Tuesday Updates On Sands of Time


Jia depart to Kshoms residence and Shekhar going back to jail. Meanwhile, Kshom and Jia are welcomed into their house by Gayatri and Chavi. Shekhar does an internal introspection where he is very clear that Jia is just a friend. Jia on her wedding night asks Kshom to give her some time to adjust. Rukmani is lamenting to Gyan that Jia’s absence has created emptiness in the house. Kshom has prepared breakfast for Jia posing as a complete devoted husband. Samar receives a call to come to the veranda. He assumes it is from Nethra but is perplexed to find Devyani standing in front of her.

Samar gets defensive at Devyani’s accusation. Nethra is relieved that Devyani is now exposed to her affair with Samar. Jia and Kshom decide to go to honeymoon after the festival of Diwali. Devyani is witness to Nethra and Samar adulterous affair. Devyani feels depressed realizing that it was her own mistake of trusting Nethra. Jia is still emotional about her loss of her baby. Shekhar is too shocked to find that his inmate is his old enemy Manas. Manas is still vindictive towards the Pandey’s family. But his aggravation reaches the zenith when he realizes that he is unable to get bail. But he feels elated to realize that Shekhar Pandey’s son is alive which he will use as a pawn to escape from the jail.

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