds Gunjan for supporting Rachana.

Gunjan supports Rachna but Seema taunts her for being a bad wife. Dayal tells Rachna he hates her name and it’s so shameful that the son of the house lost his job because of her. Mayank also scolds her that she took Vihaan’s side who had made her and Gunjan’s life hell. Gunjan tells him to stop and that anyone could have given the CD to the police and says she would have done the same if she was in Rachna s place and the mistake is the boss who is pressurizing him to save his son. She tells him to be proud of Rachna. Shayl understands and when Seema is taunting her that she is responsible for Rachna’s actions.  

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