Thursday Updates On Reach For The Stars (Episodes 177- 178)

Nettu sees in the paper that Kalpana has topped her exam. She shouts and throw the paper away that she has not done anything good. Kamla comes and informs about Kalpana’s success to Neetu. Nettu pretends to share in her happiness and says that’s such a good news. Kamla gives both of them sweets. Kamla says her less numbers were so bad. God bless Raghav and Sammy as they know the truth. Nettu asks what did they figure out? Kamla says she don’t know but they have planned a party and it’d be good if she come. Sammy and Raghav are coming as well.
Nettu wonders what if Raghav and his mother meet. Nettu tells Kamla she is so happy for Kalpana. Nettu tells Sahil and decides to throw the party to celebrate the success in her own house. Her actual intentions are to avoid Raghav and Gauri from meeting each other. Kamla refuses and tells her the party will be in chowl. Nettu asks isn’t Kalpana her daughter and Kamla don’t consider them as family and that Mummy ji would be so happy. Kamla agrees and says she can arrange the party that she will come. Nettu hugs her that she is so happy.
Vitthal asks Kamla to taste the sweets. Kamla says what if they plan the party somewhere else. Kamla then informs about Neetu’s decision for Kalpana to Vitthal. Hearing this Vitthal gets furious and asks if she have said yes? Kamla says how could she say no. Vitthal tells Pakiya to take the sweets and throw them in the drain. He says Nettu asked and she said yes. Some happiness are their own and not with them. She is their daughter.

Nettu discuss the party plan with Sahil. Pakhi comes in and asks why is she throwing the party for Kalpana? Pakhi clearly tell Nettu that the party will be in the chowl and not in her house. But Pakhi decides to have the party in a banquet hall, she calls Kamla up that the party will be somewhere out. Kamla tells her husband and Vitthal agrees to this.

Raghav too in the beginning does not want to attend a party thrown by Neetu and asks why is Nettu arranging the party? He don’t think he is going to come but Kalpana convinces him to come to the party that Pakhi is their very own and her parents won’t like it if their son in-law doesn’t come. He says he never knew she is so good in convincing others and she is going to give him tough time after wedding. She hugs him and thanks him for coming in her life.

Kamla and Vitthal get ready. Kalpana gets ready as well. Gauri decides not to go as she is having certain health issues and tells them she don’t feel good. Vitthal says she promised that she would. She reply that she could but she is having headache. But Kalpana forces her to join them for the party. Pakhi calls. Kamla says they are coming in a few minutes.

The part starts. Nettu is acting like a host. She tells the waiters that there should be no shortcomings. A special guest is going to come and they should take care of him. Pakhi comes there and Nettu compliments her that she look so good. Raghav and Sammy arrive and he brought the cakes and flowers. He gives them to Sammy and he checks everywhere. Nettu comes there and asks how is everything? He replies as good. Pakhi looks at Sammy and she is pleased as he has brought the cake thinking Kalpana is his girl friend. Raghav goes out, he calls Kalpana up and asks where is she and that he is bored without her. He turns around and see Kalpana behind him. He admires her and tells her she look stunning. During the party Kalpana takes Raghav to meet Gauri since Gauri has come.

Gauri says she would not have come if Kalpana didn’t force her. Nettu sees her and gets irritated. She tells Sahil and asks him to leave the party to avoid Gauri. Kalpana comes with Raghav holding his hand, just then Neetu sees them and is dazed.

Kalpana comes holding Raghav’s hand to introduce him to Gauri. Netttu sees them and gets worried. She wonders how can she stop him. In order to stop Gauri from meeting Raghav, Neetu plays a small yet effective trick. She goes near Gauri and gets a waiter tripped over her. All the juices slip on Gauri. Nettu tells her she can go and wash it. Gauri goes towards the washroom and lamenting they have no training. Suddenly Gauri sees Neetu’s husband in a mirror and she is shocked as she recognizes the man from her past memories. She turns to him and starts to behave strangely that he will kill her. She starts crying, shouting and runs out. Meanwhile, Kalpana and Raghav look around for Gauri, Raghav tells her to relax that they will find her and they have to meet in order to build the relationship.

On the other hand, Gauri goes in a room and hides behind the furniture and muttering that he will kill her and to call the police. Sammy comes there and asks Raghav and Kalpana if the wait is over? He then gives the cake to Raghva. Raghav too gives the cake and flowers to Kalpana. Raghav says this is her favorite cake. Kalpana asks how did he know about her choice? Raghav replies that when she like someone she have to figure out their likes and dislikes. There in the room, Gauri is screaming with fear. Vitthal and Kamla rush towards Gauri to help her. Kamla asks her who will kill her? Gauri says the same man she saw on TV. Nettu thinks she asked Sahil to leave and why is he still here.

Raghav asks the waiter if the cake is ready? Kalpana asks what does it mean? He says just like she show face in wedding here is a ritual of showing cake. Kamla says she think she should go home. Neetu too suggests them to take Gauri home and that she will call her driver and ask him to take Gauri to her place. Vitthal asks why would she go to her place? Nettu somehow manages to convince Vitthal that her place is near and Gauri will feel better there. Kamla offer to go with her. Gauri refuses that it’s a big day for Kalpana and she should stay with her and she will go with Pakiya. Sahil tells Nettu that he thank God he is save and that she is such an intelligent woman and that she saved him. If she were not here Raghav would have met his mother and it’s good that she sent her to their place. She should not go back. Nettu says she know how to handle Kamla.

Raghav is holding Kalpana’s hand and she tells him to please leave her hand as someone will see them. Raghav immediately leaves her hand the moment Kalpana says her father is there. He looks back and realize she is fooling him. She laughs and says he is scared of them so much. He holds her again and says he is not going to leave it anyway. Kamla and Vithal actually come there. Kalpana says they are here but Raghav refuses to believe her and says he won’t leave this time. Kalpana says she is not joking. Suddenly Kamla and Vitthal come and Raghav leaves her hand. Kalpana asks where her aunt is? Kamla replies that she wasn’t feeling well so Pakiya has gone to take her home. Kalpana says she wanted Raghav to meet him. Raghav says she will meet her some other time.

Nettu asks Sahil how is his son in-law? He reply that Raghav is his choice as well and he accept her choice today but wonder why Vitthal and Kamla are being around him so much? Nettu says he is Kalpana’s boss so they are trying to flatter him as Kalpana likes Sammy and it’s better that she chose a guy of her standard. She asks how can they start talking about Pakhi and Raghav’s marriage. Sahil says it’s upto her. On the other hand, Kamla says to Raghav they are so happy that Kalpana has got such a good life partner. Raghav asks if Kalpana tell her everything? Kamla says she tried to conceal it but they are her parents.

Vitthal says Kamla caught her. Kalpana is going with the flowers when Sammy stops her. She tells him to please let her go. He says he wonder what should he call her, Kalpana or sister in-law? Kamla says to Raghav she wanted to ask him something and asks how is Sammy as a guy and is his job permanent. Raghav says he is his best friend and his future in company is so bright. Kamla asks what is his pay? Raghav says he earns in lakhs. Vitthal asks who is in his house?

Raghav finds it strange that Kamla and Vitthal are asking him questions about Sammy so much. Pakhi comes there and takes Kamla with her. Sammy comes there and sits with them. Vitthal says they will like him ( Sammy ) a lot. On the other hand, Pakhi tells Kamla to look at her. Kamla says she has gotten so weak. She disagree with her and says she want to show her that she have grown up and wants Kamla to discuss about her marriage with Raghav. Kamla says this will hurt Nettu and tries to explain to her that it is the duty of a mother to talk about her daughter’s marriage. But, Pakhi tells her that she is her real mother. Kamla asks if Raghav is ready? Pakhi tells Kamla to figure that out. Kamla agrees to help Pakhi talk to Raghav.

Vitthal says it’s awkward for men to talk about wedding and all. Sammy says but the family has to figure out about the guy. Vitthal tells Sammy have no idea how hard it is to gove hand of a daughter in some other man’s hand. Sammy suggests they have some drink. Vitthal refuses and tells him Kamla doesn’t like it. Sammy tells Raghav that uncle is giving a tip. Sammy forcefully takes him with him. Raghav is alone. Kalpana comes and asks where has Sammy gone with her father? He says he is trying to flatter him. Raghav holds Kalpana’s hand. Kalpana says her mother is coming and he says let her come. He will talk to her. She comes there and Raghav tells Kamla she want to talk to her. Kamla too says she want to talk to him.

Raghav tells her to go ahead. Kamla refuses and want Raghav to start first. Kamla then says she guess they both want to talk about the same thing and about the relationship. He says it’s weird to say it himself but what can he do, he have no elders and he guess she knows everything already. Kamla says she know as she is a mother. Raghav asks if she is ready for his proposal? Kamla says she wanted to asks him the same. Raghav says that’s why he talked about it. Kamla asks if he likes her daughter? Ragahvs replies yes a lot. Both Kalpana and Pakhi smile. Raghav tells Kamla to believe him that he is never able to say what he fee like.

She is a mother and she can see in his eyes and she will find the answer that he love her daughter a lot. He have always respected her ( Kamla ). He never said thanks to her but her place will always be the same. Life filled in him all that bitterness. Since her daughter came in his life, she told him that what life is and he can’t say anything more. He can just promise her that he will love her more than anything. Kamla says she will cry with happiness and she just pray that he get a lot of happiness. She is so happy today as all of her dreams have fulfilled. Her daughter is first in university. Kalpana got a nice guy and he got his happiness. Pakhi asks why is tear in her eye. Kamla decides to look for Vitthal and tell him the news.

The dance has started. Kalpana, Raghav, Pakhi and Sammy are dancing. Kamla tells Nettu that she talked to Raghav about Pakhi. She was asking her to ask him. Nettu is dazed. Kamla says Raghav is happy with it. Nettu asks if Raghav say that? Kamla says yes and he will keep Pakhi happy. Vitthal and Kamla congratulate Nettu. Nettu is on cloud 9 and tell Kamla to get Kalpana married first as there will be a lot of work in Pakhi wedding. Nettu immediately tells Sahil and they are both so excited. Vitthal says Kalpana’s wedding will be remembered forever and he have asked Sammy to bring his parents. Pakiya comes there.

In the beginning Kalpana dances with Sammy but then later Kalpana dances with Raghav in a more passionate manner. Seeing Raghav and Kalpana dancing Kamla and Vitthal get confused. Everyone is shocked to see them that close. Pakhi feels jealous and Neetu begins to get angry, she taunts Kamla about her daughter being shameless dancing with Raghav so close and that it’s really disgusting. Meanwhile, Raghav comes more closer to Kalpana. He asks why is her eyes wet and isn’t she happy? Kalpana replies that she has never been this happy in her life and she want to says something to him addressing him as sir. He again corrects her not to call him sir. She smile and called him by his name. She want to says the thing she never said before and she says “I Love You Raghav”. He begs her to repeat it.

He couldn’t hear Kalpana say “I Love You Raghav” and he want to spend his whole life with her. Raghav holds Kalpana up. A sudden shock spreads on everyone’s face. Kamla goes and pulls her daughter away. Raghav and Kalpana are shocked at Kamla’s reaction and Raghav does not understand why Kamla did so.

Kamla takes her daughter out and Kalpana asks her mother why she is doing this? Kamla too questions her why she crossed her limits and what would people there say that she is trying to make Raghav fall for her. She reminds her that she is about to get married and she will do as she directs. Vitthal too tells Kalpana that her mother is right Kalpi. He don’t want people to talk about her on her back.

Sammy asks Raghav to stop. Raghav still does not understand Kamla’s action and says what’s wrong with Kamla maa. She just said yes and now she is behaving like that. Sammy says he think she want to meet his elders. Raghav then decides to call her but Sammy stop him that she is upset and not now. They are people from chowl and they don’t find all this good. They don’t meet before marriage. If she wants them both to stay away before marriage then what’s wrong with that. Raghav gets a call from Kalpana. She apologizes to him that she knows he is hurt with what her mother did. Raghav tells her not to apologize that he know why she did this. He know she doesn’t find it good. But later Kalpana explains him why Kamla did so as her mother thinks she got him stuck.

Raghav agrees with Kamla thinking that they should not meet before marriage. Kalpana agrees too but the newly couple are unaware that she is protecting Pakhi’s interest.

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