Thursday Updates on Twist of Fate

Aaliya and Tanu reach the godown and see Ronnie there. Aaliya calls Raj and his phone is unreachable. They think to go inside and see. Bulbul tells Pragya that she is suffocating. Purabh and Abhi goes there. Purabh takes out the cloth from Bulbul’s face, and asks Abhi to do the same for Pragya. Abhi frees her hand and opens the black cloth. Pragya hugs him emotionally and cries. Allah Wariyan song plays in the background. Tanu asks Abhi, how can she hug her and reminds him that she is his enemy. Aaliya asks if everything okay?

Abhi asks how did they know about the place. Aaliya cooks up a fake story and says she followed his car when she heard about the trouble. Pragya says she will not leave until she gets the money. Abhi asks if she mad? Purabh says they will call Police after going from here. Just then the goons comes there and stop them. Aaliya and Tanu move silently. They meet Raj. Raj tells that he will inform about them if he is caught. Abhi fights with the goons. Mitali thinks where Aaliya and Tanu, and looks for them. Taya ji and Pammi comes there also. Taya ji asks why they are following her. Pammi asks her husband to search for Mitali. Bulbul gets Sarla’s call and asks her to reach there with the police, and tells we are in trouble. While Abhi is fighting with the goons, Raj tells he will leave with the truck.

Raj tries to open the door, but the goons ask who is he? Pragya gets the keys and throws it near Abhi. Abhi catches the key and throws it near Pragya. Pragya throws it on the truck’s top. Mitali hears Raj talking to the goon and asks him to speak so that she can listen to his voice. She tells that her husband name is Raj. Pragya falls down. Abhi laughs. Pragya asks him to give her his hand. Abhi tries to lift her and falls on her. They have an eye lock and sweet music plays in the background. Daadi, Daasi and Sarla come outside and ask the Constable to help them. Daadi, Sarla and Daasi come to the place with the constable.

Bulbul hugs Sarla and tells her that there are many goons here. The constable runs seeing the head goon. The head goon asks Abhi to come out as his Daadi is in their captivity. Abhi comes out and asks him to fire the bullet. The head goon says the man who planned this theft is not here. The goons runs away with the truck. Raj comes out and acts as if he came to rescue them. Pragya blames Aaliya and Tanu for planning the theft. Aaliya asks Abhi to call the Police and says Pragya is behind the theft. They blame Pragya for the theft. Tanu says she have to answer when the Police questions her.

Pragya says she didn’t do this, and don’t know the goons. Aaliya says she tells that she just needs the money. Abhi says this is Ganesha Utsav, so they should enjoy. Aaliya says this event is on his name. Abhi says the money is safe. Purabh asks where the money is? Abhi says he is rockstar with his intelligence too, and shows the money which is in his car. Everyone take a sigh of relief and are happy.

Ronnie tells Daadi what Pragya did. Taya ji praises her. Abhi tells Pragya that this doesn’t suit her personality. Pragya says it will be her advantage, when people watch his album and love him. Daasi says Jeetu ji will be reaching soon. Jeetendra reaches the event place. Daadi does his tilak. Jeetendra thanks her, and congratulates Abhi and Pragya for their marriage. Abhi says they are not married. Jeetendra says they both are made for each other. Daadi asks him to do the aarti. Abhi and Pragya does the aarti followed by aarti while the bhajan Hare Ram Hare Krishna plays…………………………..Abhi prays to God to return his old fuggi back. Pragya prays for bringing happiness and removes sorrows from the house.

Abhi eats the food served in Pragya’s plate. Pragya gets happy as Abhi finished all the food. Soon she comes inside and asks him as to why did he eat her food acting as she doesn’t know anything. Then, Abhi refuses to answer her and goes to bed saying that it is getting late for him and will sleep now. She smiles seeing him sleeping.

On the other hand, Tanu waits for Aaliya and is worried about Aaliya as her mobile is switched off. Aaliya comes and says she is tired. Tanu asks why she didn’t call her? Aaliya replies Tanu that she is behaving like a typical housewife, and she don’t need to tell her everything. She shows her the CD and tells that she has stolen the scratch music of Abhi’s album. Tanu gets happy and apologizes to her.

Later Pragya and Abhi reach the office to get his recording done. Abhi decides to give his worst performance so as to embarrass Pragya. Pragya, on the other hand thinks the opposite as she want Abhi to sings the best song so that his career stays on top. Abhi asks about his scratch music and looks for the CD. Pragya thinks Aaliya might have stolen the CD yesterday and decides to expose her. Aaliya comes to office. Abhi asks where the CD is? Tanu thinks she will be trapped with her. Pragya asks how can she be so careless? Aaliya replies that she’s the same and did not pretend like Pragya. She tells Abhi that she will not play with his career and life. She always think about him and have kept that CD at a safest place. Pragya thinks she has not stolen this CD. Abhi apologizes to her. Aaliya says she wish she would have say that she is not hurt. Abhi asks the manager to give the CD to Lab. He says it is not possible for few days. Abhi asks Aaliya to keep the CD with herself.

Aaliya and Tanu are in the car. Aaliya tells her that she kept back the CD at its place, and she got saved. Tanu asks how will the deal happen? Aaliya says they have to check the authenticity of the producer. Abhi and Pragya are in the car. They argue. Abhi asks her to do as he does. He says his boss is rotten and shouts. Pragya asks him to get in the car and he falls on her lap. Allah Wariyan song plays in the background. Abhi asks the driver to stop the car. Pragya refuses to give him money for the traveling. Abhi says he don’t need and have much money and that he is going to Purabh’s house.

Aaliya tells Tanu they should wait for that lady’s phone call. Ronnie comes and asks what they are doing here? He warns them and asks them to cook food in the evening. Raj comes and asks what they are planning? Aaliya deny planning anything and tells Raj that he is frustated as he can’t do anything to that Pragya. She asks him to concentrate on his work. Raj asks them to say what they are planning, and says as she sows so she reaps. Tanu thinks everyone gives lectures to them.

Purabh asks Abhi not to drink. Abhi says he is saying this as he don’t have money. Purabh says he misunderstand him and brings the wine. Abhi asks him to drink, but he says he can’t drink as he has promised Bulbul. Abhi insists him to have drink with him. He says he feel light, and fuggi was someone else. He says further Pragya has same face as fuggi but she didn’t have same emotions and that fuggi made him understand love, and says first fuggi left him, then his money and now his smiling.

Pragya meets Bulbul and Daadi, and tells them that Aaliya is not trapped in the office and that she didn’t steal the scratch music. Bulbul reminds her that Aaliya is very smart, and asks Pragya to call her in the morning asking to give her the scratch music else they will get the work done from other singer. Daadi agrees with Bulbul that she is right and also likes her idea.

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