This Thing Called Love

This thing called love, it’s a very difficult thing. Imagine saying you love someone today and realizing next year that there seems to be nothing where that love once proudly stood. Imagine how many people we have said those words to. I love you. How easy it was, how sweet, but think also about how with the passing of time, everything seems to blur, what was once love now seems to be something else, something vague, something in a far away distance. It’s a difficult thing really, to love someone and love completely, deeply, consistently, forever.

But a good place to start will be yourself. Love yourself. Seek yourself and love yourself. And I do not mean posting fine pictures of yourself in only good times, or hashtagging posts with #self-love. This thing called love, it comes from a place of darkness, a place of nothing, a place no one else can reach. You have to learn to love with yourself. Try and fail. Nobody will teach you. Seek yourself just the way you seek the love of other people, and love yourself between the shadow and the soul. That is where love should begin.

Writer: Munachim Amah

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