The Deal With Social Addiction

I was talking with my best friend earlier today and he said he wants to deactivate his Facebook account; that every time he finds himself coming to Facebook to scroll through his timeline. What he is looking for, he does not know.

I have caught myself feeling that way several times and have even gone ahead to deactivate my account and then come back later to start from where I stopped. It’s not an easy thing. The temptation is strong.

When you are out there, it feels like you are missing the whole world when you are truly not missing anything.

The reason why social media thrives is this thing called addiction. It gives you freedom of expression to the point that you are addicted to expressing yourself to people you may or may not know.It’s like when you start playing a game you like, or you develop a habit that is difficult to let go of. You do things even when you do not know why you are doing them.

Social media has given power to every human person on earth to express himself or herself. It’s no longer the time when the traditional print and broadcast media had the final say. News run even faster now on social media. A typical example is this Facebook which provides me with the latest news in real time.

The thing has its merits. But then, something else has to give way, which is our privacy, which is our wasting of productive time here on social media.

You need to learn to be in charge. You do not want to build your life in the air only to find out later that you do not even have a life.

Step out of this virtual world and ask yourself what your life is really about.

If your life is rich and fulfilling, you will find that you do not have to come here all the time to massage your ego and your loneliness.

Writer: Munachim Amah

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