#MondayMotivation: How To Beat Workplace Blues

“there are no bad days, just bad moods”

As a worker, entrepreneur, or manager, it is normal to feel crushed by the weight of everything you have to do. There are days you feel like you can rule the world and there are other days when you just don’t feel like you’ve done anything worthwhile. And like Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song, “you just wanna lay on your bed”. At times, you feel unproductive; like coming to the office was a waste of time. You’re just stressed out about everything and anything. These are workplace blues. Nothing cheers you up or makes you feel happy. All the numbers you’d calculate before with a degree of joy now seem like a chore.Other times, you’re on top of the world. Nothing gets to you…then your perfect day takes a turn for the worse.

Guess what you’re feeling? Workplace blues. It happens to the best of us. But, there are easy ways to get rid of those workplace blues you are feeling right now.

There are easy ways to save a bad day- no matter how bad it is. Like Larina Kase, Psy.D., business psychologist and author of Anxious 9-5 and The Confident Leader says, “stress is like a bucket- when it spills over, we feel the effects. A quick reset is like emptying the bucket, allowing you to carry on with a smile”.

So, how do you get rid of workplace blues?

1.Take a break to refresh and restart.

Changing your environment- even if it’s just for a little while- can help boost your day. And don’t feel guilty about it. You can go for a short outdoor stroll, get something from a cafe or even go to the restroom to freshen up. You can brainstorm on how to make your day even better when coming back. Positive thinking is more than telling yourself everything is great, it is also in acting out that everything is great. Be as tough as your game plan.

2. Chat with a friend- a listening friend.

Talking to someone who listens to and values you is a great way to beat workplace blues. It could be as easy as knocking on a co-worker’s door, texting your partner, or even sending an email to your sibling. When you’re feeling blue, don’t keep it all in- share with someone who will listen and appreciate it. The power of community is a very powerful mind booster. So, please beat those workplace blues by talking to someone you enjoy being with.

3. Remember- it’s all in your hands.

Pat your back by yourself when you have to. It is one of the oldest confidence-boosting tricks in the book. What book? The book of self-confidence. Anytime you’re feeling blue, you can try listening to praising voice messages or re-reading praising emails and notes from co-workers and bosses. These will help to remind you that what you’re struggling with today isn’t permanent. Like we say, “this, too, shall pass”.

4. Put all in perspective.

Hello! When you’re off work at last, please enjoy that feeling. Do something that brings you joy afterward. It could be seeing a movie, hanging with friends, yoga, or even playing video games. Just make sure you do something that reminds you that you are NOT your job.

5. Put your head back in the game.

OK. You feel much better now. It’s time get up and doing. While it is absolutely normal to feel stress at work, it is better to do something about that stress when you start feeling miserable. Don’t try to be macho about it and power through it but take action that will relieve that stress. You must not think like a victim when stress gets the better of you but think about your goals and stay in control of what happens next.

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