Friday Updates On Twist Of Fate

Aaliya asks Tanu to speak slowly saying that someone might listen to their conversation. Then Aaliya informs Tanu that she would steal the CD from Abhi’s office and hand it over to the lady when she will call her. She says she will make duplicate copy of the CD and give it to the producer. Tanu asks Aaliya as to what would she do if the lady doesn’t call her again.
Pragya thinks she wanted to take care of Abhi, but is hurting him every moment. She thinks she don’t know when he will come home. Abhi comes home drunk and says special friend has come with him who will take care of him. He asks her to come in and shows the little doll. Pragya looks on surprisingly. Abhi asks the doll not to see her, else she will get scared. Abhi asks the doll to sit and makes it wears Pragya’s specs. He calls her Pragya that he can’t live without his fuggi.
Pragya gets emotional. Abhi says this girl looks like her but her heart is of stone and he will give her head massage and he liked it when she massage his head. Pragya makes him to get up. Abhi asks her not to touch him and asks what is her problem? He asks why is she disturbing him? He says two lovers are talking and asks why she is interfering? Pragya says it is a toy. Abhi says atleast it is with him and don’t hurt him. Pragya, who is watching the scene, starts crying.
Abhi talks to the doll again that Pragya is jealous of them as she can’t separate them. He says she is a lady villian. Pragya cries and thinks of Daadi’s words that she don’t want to see her tears asking her to be strong. Abhi keeps the doll next to himself while he sleeps. Pragya then watches Abhi falling down from the bed and saves him. This time, she is wearing her old spectacles. Abhi opens his eyes and finds Pragya wearing her spectacles. He says his fuggi have come back, she is troubling him and asks her not to leave him. He hugs her and says he can’t stay without her.
Pragya is unable to stop her emotions, she will always be his fuggi and claims that she not leave him. Abhi asks why is she crying? Is that lady Mogambo said anything to her. Pragya cries. Abhi calls mogambo mogambo and says she might have ran away. He asks her not to cry. He tells fuggi that she is looking hot and asks her to kiss him. He asks if she is feeling shy and asks her to kiss him on his cheek. Pragya kisses him on his cheek while the song Allah Wariyan song plays in the background. He faints and falls asleep. She gets emotional.
Next morning Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi next to her on the bed. She smiles seeing him and remembers she have to call Aaliya. She calls Aaliya up. Tanu wakes Aaliya up and asks her to attend to the call. Aaliya takes the call and says she want to meet the producer. Pragya talk with a different voice and asks Aaliya to give the music CD of Abhi and adks what she will do after meeting him? A cunning Aaliya then tells Pragya that she would only give her the CD once she meets her producer else refuses to give her the CD. Pragya says she will talk to her boss and get back to her.
She thinks Bulbul’s plan has trapped her. Aaliya tells Tanu that the lady was hesitant but said she will talk to her boss. Raj comes there and hears their conversation. He asks what they were talking about? Aaliya makes an excuse. Just then Raj sees two bundles of notes and asks Aaliya about it. Aaliya makes an excuse that she begged infront of her friend for money. Raj says he feel like she is fooling him. Tanu assures him that they are not hiding anything. Raj asks again. Tanu then says they are hiding something and tells that she has complications in her pregnancy. She asks if he you take her to the doctor.
Pragya turns and sees Abhi standing. He says he has realized her nature and asks about the specs which is kept aside. He tells that Fuggi came in his dream and have kissed him on his cheek. Hearing this, Pragya blushes.
Abhi informs Pragya that fuggi came to meet him in the night and even kissed him. Pragya smiles. Abhi says she look good while being angry and calls her lady mogambo. Pragya asks him not to call her lady mogambo. Abhi says there should be no cost cutting for his fuggi and she needs a news dress daily, a new doll house and specs cover. Pragya says she don’t have time for waste things and asks him to bring fuggi stuff by himself. Abhi thinks yesterday he thought she have come and have same emotions as his fuggi and that maybe his fuggi didn’t come.
Pragya who invites Bulbul in order to discuss about their plan comes to Daadi. She tells Daadi and Bulbul that Aaliya might know about them and they should stop their plan right here and that their well- crafted plan has backfire onto them and that Aaliya demands to meet the Producer. Daadi says they should drop this idea. Bulbul says they will make her meet the producer. Pragya asks from where will they bring the producer. Bulbul asks them to let her think and gets an idea. Pragya says she can’t do anything if she want her to do. Bulbul asks her to first hear her plan. Bulbul narrates a plan to both Pragya and Daadi. Pragya likes her idea.
Abhi thinks Ronnie is working with honesty and his secretary Payal is not like him. He decides to bribe Ronnie to get him against Pragya. He gives him money. Ronnie takes the money and asks from where did he get the money. Abhi thinks Ronnie went away with his money and decides not to speare him. He asks Payal to woo Ronnie and takes all his money. Payal says she is an expert and asks him not to worry. Abhi wishes her all the best. Bulbul and Pragya visit their uncle to get help from him. Bulbul tries to convinces Mama ji ( Sarla’s brother) to become the producer but he refuses. Bulbul tries to emotionally blackmail him and says lie is not lie when he tells for a good deed. She asks him to take inspiration from Pragya. Mama ji says he didn’t recognized her when he saw her. Bulbul says she will change him. Pragya requests him to agree. Daadi also asks him to agree. Mama ji accepts to become the producer.
Daadi comes and sees Abhi and Daasi staring at her. She asks why are they staring at her? Abhi asks where did she go? Daadi says she went to Gurudwara. Daasi asks where is the prasad. Daadi says she ate the prasad as she thought her sugar is getting down. Daasi says she knew that she will give same answer. Abhi again asks where did she go? Daadi says Gurudwara. Abhi asks if she went to meet someone. Daadi says she went to meet someone. Abhi asks if she bring Dada ji for him. Daasi says she didn’t see her and him. Daadi asks if they are both pulling her leg? Abhi agrees they are and hugs her. Daadi promise to take him to Gurudwara next time. Abhi says they both should go together and enjoy.
Tanu tells Aaliya that the lady might have lost her phone number, or that the producer don’t want to meet her. She says why will he meet needy people and asks Aaliya to call that lady. She says she wants to secure her baby’s future. Aaliya then agrees to call her. At the same time, Pragya with her disguised voice, calls Aaliya up that her boss is ready to meet her, but they will decide about the time and the place of her meeting with the producer. She asks her to come on time and asks her not to bring her friend Tanu. Aaliya asks how did she know about her friend? Pragya says they enquired about her and Aaliya did not mind hearing this. Tanu gets happy. Aaliya asks her to take rest and that she will take care. Pragya thinks Aaliya will steal the CD today and she have to make things easy for her.
Abhi draws Pragya’s sketch and asks her to sit straight as he is making her sketch. Pragya tries to see the sketch and asks him to show her else she will file case against him. Abhi also says he don’t have money to make lawyer drink tea. She asks what did he make? Abhi says monkey. Pragya asks why did he made her sketch. Abhi says he is making his business card and thought to get his boss picture printed on it. Pragya asks him to show it. Abhi says he made it with love and asks her to see it with love. He shows her the picture and says his lady boss….lady mogambo. Pragya is angry to see the sketch and asks if she look like this. Abhi says he will hang this sketch in his room. Pragya asks him to give him the sketch. Abhi says he will get her picture placed in the temple and all the God’s will get scared and go.
Tanu starts dreaming about her future after she and Aaliya get the deal done and makes plan to buy a house. Aaliya asks Tanu not to think about it as they have not yet received the money as the deal is not done until they steal the CD. Tanu says she is not coming with her and asks her to go and steal the CD. Aaliya says she will go alone. Tanu says Abhi is possessive about her pregnancy and if anything happens to the baby then he will not bear it. On the other hand, the family is hungry, Taya ji asks Mitali to make food. Mitali says she has kept fast and couldn’t even stand on her feet. Taya ji says everyone is unique in this house. Abhi comes there. Daasi tells him they didn’t have anything. Pammi says she didn’t have fruits. Mitali too says she didn’t have anything. Abhi asks if they will have pizza. Taya ji asks who will give them the money?
Abhi asks him not to worry when he is there and orders Pizza for them with extra cheese. Abhi says it is fun to eat Pizza with someone else money. He orders it on Pragya’s name. They eat the Pizza and enjoy it’s taste. The delivery boy asks Abhi to pay the money. Abhi asks him to take money from the person who has ordered it. The delivery boy tells that the woman refused to pay for the Pizza. Pragya comes there and says she didn’t order any Pizza. She goes into the dining room and finds the family eating Pizza and asks Abhi to return all the Pizza box. Abhi returns the empty box. He calls her lady mogambo and she gets irked. Abhi teases her. Pragya agrees that, this party is from her side. She will cut the money from his pocket money and this penalty is for breaking her system and discipline. She pays the money and asks the delivery man to get the order checked with her before delivering the pizza. Abhi gets angry.
Tanu thinks Abhi has forgetton that she is pregnant and decides to keep him away from Pragya. She thinks Abhi couldn’t forget Pragya till now and acts to get pain in her tummy. Abhi says he will call the doctor to check her but Tanu refuses. Pragya looks at them. Abhi talks to the baby and asks if he/she needs anything. He talks to the baby and asks if he wants to come out. Tanu asks him to take her in his arms. Abhi looks at Pragya and lifts her. Pragya thinks this is not right and thinks Abhi is getting attached to the baby. She decides to find out about Tanu’s baby father.
She thinks she didn’t see Tanu with any man before, and therefore thinks it is difficult to find out about her baby’s father. Abhi sees Pragya tensed and asks if she is jealous. Pragya says she is not jealous but have sympathy towards her. She says she don’t know why Tanu wants to marry him, and allowed him to stay with someone else. She gets closer to him and says she doesn’t care where he is? Abhi gets uncomfortable while she gets closer to him. Abhi says sometimes he feel that the baby is his or not. She asks how will he feel when he come to know that the baby is not his.
Abhi twists her hand and says it is a limit now and if she tell anything about this matter, then he will not spare her. He says fuggi said that this baby is their love child, and fuggi asked him to take care of the baby. She also asked to love the baby and gives him happiness. A flashback is shown, Pragya asking Abhi to love and keep the baby happy. He asks Pragya to keep away from his fuggi and baby and if she do this again then he will not be able to control himself. He adds that Tanu loves him and don’t betray him and even if Pragya surrender herself then he will not touch her. He let her stay in this room, to make her know that tigress can snatch tiger’s place but the tiger remains the king of his place. Pragya thinks how to make him understand and thinks he will not trust her. Aaliya tells Tanu that she is going and asks her not to tell anyone. Raj comes there that he has an idea but Aaliya refuses to listen and tells him she has to go.
Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words and thinks Abhi has grown fondness for the baby. She decides she can’t let this happen. She kisses Abhi while he is sleeping. Pragya then decides to expose Tanu’s truth soon.
Pragya and Daadi asks Bulbul to call her uncle soon. Bulbul agrees with them and calls her uncle. Bulbul then bring Mamaji after his makeover and introduces him to them as Mangal Singh. Pragya and Dadi get stunned with his makeover. Mama ji too says he is Mangal singh. Then Daadi praises Bulbul for changing her uncle in such a way. Later, Bulbul asks Pragya to call Aaliya and tell her to give time. Pragya, Bulbul and Daadi execute their plan to trap Aaliya and expose her before Abhi. Pragya calls Aaliya up with her disguise voice and informs her about the location called New Era hotel and the time of the meet. Aaliya refuses to come there as many people know her there.
Pragya says she have convinced her boss to meet her with much difficulty. Aaliya says she will meet him near her house and fixes the meeting for 8:30 pm. Pragya says she will talk to him. Pragya, Daadi and Bulbul get happy. Aaliya tells Daadi that she made delicious food. Abhi says it is good. Aaliya asks Pragya to come and have food. Abhi says if she have food, then at least she won’t drink their blood. Aaliya asks Ronnie to serve Pragya. Everyone have food and likes it. Taiji asks Daadi to get Aaliya married. Abhi coughs and Pragya gets up being concerned. Daadi gets up and asks what happened? Abhi says that he don’t know why he get a cough, as someone bad eye fell on him. Payal cries and hugs Ronnie. Ronnie thinks if he is seeing a dream?
Payal says she is very sad and thinks she did a mistake by doing job here. She tells him she has many responsibilities and asks how she will get her mother treated. Ronnie says he will give her money. Payal says she can’t take money from him but Ronnie insists and gives her 1000 Rupees. Payal tells him that she need 5000 Rupees. Ronnie then gives her 5000 and more. Payal asks how will he manage now? Ronnie says it is her boss money. Payal gives him 10 Rupees. and asks him to drink tea. Abhi comes there. Payal gives him the money. Abhi is happy that he got more money. Ronnie tells Pragya that Payal has looted him. Abhi and Pragya argue. Pragya calls her mad, and says whoever works for free is mad. She says he is fool and she made fool of him. They argue and start fighting. Pragya asks him to leave her else she will file case against him. Pragya says she will cut his pocket money. Abhi says he will make her leave this house. They again argue. Ronnie tells Payal that he will settle scores with her.
Everything gets set and Pragya’s uncle too disguise himself as the producer of a music industry. When the time arrives to execute the plan, Pragya’s uncle health starts spoiling. Bulbul knocks on the washroom asking Mama ji to come out. Mama ji comes out and tells her that he has a bad stomach. Daadi comes there. Bulbul tells Daadi that Mama ji has a upset stomach and is in bathroom. They get tensed. Bulbul asks Daadi to sit and attends Purabh’s call. She tells him that she is busy. Purabh asks where she is? Bulbul says she will meet him tomorrow and disconnects the call. Purabh thinks what to do now. He gets Abhi’s call. Abhi says they should have a party and he managed to get money from Pragya and asks him to meet him.
Purabh calls Bulbul again that he is going out for party asking her not to disturb him. Bulbul agrees and disconnects the call. Pragya thinks Daadi and Bulbul might be waiting for her. Abhi comes out of the washroom. Pragya sees him and asks why she didn’t hear any noise. Abhi says he is going out. Pragya says it is good as she has some important work to do. Abhi says he is a superstar, rockstar Abhi, and asks her to do Yoga. He sprays something on her and says he is going so she should enjoy. Pragya thinks it is good that he went.
Abhi sees Aaliya going in a hurry. Aaliya tells that her car tyre is punctured and she has to go somewhere. Pragya hears her and Abhi offers to drop Aaliya. Pragya too asks Abhi to drop her at a certain location. While in car, Pragya asks Abhi to drive fast. Abhi argues with her. Aaliya shows the way and tells about the hotel. When Pragya learns that Aaliya needs to go to the hotel which she was informed about, she thinks Aaliya needs to go in the evening, then why is she going now. Pragya gets restless and thinks Aaliya might be cross checking the place. She wonders what to do.
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