Sands of Time Friday Updates

A scuffle takes place between Kshom and Manas accompanied with his man. Kshom is hurt. Police barges in on nick of time arrests manas and his accomplice. Baby is taken to Shekhar and then to Pandey residence. Grandparents are enchanted to find the bunddle of energy to be their first grandchild. Devyani realizes the importance of baby in her life. So she goes to nethra asking for the child. Even she is willing to divorce her husband. Kshom is still insecure based on the fact that Jia is with Shekhars child and shekhar is lamenting about his captivity distancing him against his son. Jia is very clear to Kshom that the child belongs to them.

Puja is taking place at gyan house where Kshom had to get up giving to the place of real father of the baby Shekhar.

Kshom feels depressed to realize that the baby belongs to Jia and Shekhar .He is an outsider. He walks out from the puja proceeding silently baffling Jia. Here Rukmani and Gyan are in ambivalence. They don’t want to depart with the child. Jia makes it very clear that she and Kshom shall provide the baby the best. Kshom comes home late and finds Jia is waiting for him to arrive and have dinner. Next day Kshom feels the pain in his stomach. Jia tells that they need to go to the doctor for the check up. Nick of time Gyan and Ruklmani barge in asking jia to come with the baby for making his horoscope. Kshom tells Jia to go. He shall go to the hospital alone. Here Devyani through her histrionics compels Gyan to let Samar and Nethra stay at their residence. Kshom gets the shock of his life when he comes to know that he cannot be a father.

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