How To Ace A Job Interview in 9 Steps

“First impressions last longer”. This is a saying that we’re all familiar with. It is a bad impression when you have an interview and you are not well-prepared. You don’t use the right words or wear the right thing or you even get to the interview session late. To help you prepare well for your next interview, review this advice on how to ace a job interview in 9 steps. By doing this, you can make a great first impression on your potential employer.

The tips below will help you know how to analyze a job, researching a company as well as making the hiring manager know that you’re a perfect fit for the job vacancy.

  1. Know The Job Description

This is an important part of every interview preparation. You must take time to analyze and understand the job description or posting. And as you review the position, know exactly what the company wants in a potential employee. You can do this by making a list of the skills, professional and personal qualities and knowledge that are required by the employer and vital for success in the job.

  1. Make An Asset List

After you’ve found out exactly the qualifications required for the job, make a list of your assets and match them to the requirements of the job. Your asset list may have skills, certifications, professional qualifications, experience, computer skills and knowledge bases. When asked by the interviewer the skills you possess that are suited to the job, be sure to share them with him or her.

Always review your asset list and the job requirements before the interview so that you can be prepared enough to share with the interviewer.

  1. Research The Hiring Company

It is very important that you find out as much as you can about the company before your job interview. Researching a company is very critical in interview preparation. Why? Because it will help you prepare answers for the interview as well as questions to ask the interviewer. Doing research will also help you know if the company and its culture are a good fit for you.

You can also check your network of friends to see if there’s anyone who can give you tips on which questions the company likes to ask in interviews. It will give you an edge over the other candidates for the role.

  1. Have A Mock Interview Session

It’s highly advised you take time to practice answering common interview questions that you will most likely be asked during an interview. Having a mock interview session(s) will help you have a sound idea of what your responses will be like as well as to calm your nerves when you’re being interviewed. You can try this with family members or friends ahead of time.

  1. Pick What To Wear…Your Hairstyle and Makeup Too!

If you want to do well at something you need to prepare well. So, don’t wait until the cock crows before you make sure your interview clothes are ready. Always have a ready-to-wear interview outfit so that you don’t have to think about what to wear while you’re rushing to get ready for a job interview. No matter the kind of interview, always dress professionally and smartly (be in business attire).  Let that first impression you make stick like glue. Lol.

Your hairstyle and makeup matter too in an interview. Like I said, make that first impression stick like glue…but you have only a few seconds to make that impression to that interviewer. Be smart, tidy, neat and absolutely presentable.

  1. Know What Else Is Needed At The Interview

It’s also very important to know exactly what else you need to take for an interview. It could be a portfolio with extra copies of all your important documents like your resume, professional accreditation, academic accreditation, a list of references, a list of questions to ask the interviewer, and more.

Please do not take your smartphone, gum, cup of coffee or anything that may be a distraction to you and your interviewer.

  1. Proper Interview Etiquette Rules!

This is very important. You must remember to greet the receptionist, your interviewer and everyone you meet nicely, courteously and enthusiastically. During the interview, you must watch your body language too- make eye contact as you say what you have to say and shake hands firmly too. You should also appear interested and engaged by relaxing and leaning forward a little towards the interviewer. Don’t lean back or slump in your chair. Keep your feet on the floor and your back against the lower back of the chair. Be attentive, don’t be distracted and always look interested.

  1. Know Where The Interview Is Going To Be                

This is important too. Know where you need to go ahead of time. This will help you avoid running late for the interview. You can use Google Maps to get directions or simply ask people around. It’s a bad impression to get to an interview late. Always get to an interview early enough to avoid traffic or any other issue.

9. Listen…and Ask Questions.

Listening is as important as answering questions during an interview. You need to pay attention to give a good response to questions the interviewer asks you. Listen, pay attention and take time to answer questions if you need to. Have a give and take conversation with your interviewer- build a relationship by asking questions and listening and not answering questions like a robot.

Also, let the interviewer know that you believe that the job is an excellent fit and that you’re highly interested towards the end of the interview.

I hope these 9 interview tips will help you ace that interview. Good luck and don’t forget to leave a comment.



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