Friday Updates On King Of Hearts (Episodes 447- 448)

Roshni says she is her mom, she is a fighter and can’t leave them. Siddharth hugs her, he says his mom in-law is a fighter and she is back. They come to the hospital and see Durgardevi struggling with life. Roshni says she can’t see her mom like this. Siddharth asks Roshni to have strength. The doctor tells Siddharth that Durgardevi have returned from death, and they are constantly monitoring her, but her condition is still bad.

Kesar asks Doctor to save Durgardevi as she is like his mom. Roshni says she need her mom. Simran says they should pray for her life and God will give them justice. Siddharth asks the doctor to take money, resources, and calls doctors from abroad to make her fine. He says she is not her mom in-law but his mom. Roshni hugs him and cries. Resham comes to Durgardevi’s office and takes over Durgardevi’s position in the office. The manager shows her the necklace. She smirks looking at it. Kesar asks what she is doing? This is artificial. Resham says she has kept original for herself and will sell artificial. She says she will handle Durgardevi’s office, and may be Durgardevi will never get well. Kesar thinks if Durgardevi gets well then she will scold them. Siddharth comes to meet Durgardevi and asks what’s up mom in-law. He tells her to look at her daughter, she is sleeping and she have not left this bed since 1 month and asks what did she want?

Siddharth asks if she is angry with him. He says someone said that he is very charming and nobody will get angry with him for long. He asks her to get up, hug him and says she is back. He asks her to look at Roshni and him, and they are in pain to see her in this condition. He asks if she like to see her son in-law feel low in front of others. He asks her to slap him, say whatever she wants to, make him what she wants to see him like, and asks her to just wake up. Durgardevi hears and stares at him.

Siddharth is heartbroken seeing Durgardevi’s comatose condition and tells Roshni that he will put an end to Durgardevi’s coma state. He says if she is stubborn, then he is also stubborn and vows to bring her out of coma. Meanwhile, Resham has organised a ‘Jagrata’ for Durgardevi quick recovery. Everyone sit and do Mata ki Chowki. Kesar thinks Durgardevi will get well and will scold Resham. Simran gets Siddharth’s call. Siddharth asks about the noise? Simran tells him that Resham and Kesar kept jagrata for Durgardevi’s life. Siddharth tells her that there is no improvement in Durgardevi. Simran asks him to have trust. Siddharth brings a small candle and wishes Roshni happy anniversary. Roshni wishes him too.

She says she don’t want to celebrate as her mom is not well. Siddharth says if she would have been fine then she would have kept a party for them and their celebration is small. In the hospital, Siddharth makes Roshni eat cupcake and asks Durgardevi to take a bite. He says it is middle class thing, but it is okay. He says his mom in-law should also celebrate anniversary, for their first meet. He says he has spend many moments with her, and starts reminding a lifeless Durgardevi about their previous encounters, how he first met her in plan and had snatched oranges from her plate. He had accused her for stealing lotion, and laughs reminiscing the moments. He says her expressions was worth taking pictures when he made her take auto and how he managed to marry Roshni against her wishes. He laughs and says she was shocked when she came to know that he is Siddharth Kukreja.

Durgardevi shakes hearing him speaking Siddharth Kukreja. Siddharth sees movement in her and continues talking. He says her mom in-law is worthless, and asks what have she done when he flew with her daughter. He says she got an irritating son in-law. He asks her to get up and challenges her for son mom in-law and son in-law’s fight. Roshni cries seeing her mother’s condition. Siddharth shouts for the doctor as Durgardevi starts having seizures. The doctor comes and says she might have got heart attack. He gives her injection. Roshni cries. Durgardevi opens her eyes and calls Roshni’s name. Roshni gets happy, cries and kisses on her face. Durgardevi says it is okay and asks why she is doing much drama. She asks her to stop her middle class drama. She asks where Kesar is? She says today is her meeting. She asks where her phone is? Roshni calls Siddharth that her mom got well. Siddharth calls her mom in-law. Durgardevi asks what the hell is he doing in her room. She asks how did he come here? She asks Roshni, how can a lower middle class man enter here? She calls him Siddharth Kukreja. Siddharth is shocked. Roshni is equally shocked.

Raj and Simran come there. Durgardevi asks him to get out. Siddharth agrees that he will leave. Durgardevi says she is feeling drowsy and asks to call the doctor. Roshni calls the doctor. Durgardevi says she is feeling short of breath. The doctor comes out and says she is fine. He says both Siddharth and Roshni are amazing to have woken her up. He asks them to meet Durgardevi. Resham asks Kesar what will happen now? Raj hugs Siddharth and asks what did he tell her. The doctor informs Siddharth, Roshni and everyone that Durgardevi has a clot in her mind and that’s why she has suffered memory loss. Siddharth says she don’t remember him, and not know what they had gone through and asks them if he is saying that she don’t know him. He says it is a wonder, he told those things to excite her, and she started her life after that point. She don’t know Siddharth Khurana but Siddharth Kukreja.

Siddharth says he have won her heart, and she used to love him as her son, but now she hates him. Raj asks him to relax and asks what is her situation now. The doctor says they told her about a minor accident, and she doesn’t know about that dangerous accident and it will be a new beginning for Siddharth Kukreja. He says her mind is very sensitive, he couldn’t make her remember anything else and it will take his life. Siddharth says they can do something personally being her family. The doctor asks him to be far from her and try to make the things normal.

Siddharth and Roshni are forced to part ways for the sake of Durgardevi. He wipes Roshni tears and asks her to go. Chadariya song plays in the background. Durgardevi calls Roshni and asks her to come. Roshni goes to her mother’s ward. Siddharth thinks life moved back from where it started and decides to start all over it again. He thinks the game is on. Kesar’s wife prepares to welcome Durgardevi home but is filled with fear and tells Kesar that she don’t know what Durgardevi will do to them, and says it is scary. Durgardevi and Roshni arrives home. Resham gets shaken up seeing her. Kesar asks her to do the aarti. Resham sings a song and does aarti. Durgardevi asks her to shut up and scolds her for singing D class songs and is furious with Resham her dress. She asks Kesar, why Resham is wearing her clothes, jewellery and even wearing her hairstyle. Resham apologize to her. Roshni says everything will happen as she say.

Meanwhile, Siddharth’s mother and Raj argue over their clothes. Siddharth tells them that they are doing it for Durgardevi’s recovery and gets angry on them as Simran does not want to go back to the life of poverty but is forced to listen to Siddharth as it the only way by which Durgardevi’s memory can return. Durgardevi goes on to beats Resham and Kesar for using her make up, for trying to handle her business and making a loss. Roshni asks them to do as her mom says. Durgardevi says they have spoiled everything. Resham cries and thinks why did she do that puja and brought her back to life. Roshni thinks she got her old mom back.

That night, Roshni misses Siddharth and just then, Siddharth enters her room through the window and says it is 30th floor. She hugs him. Siddharth says they have to relive some old memories to bring her memory back. Resham cries and says if Durgardevi’s memory don’t return then they will be ruined. Kesar says they will go if she permits him else they have to obey her orders. Resham looks on angry. Siddharth and Roshni get romantic. Durgardevi looks for Roshni. Roshni tries to take off her mangalsutra which is stuck to his shirt. Durgardevi calls Roshni and comes there. She asks if she didn’t hear her? Roshni says she didn’t hear her. Durgardevi asks if Siddharth Kukreja is here? She tries to see through the window, but Roshni stops her. She wishes Siddharth’s plans should work. Durgardevi thinks she will not leave this Siddharth. Durgardevi comes to the hall and sees pictures on the table. Durgardevi looks at Siddharth and Roshni’s marriage picture and gets shocked. Resham thinks she will get back her memory now. Durgardevi feels pain in her head and gets blurred flashes of the past. She faints. Roshni comes there and is shocked.

The doctor checks Durgardevi. He tells Siddharth that they have to take Durgardevi somewhere else. Roshni asks where to take her. They decide on Panvel farmhouse. The doctor says he will convince her. Roshni asks how will they meet there? Siddharth says he will find ways to meet her and he will convince the old lady. Roshni asks to whom he called old lady? Siddharth replies that his mom in-law. Durgardevi calls Roshni. Roshni asks as whats up. Durgardevi asks who got these pictures. Roshni lie that those are fake pictures made by Resham. The doctor suggest her to go to Panvel farmhouse. Roshni convinces her. Durgardevi then agrees.

They reach Panvel farmhouse. Durgardevi gets down the car and says there is no signal here. She asks Kesar to get wifi for her. Roshni asks her to stop her work and that they will have fun. Durgardevi says they can relax as she is working. She gets inside and asks Kesar to get her the list of newspapers. Roshni thinks her mom is sounding dangerous and she is back to square 1. She thinks Siddharth have changed her attitude with much difficulty and says all the best love.

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