Thursday Updates On Sands Of Time

Daakshi tells Jia that they could get Shikhaj’s sibling through artificial insemination. Kshom comes to know that Shekhar took the blame on himself with an intention of saving him, making him more frustrated. Coincidentally Daakshi had turned up for her case at Kshom’s office.

Daakshi counsels Kshom and pacifies him telling that Jia loves him arduously. Jia is frustrated at not being able to understand Shikhaj’s pain. Kshom is touched by this emotional moment between the child and the mother. Jia tells the Pandey family that Kshom has given permission for an artificial insemination. A quirk of fate again takes place baffling everyone when they come to know that Jia is not fit for artificial insemination.Jia is hyper as Shikaj is taken into the ICU for his medical tests. Kshom tries to buffer Jia’s anxiety consoling her that everything shall be all right. He meets Dakshi who is handling Shikaj medical case. Dakshi tells shikaj condition is very susceptible to sickness. He needs to have proper care. Kshom asks permission from Shekhar and his parents that whether he could take Shikaj to his home. It shall not only keep Jia in high spirits but also they will take care of the child. Jia, Shekhar, Gyan and Rukmnai getting baffled to know that Shikaj is suffering from leukemia and he can stay alive through a bone marrow transplant, which they can get from Shikaj’s sibling born out of the relationship of Jia and Shekhar only.

Gyan, Rukmani, Kshom, Jia are horrified to realize that Shikaj can survive through a bone marrow transplant which they can get it through his sibling. Kshom and Jia are absorbed in their respective world realizing that this solution is not possible. Shekhar is too affected by this critical situation realizing that his son’s life is in danger. Kshom is looking mentally disturbed hallucinating that Shekhar and Jia are getting back.

Update Credit to ZeeWorld International

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