Thursday Updates On King Of Hearts (Episodes 444-446)

Siddharth and Roshni come home. Resham asks if he is Siddharth. Roshni asks her not to be shocked and explain that Siddharth have acted to expose Yash. Kesar is shocked. He says Yash came home that he have met with an accident and Durgardevi took him to hospital. Roshni feels like fainting and cries. She asks him to save her mum. Siddharth asks her not to be tensed. Sam comes there and is happy seeing Siddharth fine. Resham tells her that Siddharth is fine and did this to trap Yash. Resham recollects and tells Siddharth that she had seen CCTV footage of their house in Yash’s phone. She then concludes that Durgardevi is kidnapped by Yash. Everyone is shocked.
Durgardevi is seen in a jail like a place and shouts if anyone is there. Yash who imprisoned Durgardevi in a cage comes there and says he is here mom in-law. He acts like a psycho person. Durgardevi asks what happened to him and why is he behaving this way. Yash begins to express the hatred that he has developed for her and asks her why did she ruin his life and gave much priority to Siddharth than him.
On the other hand, Samaira cries and asks them to shut up. She tries to defend Yash that though they do fight much, but that doesn’t mean that she will believe her. She says Roshni is doing this to break her marriage and tells Siddharth that Yash always supports them. Roshni asks Sam to stop it and that she doesn’t know anything. She tells that Yash’s game have started from Goa and that Yash is behind those cheap games. She adds that Yash have kept small cameras in their house and shows her one of the camera kept in the vase. She says he is watching them every second and recording them. He had even kidnapped Ayesha and made Siddharth to do strange things so that his loved ones go far from him.

Roshni asks Sam what else did she want to hear and that Yash has ruined everything. Sam still refuses to believe Roshni and tells her she don’t want to hear all this, she then decides to call Yash herself. She calls Yash, but his phone is switched off. Roshni says Yash will not answer any call and will not returned as his truth is out in front of them. Sam asks why will he do this. Siddharth says he can get it now, attacks on family, Ayesha’s kidnap, etc and his motive was something else. He says he wants to break his mom in-law and his relation but he won’t let this happen.

Yash informs Durgardevi of his love for Roshni that he used to love her very much, but she didn’t let him marry her, and asks why did she get Roshni married to Siddharth. He sings Mary had a little lamb. He says she have made his life ruined and got him married to Sam, who made his life hell. He informs her about the hatred for his wife Sam, whom Durgardevi had forced him to marry and asks why did she get that witch marry him, as Siddharth suggested. He says Siddharth have taken care of his and asks why did she put that garbage bin on his head.
Meanwhile, Samaira gets angry with Siddharth and others and blames them responsible for forcing her to marry Yash. She asks Siddharth, why did he get her married to Yash. Siddharth asks her to shut up and reminds Sam of her suicide attempt and tough days that were put to rest by bringing her close to Yash. He says she have an attitude problem and can’t make her life better and that she have made Yash as a bad criminal and asks her to shut her bloody mouth. Sid says Yash would have talked to him and he would have pulled him out of the trouble. Meanwhile, Yash tells Durgardevi that he tried to make everyone know that Sam have become troubled for him, but everyone asked him to do adjustments.
Durgardevi asks what he will get by doing this? Yash laughs and says he will get happiness. Durgardevi asks why is he raising question on her decision, and that he have decided to marry and it was his decision. She tells him to look at his face, that he is looking like a wolf and she is happy that she didn’t let Roshni marry him, but Siddharth, atleast he tries to become her son and think of their betterment. She assures Yash that Siddharth will arrive on time to save her and that once Siddharth comes here, he will end his joker and she hopes that her statement is true. Yash gets angry and throws match stick in her cage. He says he explained to her but she didn’t understand, now she have to pay a big price and laughs madly.
Siddharth, Roshni and Simran come to the police station and file a kidnapping case against Yash. Simran says how can Yash do this. The inspector gives Yash’s picture to a constable. Durgardevi calls if Yash is there that she need to use the washroom. She opens her hand. Siddharth gets teary eyes. He says she is his mom in-law, and she is a fighter. She will not accept defeat and will find a way anyhow. Durgardevi manages to open the lock of the door. She comes out and sees Yash standing. He asks her to get back in that her intelligence will not work here. He shoots near her to scare her. Durgardevi gets in. Yash asks her not to do this again else he will shoot her. He laughs and tells her bye. Durgardevi feels helpless.
On the other hand, Sam cries while Simran asks her not to cry. Roshni asks her not to cry. Siddharth gets Yash’s call. He asks her to take something which is placed in the lobby? Siddharth finds a phone there and picks it. Yash says he can’t tap the phone and asks him to come to sunset point in the evening and not to inform the Police, else Durgardevi will die. Siddharth shouts Yash name. Roshni tells Siddharth that she will also come with him but Siddharth refuses that he will go and bring his mom in-law home. He won’t return without her and promises Roshni.
While going to sunset point, Siddharth recalls his moments with Durgardevi and her words that he is her son who had left her in his childhood. He reaches sunset point and calls out to his mom in-law and Yash. Durgardevi calls him in a low and weak tone. Siddharth turns back and sees Durgardevi hanging in air through a bulldozer and rope. Durgardevi asks Siddharth not to leave Roshni and support her. Siddharth tell her nothing will happen to his mom in-law. He runs towards the bulldozer. Yash holds the rope and decides to have fun. He frees the rope tied to the bulldozer. Siddharth runs to hold the rope and shouts by saying mom in-law.
Siddharth sees Durgardevi fall down the cliff and holds the rope. Yash says what a thing, son in-law have managed to pulled Durgardevi up. He hits Siddharth and asks if he is enjoying it. Siddharth begs Yash to leave his mom in-law and says that she is his mother. Yash says Siddharth is begging infront of him, and laughs. Sid says if anything happens to his mom in-law then he will kill him. Yash slaps Siddharth repeatedly and Siddharth manages to hold on the rope again. Yash then decides to play with fire and lights the rope on fire asking Siddharth to save Durgardevi now. Durgardevi is shocked to see Yash burning the rope and laughing. Siddharth is shell shocked seeing the rope breaking and Durgardevi falling down the cliff. He shouts for his mom in-law.
Yash burns the rope to make Durgardevi is fall down in the cliff. Siddharth shouts out to his mom in-law and jumps to hold on the rope. Durgardevi gets tensed. Siddharth manages to hold the rope on time. On the other hand, Simran looks for Roshni in the house and thinks where did she go? Yash crushes Siddharth’s hands with his legs, so that Siddharth leaves the rope. Durgardevi asks Siddharth to let her go and apologizes to him for misunderstanding him. She asks him to take care of Roshni. Siddharth says she won’t let her go anywhere, her son is with her mom in-law. Roshni comes there and sees her mother hanging in air through the rope. She asks Yash to leave her mother.
Durgardevi asks Roshni to leave. Yash pushes her and she falls down. Durgardevi asks Siddharth to take Roshni from there and run. Yash puts knife on the rope and tells Durgardevi that her son in-law can’t save her now. Siddharth asks him not to cut the rope. Roshni gets unconscious, but somehow gains consciousness and shouts out for her mother. Siddharth begs in front of Yash for Durgardevi’s life. Yash enjoys Siddharth begging him. Yash cuts the rope with force. Siddharth shouts his his mom in-law name and runs to hold the rope, but Durgardevi falls in the cliff. Roshni asks where her mother is? She reminds Siddharth of his promise and asks where are mother is? Yash sits in the jeep and tries to go. Siddharth runs towards him, beats him up and is about to kill him with stone, but just then Police comes and arrests Yash. Simran and Raj comes there with Police. Roshni shouts out to her mother and insists to go down. Simran refuses and tries to console her.
Yash laughs and tells Siddharth that he told him that he will snatch his precious thing from him. He says his mom in-law couldn’t get her last rites too, and laughs. Siddharth tries to kill him, but the Police and Raj stop Siddharth. Yash laughs like a psycho. Roshni gets in shock. Simran calls Siddharth. Siddharth cries badly. Roshni faints. Siddharth asks her to open eyes. Simran says what is happening with them. Roshni sees her mother going far from her just as she is about to hold her hand. Roshni wakes up and tells Siddharth that her mother is calling her and is trapped there. She need to go. Siddharth tells her mom is not alive and have gone.
Roshni insists that her mom is trapped in the bushes and they will bring her back, she is in extreme pain. The servant informs Siddharth that Police have come. Police tells them that they got a lady there resembling Durgardevi, and they have admitted her in the hospital. Roshni says she is her mom, she is a fighter and can’t leave them. Siddharth hugs her, he says his mom in-law is a fighter and she is back. They come to the hospital and see Durgardevi struggling with life. Roshni says she can’t see her mom like this. Siddharth asks Roshni to have strength. The doctor tells Siddharth that Durgardevi have returned from death, and they are constantly monitoring her, but her condition is still bad.
Kesar asks Doctor to save Durgardevi as she is like his mom. Roshni says she needs her mom. Simran says they should pray for her life and God will give them justice. Siddharth asks the doctor to take money, resources, and calls doctors from abroad to make her fine. He says she is not his mom in-law but his mom.
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