When To Call It Quits: The 5 Warning Signs

Most times, it is not when a relationship ends that it actually does. Often times, we have dealt with insecurities, lies, infidelity and other issues in the relationship. We must have weighed our options, thought about it, before finally saying it’s over.

As difficult as it sounds, we just need to accept when we are seeing clear signs pointing to us that indeed it is over. Just in case you have stopped feeling butterflies, or the relationship has suddenly grown sour, you need to go through these signs and decide what you want.


When you stop missing him/her like you used to, and you really don’t care anymore, it is assign. The relationship was a roller-coaster. When the relationship has moved from great level of affection to none. You both find it boring expressing your feelings, and even when you do, it is always like it’s forced. When you hardly compliment the other person and your significant partner is not making efforts to come close to you. There are times your partner feels like staying alone, but when it becomes an issue, you should start considering your options.


Communication is an essential tool for a healthy relationship. It makes partners bond properly. Failure to communicate as couple is most likely a sign to call it quit. If you have to always force the significant other to communicate with you or discuss issues, then there is a problem. When there is an issue and none of you is ready to sort it out by talking, it makes the relationship a big job. When there is space between how you communicate, it makes you drag minor issues for long till it lingers to a big deal.


When you pick up fights at intervals and every conversation is all about argument, then it is a big sign. When you no longer come together to sort issues amicably, but fight instead, it is over. There is never a day you don’t provoke him/her or they provoke you instead. Most times, the fight gets bad and you exchange words or involve in violent acts.


Do you remember the start of the relationship when both of you act like there is nothing coming between you two? You spent minutes, hours and the whole day texting about all that happened in a day, but now you are so fast to get off the phone when he/she calls. When your partner does not find you or the relationship interesting anymore and they rather talk to people outside. If you no longer care what he does, where she goes and so on, you should consider ending the relationship.


The whole essence of dating mostly should be because you have seen a picture of the relationship in future. You desire to be with this person in the long haul. But when you no longer see this person as a part of your future, then it is a sign to end it. When you make conscious effort to avoid talks about the future when it is raised. In your mind, you just know it is over and there is no interest about making future plans together.

Although these are not enough reasons to end a relationship, but you see, when you sit and think it through with these signs, you just don’t need any other facts or signals pointing to you that it is actually over.

Culled from Palmchat.

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