Thursday Updates on Sands of Time

Shekhar turns aggressive towards Manas revealing his paternal instinct for his child. The constables forcibly puts him into his jail. Here Shekhar desperately wants to contact his family but his request is denied. Here Devyani humiliates Nethra for being cozy with her husband. Shekhar apologizes to his jailor adding that he shall ask sorry to Manas . While at kshom’s house certain amount of argument is taking place between Samar and Devayni and accidentally Jia listens to the conversation. Jia tries to confront Samar and unintentionally Gyan, Kshom Savitri are witness to this confrontation and they get to know that Samar is having a fling with Netra .Gyan is very stern with Samar. Samar is telling them that he is ready to leave the house with Nethra. Jia is trying to console devyani telling her to have patience. Jia confronts Nethra accusing her to be a witch-casting curse on people and destroying their houses.. Jia is depressed telling Kshom the sanctity of the marital relationship is no more. But Kshom tells jia that he shall always be a good husband to her. Here Devyani and Savitri decide to leave the house. Gyan refrains them to doing so. Gyan comes to know that Shekhar’s son is still alive. Jia and kshom comfort level reach to a point where they decide to consummate the marriage and the telephone rings. Jia gets baffled realizing that her son is still alive.

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