How To Find Inspiration In The Weirdest Places

I was on a bike to my uncle’s house two days ago when I saw it: bold, captivating, thought-provoking.


It was written in clear CAPS LOCK white font which I can almost swear is Tahoma, on a red background, and hung up the roof, right in front of the joint. It made me smile. It made me extremely happy.

I think these words are nothing short of magic. To behold this magic in front of a local beer parlour is what amazes me.

Who is the genius that thought up these words? Who? How was he/she inspired? How did the owner receive it? Does it hold the same magic for other people as it does for me?

It is amazing how big inspiration can often come from very little things. I don’t even know the name of the joint, I’m not sure I care, but those words, those majestic words, they mean everything.I have gone past that joint thrice now and I have tried to memorize the words and the font in which they appear. Each time, there’s a new sensation, a new perspective to the viewing.

I know this is a little silly, but I want to go there tomorrow to stare. I just want to stare at this magic and let my imaginations stretch to the heavens. And even though beer is not really my thing, I will go in there, sit down, and tell whoever is there to bring some beer for the chief himself, and some pepper soup too. This place may not be the heaven, but it sure is a path to heaven.

Writer: Munachim Amah


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