Tuesday Updates On King of Hearts: Episodes 428- 429)

Siddharth asks why he is after him and his family? Why is he doing this and want to ruin them. The mysterious joker smiles. Siddharth tries to take out his wig but the joker throws colors on Siddharth and runs away. Siddharth coughs but he gets the mysterious joker’s watch fallen and recalls seeing the same watch with Shabnam. He calls Pinto up. Pinto says he came to know who is helping the joker with the CCTV cameras. Siddharth says okay that he have a doubt on someone. Siddharth goes with Pinto. Resham sees him getting inside a building and informs Durgardevi. Durgardevi asks Roshni if Siddharth came last night as Siddharth is not here and tells her that Yash have helped her with jewellery launch else she don’t know what would have happen. The Joker sees them on CCTV and swears that he will ruin him ( Siddharth ).
Siddharth and Pinto gets inside the lift. A burqa clad woman waits for the lift to come, but goes before it arrives. Siddharth and Pinto comes to a house and finds nobody there. They hear someone voice and run out. Durgardevi interacts with the media as she introduces her new line of collections under the new project and expresses how happy she is with her new jewellery line. The media questions about Siddharth’s absense and asks if he is part of the project? Durgardevi is tensed. The media person continue to bombard her with questions. Yash is forced to intervene and make an excuse that Siddharth is part of the project. He says as it is a big project, Siddharth is handling something else. Durgardevi thanks the reporters and tells them to have a good day. Siddharth and Pinto comes out and sees again see the Burqa Clad woman getting into an auto. Siddharth happens to see her face as the burqa veil flies in air. Siddharth takes the cycle and follows the auto but the auto driver tells him that she left. Siddharth is shocked.
Later Siddharth comes home and gives a watch to Ayesha. Ayesha thanks him. He then asks her to go and play. Roshni asks Siddharth if he got time to come home and that her mother would be happy to see him as he is spending so much time on her project. Siddharth is silent. Roshni says it is ridiculous. Yash later meet Siddharth and expresses his disappointment towards him for creating trouble in Durgardevi’s life. He then asks Siddharth where was he? Siddharth asks Yash how can he wear suit in such a hot weather and asks him to take it out. He takes his suit out and throws away. Roshni asks what is all this? Siddharth tells her they should celebrate but Roshni is upset with him. Yash again comes to Siddharth and asks what is he doing? Siddharth informs Yash that the house is rigged and Shabnam is responsible for it.

Yash acts to be shocked. Siddharth tells that it is very complicated, he have to protect his family, Ayesha is shabnam’s sister and she can’t see her caught. They have to do something. He decides to send Ayesha to the summer camp as he does not want her to see him going against Shabnam. Siddharth asks Ayesha to go on a summer camp. Ayesha refuses to go. Siddharth insists. Roshni asks why is he forcing her? Why summer camp? Siddharth asks her not to go weak and she should go there. Roshni says she is very small and crying, and begs Siddharth not to pressurize her.

Siddharth insists Ayesha should go. Durgardevi asks why is he talking like this with her daughter and that Ayesha have never misbehaved. Siddharth says he is her father and knows what is right or wrong for her, and will not take any wrong decision. Ayesha tells Durgardevi to change Siddharth’s decision. Durgardevi assures Ayesha that she won’t go anywhere. Siddharth keep insisting that he is her father and reminds her of the past and irritates her. Roshni says he can’t talk to her ( Roshni ) like this. Durgardevi tells Roshni to let it be and to let him talk his heart out. She adds that she will not say anything and leaves.
Siddharth in his heart apologizes to Roshni and Durgardevi that he can’t tell anything as that mysterious joker is seeing them. He swears not to leave Shabnam. He will send her to such a place from where she can’t return. He asks Ayesha to come and take her forcibly. Roshni tries to stop him but in vain. Ayesha cries that she don’t want to go. Siddharth tells her it is a good place and she will enjoy the place. Ayesha refuses to go. Siddharth calls the principal and thanks him for giving her permission to stay in the hostel as the school is closed and that he is reaching there soon. Ayesha cries badly. He thinks Ayesha will go to the hostel and not summer camp, if he would have told this then all the family would have been tensed.
Siddharth comes back home after dropping Ayesha and that he have to explain to Roshni why he is doing this? Roshni refuses to speak to him and ignores him. The next morning, Siddharth wakes up and decides to check with the warden. Just then he sees newspaper with Ayesha picture as missing and joker note attached to it. He panics and calls the warden. The warden tells him Ayesha is fine and she is with her. She says she is upset though, but she will cheer her up. Siddharth thinks if he talk to her then the Joker will know about Ayesha. He decides to call the newspaper office and bash them for publising wrong news, but he sees a note of joker and post dated newspaper. He reads the Joker’s note, if he liked the trailor.
Siddharth comes out and asks Ganpath who gave this newspaper. Ganpath says milk man or laundry man. Siddharth asks him to inform everyone that he is going for some important work. Siddharth meets Ayesha and makes her sit in the car. He says they are going to a secret place. Ayesha asks if they are playing hide and seek game. Siddharth says yes and that whoever wins in this game will get a big prize. Pinto calls Siddharth that he have talked to his sister and Ayesha will be safe with her. Siddharth thanks him.

Durgardevi asks Roshni if she came to know about Siddharth. Roshni says she called him but his call is not getting connected. Durgardevi says he don’t want to come. Yash comes and asks Durgardevi to come. Ganpath tells that Siddharth went somewhere and confuses them.

Resham says Siddharth might have reached the launch before them. Yash says maybe he wanted to surprise them and went there before them. They reach the office. Durgardevi gets tensed and says Siddharth have mess up everything and that the arrangements haven’t been done. Yash assures her that he will take care of the arrangements and takes Kesar with him. Roshni tries to call Siddharth. On the other hand, Siddharth drops Ayesha at Pinto’s sister home and tells her that it is a game and if she plays it well then she will get a big gift at the end. Ayesha smiles. Pinto’s sister asks him not to worry about Ayesha. Ayesha says she will wait for her mother and tells her father that she love him.

Siddharth comes out and talk to himself that Ayesha will be save here. Roshni calls Siddharth up and asks him to come to the press conference at the earliest and adds that her mother is extremely angry with him. Siddharth tells Roshni that he is engaged in an important work and promises to reach the event on time before the event starts. Roshni informs her mother that Siddharth will come before the event starts. Yash asks Durgardevi not to worry. Siddharth gets Pinto’s call. He tells Pinto that he left Ayesha with his sister. Pinto tells something and he is shocked. He rushes back to the house.

Pinto tells Siddharth that the woman was not her sister and that woman came with two goons and tied his sister and kidnapped Ayesha. Siddharth thinks how can he be fool and handover his daughter to her. He recalls gifting a smart watch to Ayesha with a tracker, and tells Pinto that he can locate her location. Meanwhile, the press conference starts and the media starts asking Durgardevi for Siddharth. Durgardevi asks them to excuse her and goes. Roshni says she will never forgive Siddharth for this. Siddharth looks at his phone and the tracker stopped here. He follows the trails of the joker and reaches an abandoned warehouse where he encounters Shabnam tied on to the chair. Shabnam asks for help. Siddharth asks where his daughter Ayesha is and accuse Shabnam for kidnapping her. He don’t know that she can harm her own sister. Shabnam tells him she is innocent and someone is taking advantage of their enmity.

Siddharth asks her to stop it and asks where is his daughter. Shabnam asks him not to come forward as bomb is attached at the back of the chair. Siddharth is shocked. Durgardevi recalls the reporters questions asking her about Siddharth if he is so happy with her project. She gets teary eyes and wipes her tears. Roshni comes there and says she know her mother have invested lots of time and energy at the launch. She adds that something might have happen and that’s why Siddharth didn’t come. She assures her mother that Siddharth loves everyone very much and asks for a chance. Durgardevi says she knew that Roshni will always take her husband side, it is her perception but she can’t handle it anymore. She asks Roshni not to change her perception, she just need to be alone and leaves.

Shabnam asks Siddharth to save her. Siddharth says he know that this bomb is fake, but he will save her. He removes the bomb and throws it far. The bomb explodes. Shabnam asks Siddharth why will she try to kill herself? Siddharth replies that he don’t believe her even now and asks her to tell him where Ayesha is? Shabnam tells him to believe her, she love her sister very much and if he don’t believe her then he should kill her right here. She says everything is done by that joker. On the other hand, Yash consoles Roshni and asks her not to cry. Sam sees him consoling Roshni while she hugs him cryingly. Sam gets angry. Sam says she will not forgive Yash. Meanwhile, Shabnam try to convince Siddharth that the joker is after her since many days and that the mysterious joker found her when she tried to escape. She haven’t done this and if he don’t believe her then she will kill herself. She tries to jump from the window but Siddharth holds her. Shabnam hugs him. Siddharth says he will take her to a safe place and that he can kill anyone for his family.

Siddharth brings Shabnam to Pinto’s house and tells him that Shabnam said that she doesn’t know anything about Ayesha. Shabnam’s phone rings. Pinto takes the phone and gives it to Siddharth. Siddharth picks the video call. The joker tells Siddharth that he thought to play game with him and adds that Ayesha is with him. Shabnam call Ayesha name. Siddharth is shocked. The Joker laughs that the doll’s hairs are fine like Ayesha. Siddharth asks him not to touch his daughter. Shabnam says the same. Siddharth asks him to come in front and fight if he is real man. The joker says he will know soon who is the real man? Shabnam shouts Ayesha as the Joker scares them. Siddharth agrees to do everything and asks him not to harm Ayesha.

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