The 5- Step Plan To Help An Emotionally Incompatible Partner

The issue of compatibility among couples has raised many topic and unending issues in homes. Many times, men complain about how incompatible their partner is in the bedroom and maybe at places outside the bedroom. When a partner becomes withdrawn emotionally, it becomes difficult to connect. This could pose some threats to the relationship and make love one sided.

So, here’s a 5- step plan that could help your partner get better and also help you stop feeling stressed over how incompatible your partner is.

Step 1: Communicate often

Communication is key when dealing with this kind of partner. You should let them know how you feel about the issue by assuring them you are with them. Ignoring a person that is not emotionally active as you are could raise some false assumptions from them. Discuss the issue like adults that are really ready to make a difference.  When you both sit to discuss the issue instead of treating it like it does not matter, it becomes a mutual understanding. Constant communication keeps partners in check. The other partner is able to trust you and get help.

Step 2: Stay Calm

There is need to maintain calmness as much as possible. You need to be tolerant and understand the situation. Getting irritable towards such partner wouldn’t solve the issue, instead it makes them move from you. It is actually a crazy feeling when you are making efforts to give attention, time, love and many more to your partner and they are warm. As much as possible, talk with ease, be calm and trust the process. If your partner sees how calm and easy you handle the situation, it becomes easier for them to make improvement.

Step 3: Spend time together

The more time you spend with your partner, the more you get to know them better. You can’t know much about a person you don’t give your time. Spending quality time together helps you know when they are stressed, tired, not in the mood, happy or down. When you know all of these, you know the right time to approach them and spice up the romantic side of them. You don’t want to initiate sex topics and all with a partner that is not available at the moment, so find the right time and space to discuss. See movies together, go the beach, attend events together, do your routine and other things together, it creates a strong bond.

Step 4: Flirt a little

Emotional incompatibility could be as a result of stress, low sex drive, fear, lack of intimacy and so on. A partner that is not in the right frame of mind wouldn’t totally be free with you. So it is necessary to know when they are in the right mood, touch softly, send messages intentionally, understand their body language, tease them often, see romantic movies together. Try as much as possible not to appear desperate or pushy even when you do all these, it could turn them off in the process.

Step 5: Strike off trust issues

You never know why your partner is emotionally incompatible with you. It could be as a result of past experiences or your actions that are raising assumptions. As much as possible, you should know you are not alone in this, so it is important you don’t leave your partner clueless over all you do. For a relationship to be successful, you must both have equal trust in each other.  If that’s not possible, you and your partner may not be well suited for each other. Strike off anything that could make your partner doubt you and all you do. Trust is essential in helping a partner that is not emotionally compatible as you are.

Emotional incompatibility is the major cause of divorce among many married people as people find it difficult to endure and understand the other partner.It takes great effort dealing with a partner you don’t connect with emotionally.  You feel stressed and many times, you want to opt out. But as a couple, we all have our differences and preferences, so it is important to note the area where your partner needs help and to help as much as we can out of love.

Culled from Palmchat.

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