Sands of Time: Wednesday Updates

Shekhar comes in to the room and convinces Jia that what they are doing is for their child, and not because they want to. Jia cries and hugs him. Kshom, who is at his house, throws glass on to the floor, and then picks a piece up and cuts his wrist and cry . Jia feels something and she lets go of Shekhar. She cries and tells Shekhar that she cannot do this to kshom. If she crosses the limit of relationships today then she will lose Kshom forever, and she will not be able to live without him and she knows he won’t be able to live without her. Shekhar tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen and runs out of the house. As she is running through the streets, she stops to see Kshom hopelessly sitting next to his car. Kshom notices Jia and gets up smiling, she runs to him and they hug. She tells him that she could not go through this. Jia asks him why he was sitting in the middle of the road, Kshom replies that he had a feeling she would come back here Kshom and Jia re-unite.

At the Pandey house, Gyan gives comfort to Shekhar. Shekhar tells him that he will do whatever he can to save Kshikaj. Next Morning, Shekhar realizing his son is not going to survive. Shekhar knocks on Jia and Kshom’s house. He barges inside confronting them to give Shikaj to him and wants to spend as much as time as he can with his son in his house. Kshom and Jia are shocked, coincidentally Kshoms sister Shavi comes out of the room shouting that Shikaj suffers from relapses much to everyone’s concern.

At the hospital, Dakshi tells the 3, that they should get used to these happenings to Shikaj and if they want him to survive they must get on with it and produce a brother or sister for Kshikaj! Shekhar takes the Kshikaj from the hospital without anyone noticing. Kshom and Jia are appalled to realize that Shekhar has taken Shikaj to his residence from the hospital. Jia gets angry and goes to the Pandey house to confront Shekhar. Their confrontational attitude turns as a base to an emotional break down for them to have physical intimacy.Kshom realises that Jia has been away for a long time. He gets worried and goes after her. Nethra instigates him and shows him a way of looking in to Shekhar’s room. Kshom reluctantly peep in Shekhars bedroom. He is bewildered to find Jia with Shekhar in a comprising position sleeping in one bed. Kshom feels cheated. He goes from there. Jia wakes up and feels guilty for doing this to Kshom and that she didn’t confide in Kshom. Shekhar explains that they have not done anything wrong, and only did it to save their child. Jia doesn’t say much and walks away. As she is leaving the house, there is a confrontational scene where Kshom comes back to the Pandey residence to fight with Jia. He accuses her of cheating on him, insulting everybody including Gyan and Rukmani saying they all betrayed their trust. He storms off leaving Jia crying.

Kshom comes home and messes up his room. He throws everything including Jia photo on to the floor. He cries a lot. Kshoms sister watches this and calls Jia. Jia comes home when Kshom goes to Dakshi’s house. She is shocked at the state of the room and starts crying.

Kshom comes to Dakshis house and tells her what has happened. Dakshi tries to make him understand that this had to happen one day or the other. Kshom refuses to listen. Jia comes there and attempts to talk to Kshom but Kshom is too insolent to imbibe what Jia wants to convey and shouts at her to leave him alone. Jia goes away crying. Shekhar feels bad about it and goes to Kshom’s residence to appease Kshom.

Jia goes back to their house and cries looking at the state of the room. She picks up Kshoms photo and sobs to herself saying Kshom to forgive her, she know she have hurt him but to please forgive her. She will not be able to live without him. She looks up and sees Kshom standing with his arms open, Jia runs to hug him but Jia out of intense blind love turns and accidentally embraces Shekhar thinking him to be Kshom. She keeps on asking him for forgiveness. At the same time, Kshom and Dakshi come right there to see this!

What’s your take on this thing happening again? Don’t forget to leave a comment!


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