Friday Updates On Reach For The Stars (Episodes 179- 181)

Kamla takes her daughter out and Kalpana asks her mother why she is doing this? Kamla too question her why she crossed her limits and what would people there say that she is trying to make Raghav fall for her. She reminds her that she is about to get married and she will do as she direct. Vitthal too tells Kalpana that her mother is right Kalpi. He doesn’t want people to talk about her on her back.
Sammy asks Raghav to stop. Raghav still does not understand Kamla action and says what’s wrong with Kamla maa. She just said yes and now she is behaving like that. Sammy says he think she want to meet his elders. Raghav then decides to call her but Sammy stop him that she is upset and not now. They are people from chowl and they don’t find all this good. They don’t meet before marriage. If she wants them both to stay away before marriage then what’s wrong with that. Raghav gets a call from Kalpana. She apologizes to him that she know he is hurt with what her mother did. Raghav tells her not to apologize that he know why she did this. He know she doesn’t find it good. But later Kalpana explains him why Kamla did so as her mother thinks she got him stuck. Raghav agrees with Kamla thinking that they should not meet before marriage. Kalpana agrees too but the newly couple are unaware that she is protecting Pakhi interest.
Kamla asks Vitthal if he wants to eat? Vitthal says he thinks she scolded Kalpana more than she should. Kamla says she is about to married and should stay in her limits as Sammy was there as well. What would people say that Kalpana made Sammy fall for her and then Raghav and that this is not good.
Meanwhile Neetu tries to brainwash Pakhi against Kalpana that she felt so bad as she was trying to make Raghav fall for her. Pakhi tells Nettu to shut up. Nettu says she is so innocent and Kalpana is so clever. Pakhi says she was dancing with Sammy as well. Nettu asks why was Kalpana upset when Kamla dragged her out and that Pakhi doesn’t know girls like Kalpana can do anything to fulfill her dreams but Pakhi does not listen to her and instead scolds her to stop it and that she is so disgusting. She loves Kalpana and Kamla maa. She talked to Raghav about her and Nettu is saying that about her daughter. She conclude that Nettu is jealous because she calls Kamla mother. Nettu says no matter what Pakhi says, she is her mother and think about her and that she is blind in Kamla’s love and now in Raghav’s. She advice her to keep all girls away from Raghav and till then she and her father will talk to Raghav.
Next morning, Sahil and Nettu come to Gauri’s room. Sahil suggests they should kill her but Nettu refuses that they can’t harm her in their house as people will doubt them. She advices him to keep her in their house and work on her memory. It should not recover and he should not come in front of her. Just 10 injections to be injected and she will not recall anything ever. Sahil agrees and tells her that he leave all this to her. Nettu goes in and Gauri wakes up. She asks what she is doing here? She have to go to Kamla. Nettu agrees and tell her to take the medicine first. A nurse comes in. Gauri refuses to take injection. Nettu convince her that it’s better for her, she then holds her and while the nurse is trying to inject, Kamla comes in. Gauri shouts to leave her but the nurse manages to injects her and she falls unconcious. Kamla comes in and looks bewildered. Nettu is scared.
Kamla comes to Nettu’s home. Gauri is shouting and Nettu is trying to get her injected. Gauri falls unconscious suddenly Kamla comes in and says that she heard her shouting and asks why was she screaming? Nettu says not at all. She is sleeping and Kamla should go as Gauri won’t feel good in there chowl. Kamla refuses that she is her responsibility and she can’t burden her. Nettu convince her that Pakhi was her responsibility but she helped her. Kamla says she feels better in the chowl. Nettu says she feel like she is a rich lady and can’t live in that chowl. She feels good in her house and she has all the facilities here. They have nurse here for mummy ji.
Kamla accepts to keep Gauri in Nettu’s house for a few days. But the truth is Kamla sees Neetu forcefully giving an injection to Gauri but does not understand her intentions and instead agrees to leave Gauri in Neetu’s place. Nettu tells her until she get free with Kalpana’s wedding. Pakhi comes there. Kamla asks how she is doing? She reply that she is good. Kamla tells her that tomorrow is Kalpana sakar pura(some wedding ritual) and she have to come. Pakhi says that’s her home as well. Kamla leaves. Nettu reminds Pakhi to focus on Raghav. Pakhi tells her not to tell her what to do. Nettu tells the nurse she should not leave the bed after 15 days.
Kamla comes home and Vitthal asks about Gauri. Kamla replies that she left her there at Nettu’s home as Gauri doesn’t like noise and people. she will feel better there. Kalpana is about to get wed and there will be a lot of people here. Vitthal is not convinced with Kamla’s decision and asks if she is sure about her decision. She says she think so but finally Vitthal agrees to what she is doing. Kamla says they will buy an AC after Kalpana wedding for her. Suddenly Pakiya comes in and says Sammy arrives with his parents at their’s house. Kamla says they should have informed them and asks Vitthal to bring the refreshments. Kamla starts cleaning the house.
Kalpana is with Raghav in the car. She asks where are they going? Raghav replies her that Sammy is going to her home with his parents since her father wanted to meet some elders, so Sammy went there with them. Kalpana says he should have talked about it first. Raghav says she know how uncomfortable he is with all this and they will talk in a better way. Kalpana asks how will he handle it? Raghav assures her that Sammy can handle everyone and he knows how important she is for him.
Sammy comes in with his parents and apologizes he came without informing them. Vitthal uncle wanted to meet his parents. Kamla introduces them to Pakiya and that they have brought Kalpana up with so much love. She thinks she should tell him that she was a maid before. But now Vitthal works in a factory and Kalpana works with Raghav and Sammy. Sammy’s mother says no work is small or big. His father says the most important of this is the character. Sammy and Raghav respect them a lot. Vitthal comes in. Kamla introduces him to them. Vitthal sits with them. Kalpana’s parents are unaware that Sammy’s parents are here to talk about Raghav’s relationship with Kalpana infact they assume that they are here to talk about Sammy and Kalpana’s relationship. Vitthal says Sammy is such a good friend of Ragahv. Sammy’s father says Raghav is like their son as well. Kamla asks why didn’t Raghav come?
Sammy says he was busy with something and now that the relationship is made, he will keep coming and they are leaving. Kamla says they liked him a lot and now after meeting him they are more than happy. His father says all the rituals will be done simply and they will come tomorrow. Kamla asks Vitthal to give the shagun money to them. Kamla gives it to Sammy. Sammy is dazed. Vitthal says this is for Shagun and he should not refused it. Sammy takes it and they leave. Kamla says their Kalpana is getting married and they have to distribute sweets. Pakiya is in tears and asks when did Kalpana grow up. Vitthal asks if he have gone mad and hugs him. Vitthal asks him to stop crying that everyone is seeing him. Pakiya then asks if he is a good actor or not? Vitthal slaps him with love that he is going to give audition for a competition.
Kamla says she can’t believe that their Kalpana is about to get wed. There is a lot to do and they have to buy clothes for Kalpana and Sammy and a gold ring. Kamla starts collecting money from the whole house and she gives him a money box. Vitthal says they have been saving in it for her. She has grown up so they have to break it for her.
Raghav and Kalpana arrive at a jewellery shop to purchase a ring for the engagement function. Kalpana says they can buy it from somewhere else. Raghav says they will buy from here. Sammy calls him up and tells him everything. Ragahv asks if he is getting engaged tomorrow. Pakhi comes in the shop and sees this as Raghav makes Kalpana wear the ring and gets confused and wonders what they are doing there. Suddenly the rings falls off Raghav’s hand and goes to Pakhi’s feet. She question them about it but Raghav says they came to buy Kalpana a ring. He asks her to help her friend and that tomorrow, they are going to buy a saree for the engagement with Sammy and his parents. He asks her again to help them but later she assumes that Raghav is here to help Sammy. Kalpana is choosing a ring for herslef. He goes on the other side with Pakhi and choose a ring for Kalpana with Pakhi. He wonders how to figure out the size and asks Pakhi to give him her hand. He makes her wear it just to check but Pakhi thinks he is buying for her. Raghav says she bought it for the lady he love the most and she will be so happy with the ring.
Kamla and Vitthal are making list of what to buy. Kamla asks Vitthal to change the shirt so he will look handsome. Kalpana calls them and says Sammy’s parents want to buy a saree of her mother choice. Kamla says she will meet them in the market. She tells Kamla that Pakhi is going to come as well. There in Banaras, Mayank asks Gunjan how she made this plan? Gunjan says what can she do. The girl who had to go for inter college debate is ill so she is the replacement. Mayank asks how will she go alone? She says there are a lot of girls with her, he allows her to go and Gunjan leaves. Seema later says to Mayank how could she leave without telling anyone. She should have informed her. Mayank says the situation didn’t allow her. While Gunjan leaves for Mumbai in her mission to find Vickey and Pihu.
Meanwhile, Kamla reaches the saree shop and asks for different saree’s. Kalpana says they are so expensive. Kamla says all they have is for her. Kalpana and Raghav are shopping for their engagement along with Pakhi and Kamla. Raghav brings cold drinks for everyone. He holds Kalpana’s hand while giving her. Kalpana try different sarees and Pakhi asks Raghav if he did all this for Kamla maa? He says yes and that there is nothing greater than her happiness. Pakhi kisses him on his cheek. Raghav and Kalpana both are dazed. On the other hand, Gunjan is on her way in the car. She calls Ritu and says she needs some help. She tells her everything. Gujan says she gets it and she will act as she said.
Kalpana feels jealous when she sees Pakhi kissing Raghav and asks Raghav why Pakhi kissed him but Raghav makes her realize that he only loves her and don’t know what happened to Pakhi. Kalpana says maybe it’s common in his society but she can’t imagine anyone else kissing him. Raghav then tell her to kiss him. Kalpana asks how can she kiss him here. He says he need a wife who can kiss him anywhere. He takes her in a trial room and says he is taking her jealousy away. He tells her to kiss him here as she was jealous when Pakhi kissed him.
Kalpana declines that she can’t and that her mother will kill her and she have to try the saree. He says he will make her wear the saree she has chosen and wraps it around her. Raghav comes closer to Kalpana and Kamla knocks the door just when he is about to kiss her. Kamla tells her to open the door and take these saree but Kalpana is so scared. Raghav hides behind the door and Kalpana opens the door a little. She takes the sarees from her mother and begs Raghav to leave before it will create a problem. He too begs her to give him one kiss. Kalpana refuses and tells him to leave. He leaves. Kalpana smiles.
Manda invites a sardar in her house and a bride is with him. It turns out to be Vicky and Pihu is with him. He holds her hand. Manda says this is the alcove and she is giving on such low rates because he is newly wed. He gives Manda the advance money. Manda says he can live here now. Manda goes out and Vicky takes off his fake mustache and beard. Soon, Pihu is trying to go out and Vicky clearly states she is not allowed to go out. She says she is not his prisoner. He says he won’t stop her but this envelop will. The envelop contains the photos of them together. Vicky continues to be blackmailing Pihu by showing her photos and says he will show all these photos to her husband and her father if she don’t listen to him.
He knows she won’t let it happen and it’s going to ruin her family name. He gets a call from Ritu, who says she is taking auditions for a very interesting character. He asks when can he come and to tell them where he is so they can get how long he is going to take. He says he is in andheri. Vicky tells Pihu that she is so lucky for him. He got an offer. Pihu says to hell with it. He binds her hands with a rope and sticks a tape on her mouth. He apologize that he have to do this. Ritu calls Gunjan and tells her that she has invited him for auditions and he is in Mumbai.
Raghav asks if the shopping is done then he can drop her to the chowl. Kamla refuses that they have to go somewhere but Kalpana and Pakhi will go with him. They leave. Kamla says they have to buy the ring for Sammy. Vithal says they have only 4 thousand left and asks how about selling the ring she bought for him. They go to enjoy the pani puri.
Gunjan reaches Ritu’s studio. She asks what to do now? Gunjan who takes the help of her friend Ritu to lay a trap to catch Vickey says she have to hide and as long as he gets done with the auditions she will follow him and that he actually has taken her sister here with him. She have no other concern with this actor. Vicky comes there, Ritu’s PA gives him the script. At the same time, Mayank calls Gunjan that his mother is being doubtful that she is not in Dehli. Gunjan gets scared and says she is in Delhi and asks where else would she go. He says he was joking. Vicky listens to her voice and says he heard this voice before. He goes there to check who is it. Ritu tries to distract him but he notices Gunjan. He runs from there. Gunjan follows him as he is fleeing to save himself. He sits in an auto and escapes from her. Gunjan comes there and looks everywhere but she can’t find him. Gunjan wonder where she will find him out. Vicky says he knew it that someone must be coming and he is ready for it, He takes out his turban and disguises as the sardar.
Kamla and Vitthal arrive at the mandir to do the pooja. Kamla asks the priest that they want to do pooja for her daughter’s engagement. She gives him the basket and places the ring in it. Gunjan comes there to pray as well and her baskets get placed besides Kamla’s basket. Kamla pray for Kalpana while Gujan pray for Pihu. Some unexpected occurrence bring Kamla and Gunjan together whereby the priest gives Kamla’s basket mistakenly to Gunjan and she leaves with it. He gives other basket to Kamla. Kamla finds out that the ring is not in the basket. She informs Vitthal and they are so worried. Vitthal asks her to look carefully. The priest says he guess he gave it to the other woman that was wearing a pink top. Kamla and Vitthal run to look for her. They look everywhere but can’t find Gunjan. Kamla asks where would she have gone.
Vitthal says there is no chance than to go home. Kamla says they have to arrange for the ring and they can’t buy another one. They sit there in disappointment. Gunjan sees the ring in her basket and goes back to the temple. Kamla and Vitthal are on the stairs. Gunjan shows it to the priest and he says they were so worried for it as it’s their daughter’s engagement tomorrow. Gunjan apologizes to Kamla that this ring mistakenly came into her basket. Kamla is so happy. She says her daughter’s engagement is tomorrow and they bought it for her. Kamla says they live here and asks if she will come for the engagement. Gunjan says she came from Banaras today and she will try to come. Kamla asks if she came to visit Mumbai? She replies that she came to find someone. Kamla asks her to stay with them for the days she is here. Gunjan asks how can she? Kamla replies that just like her daughter lives there. Vitthal too have no objection with Gunjan staying with them and assures her that there will be no problem. Gunjan says it will be easier to find Vicky if she lives with them. She agrees and goes with them.
Pakiya has decorated the whole chowl with lights. Kamla and Vitthal come there along with Gunjan. Pakiya asks who she is? Kamla says it’s Gunjan and she will live with them till Kalpana’s wedding. Pihu look out if she can seek help from someone.
There in Banaras, Shail is so worried if Gunjan will be able to find Vicky or not. On the other hand, Kamla gives out invitations in the chowl. A lady asks who is the guy? Kamla says Sammy. The lady reply that she thought it’s Raghav as he used to come here. Kamla refuses and advice the lady to always maintain equality. Kamla thinks in heart that Raghav will be her son in-law as well when he weds Pakhi. Vitthal asks what is she thinking? She says same kind of celebration were done when kalpana came in their lives and now someone is going to come in her life tomorrow. Vitthal says these decoration reminds him of their wedding and they hug each other. Meanwhile, Dayal asks Shail why is she so worried that she even forgot to get him the milk. She then offer to get the milk. He decline and says he know she is worried for Pihu. Her husband is such a nice guy and she will win the hearts of her in-laws. He reminds her how he took her to Shimla so everyone can be clear of doubts. He asks if she isn’t happy? She lie that she is so happy. He tells her they should go and sleep. He goes to bed while Shail is so worried for Gunjan and Pihu.
Pihu tries to shout for help from the window. Kamla listens to her a little but Vicky closes the window and warns her that he asked her not to look out. Just then, Kamla starts knocking at the door and asks who is in? Pihu starts making noises and she throws all the stuff. Vicky slaps her and asks her to be quiet. Kamla gathers some men around. Pakiya comes there and Kamla tells her that someone was screaming for help. Gunjan doubts if Vicky is hidden there. Manda comes there and asks what’s wrong and that it’s her room. She asks them to leave and enjoy the wedding. Pakiya asks Manda to stay away from him. Manda says she have given her room on rent to a sardar and his wife. Kamla says she came to give her invitation. Gunjan says this can’t be Vicky. Pihu is crying while Vicky says this is how he love her. He pardoned her mistake but next time, he will ruin her life if she do such thing. He have an audition tomorrow and he will get this role. Pihu is in tears. Later, Gunjan talk to herself that she is in Mumbai but she don’t know how to find Pihu’s sister.
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